Author's Note: This is the start of my 100 challenge for OroKabu. They will not always be in order, and they will sometimes be more than one at a time, but I will upload them here. Look up Medic-at-Heart on deviantart to see them in order, when they're finished! I'm also doing one for KakaKabu.

#1 Introduction

First introductions were not always the best.

Orochimaru held little interest in the silver-haired bespeckled boy that his partner was meeting with. He was young, cold, obedient, articulate, and bright. But he was Sasori's spy, and the Sannin's mind was elsewhere. Over the years, he began to see more of the young spy. Times when the red-headed puppet-master was not present, things began to change. The obedient mask that the other held began to slip, a little more each time. The Sannin was to be respected, but he was not his master. And the more that Orochimaru saw of the cheeky servant, the more interest that he gained. Whenever he stumped the medic, for he was in schooling to become a medic, with a question, Kabuto would adjust his glasses to stall for time to think of an answer. He would answer the Orochimaru's questions with a knowledge that was beyond his age, and his skill when the Sannin coaxed him to spar was exceptional as well.

Less and less the silver-haired boy became "Sasori's Spy", and the more he became Kabuto. Orochimaru discovered the mind-jutsu by accident. He asked the spy to recover a bit of information for him without letting Sasori know. When the puppet-master confronted the Sannin about it, he was furious. So, that was where the boy's loyalties truly lie? After all of their conversations?

It hadn't taken long to get a confession out of the trembling spy, merely twelve at the time. He had no knowledge of telling Sasori anything, and he had gotten the information that the Sannin requested of him. He told him, eagerly, and offered to get more.

So, this was Kabuto, was it?

The jutsu that Sasori had kept him under proved difficult to work with, when he met the boy alone one night. Kabuto had no real memory of the jutsu being placed on him, though he wasn't exactally compliant with the Sannin when he tried to remove it. Forced loyalty, by proxy of jutsu. It was ludicrous! Orochimaru knew how to gain loyalty, loyalty that would last.

He freed his medic, his spy that night, and he chained him to himself at the very same time. Kabuto's introduction was finally complete. He was Yakushi Kabuto, a spy, right-hand man, and loyal servant of the Sannin Orochimaru.