#3 Light

A ninja always woke before they opened their eyes. Breathing was even, as if still asleep, and their body was lax and motionless as in sleep.

The first thing that he noticed was how warm that he was. Body heat, building up from the arm that was over his shoulder. A heavier body was over his partway, and his head was tucked under that body's chin. He could smell the usual scents.

The remnants of musk that was sweat, the sweet fragrance of the dark hair that was down around him, that slight scent of burned wax and the dust from the road. Ah, that was right. It was almost morning here, in this small hotel room. Rather than camp out yet again, the two had opted to stay in a small village, at a hotel on the outskirts of town. Lovely place, with great privacy, if you asked him.

Opened his dark eyes, scooting back just a little on the bed slowly. The Sannin was still asleep. Mystic golden eyes closed, the elegant purple marks around his eyes stood out even more against his stark-white skin, which was almost gray in the dimly lit room. His raven hair was all astray, and he reached out to brush it back behind his master's ear, letting his fingertips brush over his cheek. Why was it, that the move did not wake him? Ninja always woke when someone even entered the room. Did he somehow sense that it was his medic, or was he simply so content to be safe with Kabuto staying in the same room? It made something in his chest tighten.

The Sannin slept so deeply and so peacefully, that Kabuto could have kissed him. He resisted the urge, afraid that doing that would wake Orochimau for sure. And then it might lead to other things, and he was still a bit sore, truth be told. Healing did nothing for over a week on the road, and a long night with the legendary Sannin. And so he sighed, quietly, nuzzling back into the warm body of his master and closing his eyes, wishing for at least another hour of sleep before he was roused to travel again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Orochimaru sensed the light before he opened his golden eyes, giving a small sigh as he sensed it was morning. There was a warm body under his arm, and he held it closer even before he glanced down to see the silver-haired boy. His medic was fast asleep, his hair astray and his breathing slow. The light almost seemed to reflect from his pale skin and lustrous hair, as if it had taken its fill of it long ago, and had nowhere else to go but away from him. Long slender fingers ran through that hair slowly, putting it back into place. I would have waken any trained ninja, and his servant was not lax in instinct. It must mean that he was secure in his surroundings, and well, the Sannin supposed he had fallen asleep holding him. His body was simply used to being touched in his sleep.

He knew that he had been asking a lot of his servant to sleep with him the previous night, but he couldn't have waited. One more night, and they would be back in the Oto's main base. That meant training Sasuke, checking up on spies, reading reports from them and his scientists, and Kabuto would be busy with his own experiments, healing the injured, and checking up professionally on his master. All business. They both deserved a little break, didn't they? Hand under the sheets, he ran his fingertips slowly down along the medic's spine, and Kabuto did shift a little, then. His body moved reflexively away when he reached his lower back at that pressure, pressing himself closer to his master, and the Sannin sighed. Yes, he was sore.

He cursed the light that had waken him, and held the medic tighter as he closed his eyes. They needed more rest. He missed his dark tunnels and caves, where there was no light to judge time and wake them. Where the only light that he needed, was here in his arms.