Written in responce to the enormus amount of Bella/ Edward/ Jacob fan fiction, but a lack of any from the other Culllens.

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Sometime's Goodbye's The Only Way...

Part one: First Sight

Alice is the first to sense it, the first to see. She just freezes in Jasper's arms late that night. She had been midway through a long rant on why he should come home, rather than keep running and never stop, as he felt like right now. But then she halts, and sees things that make her cringe and draw in a breath. She feels him stiffen as well, probably worried by what she's seen of him, but his future isn't shown to her. She lets out a single piercing snarl, that probably scares even him and then next thing she knows, she's running, dragging him, startled but not struggling, along with her.

She knows he's confused, because he keeps muttering her name, wondering what she'd seen and why it caused her to react so. But right now, she's confused too and she doesn't like to be confused. Not one bit. But it doesn't make sense, the things she'd noticed last night and the things she's seen. It doesn't make sense and it isn't right. She knows it's useless, because he's a stubborn fool and his mind can't be changed for anything and he's probably still at Bella's house anyway, but it doesn't matter. She wants answers and she wants to be in a place where she knows she's going to get them soon.

-And she wants to hit him, when she sees him, walking slowly through the door the next morning, at the human speed, unusual for him. Obviously he doesn't want to answer the questions she has, but he was going to answer them. He was going to or so help her, she'd change Bella herself. Jasper is sitting beside her, anxious, still in the dark, apart from the odd angry mumble she'd let out but probably guessing what's happening from Edward's mood. He isn't looking at Edward (or Emmett or Rosalie who had entered the room, either to find the answers that she refused to tell them, or to find out how Bella was from Edward). He's looking at the ground, still ashamed. But, in comparison, he has nothing to be ashamed of.

She takes a breaths she doesn't need and almost begins when he cuts across her- and she hates him doing this, reading her questions from her thoughts, so that she can't yell at him. He whispers the reply to the unspoken question, at the human speed as well. "There is no other way." And even though she wants to hit him at that moment, or plead or scream or anything that is unlike her normal way of acting and might make him change his mind, for the moment she wants to hug him and tell him it's all going to be alright, whatever he chooses, so long as he stays with her. But they both know that her brand of foresight can't prove that. And he doesn't look like a hug would help. And he probably reads the intention in her head anyway. So instead she just yells.

"How can you even think of doing this to her? To us- to yourself?" She wants to say more, but Edward seems to be ignoring her, trying to walk past her to get into the kitchen. She hates being ignored like this- she isn't like Rose, she doesn't demand attention, but when she asks for it, it's only because what she has to say is important. She's pretty sure he's doing all of this on purpose, just to annoy her. Except that's a little infantile, and it makes her feel so for thinking it. But she can't help it. So she blocks his path, and for once, she feels terrifying and demonic, even though he's towering over her. She knows he isn't planning on hitting her, and even if he changes his mind (and by the way he's looking at her now, it could happen), Jasper will stop him.

She knows it's childish to demand he listen to her. She knows he's probably gone through all of this already. She knows she's making it all worse for trying so hard to make him question this decision that he probably wants so badly to change. And she knows that she's supposed to be the understanding one- the two of them against the rest of the world. "Freaks among those who are already freaks," he used to call them. But she also knows that it's a mistake and she can't see how he can justify it. And whatever she says now, she knows he'll understand that she's only saying it because she loves him and wants him to be happy, and can't stand the image she has in her head of his pain, during the next few days and probably longer. She can't stop herself now, but she hopes he'll understand.

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