So terribly cold and empty.

I have cried every night since my twin's death, but tonight I have no more tears to shed, so all I can do is stare.

"Fred…" I call to the empty space in the apartment.

I've never been alone this long. I've always had my twin beside me.

It's been almost a month since a month since Voldemort's rein ended; since we buried Fred's body behind the Burrow.

I still can't shake the image of his face so pale… so dead.

I can't even joke… I try, but there's nobody to add on to my comments; nobody to help me design a new product for the store.

It's so cold here.

"George… what am I to do with you?" Molly Weasley asked, frowning pitifully down at me. "You're getting skinnier and skinnier… do you eat at all?"

"I try…" I've lost all ability to eat and speak like Fred and I used to.

"Trying isn't good enough. You're going to starve yourself to death! I c-can't loose y-y-you t-too…" she went from glaring at me to tearing up in a matter of seconds.

I got up to comfort her, like I do every time she sees me without my other identical self.

"I-I'm s-sorry George…" she said into the hole that used to be where my ear was.

"It's okay mom…" I patted her back and spoke soothing words into her ears.

"No, no it isn't! I m-must be strong! We must be strong…" she started to sob again, crying things I've heard so many times ever since the night Fred had died.

When she finally finished, she took my hand firmly and brought me outside the closed joke shop to Apparate to the Burrow.

As we arrived, Ron and dad came to solemnly greet me. They probably still weren't used to seeing just one twin by himself.

I greeted my family, and then watched as they strode off inside the house. I wanted to see my brother's grave again. Even though I can't SEE him, it comforts me to know that his remains are left behind, here, close to me.

"Well, maybe we should send him somewhere… maybe stay with Charlie or Billand Fleur… Get some time away… Heal a little…" I heard snippets of my family's conversation outside the kitchen door, and knew they meant me. "Shhh… he's not at the grave… where'd he go?"

I took this as my cue to walk in and sit at the table, where mom, dad, Ron, Ginny, Percy, Hermione, and Harry sat awkwardly in silence.

"Hey Harry, Hermione," I tried to greet them with a smile, hoping I didn't look too fake.

"Hello George," Hermione got up to hug me tight.

"Hi George," Harry shook my hand and patted my back, what most men did when they saw me now.

"We were just talking about you," dad conjured a chair for me to sit in.

"Oh?" I tried my best to hide the fact that I had heard them.

Dad looked a little discontent with what he was about to say. "George, we've all been talking and," he looked to the others in the room, "we think it would be best if, you know, took a break for awhile."

I kept silent.

Dad went on, "To live with Hermione's parents in the muggle world. Away from magic, just for awhile, at least."

"Hermione's parents?"

"Yes. They're dentists in a small working-class city," Dad answered my elusive, non-verbal question.

I looked out the window, towards Fred's grave and thought for a few moments. I finally came to a conclusion and said simply, "Fine."

"Hello George," Jean Granger shook my hand and greeted me warmly.

I tried my best to smile, and followed her inside, pulling my trunk of necessities behind me into the house that would be my home until I had 'healed'.

I took a look at the inside of the house. It was… charming. The house was perfect for a married couple and maybe a couple of children.

After showing me around the first story of the house, Mrs. Granger showed me up the stairs, giving me the grand tour of her home. "Sorry Mr. Granger couldn't be here, he had to work in the clinic today," she said to me while opening a bedroom door.

The furnishings were simple, perfect for a guest's visit. The small, yet cozy, room had white walls, a blue bedspread on top of a simple bed frame, pale carpet, and cherry-wood wardrobe. It was charming, but nothing like the apartment me and Fred shared back at the joke shop.

"Make yourself at home, dear," Mrs. Granger said to me. "Mr. Granger should be home in a while, so he can help you move things around if you'd like. If you need anything, I'll be downstairs making dinner," she left the doors open and walked down to the kitchen, leaving me alone… again.

After I had unpacked most of my belongings with magic, of course, Mr. Granger came home; and after briefly talking with his wife, he came upstairs to greet me.

"George, I presume," he said, giving me a firm handshake with a smile in his eyes, "I'm John Granger."

His eyes were just like Hermione's shining brown eyes and I couldn't help but feel a little more welcome.

"Welcome to our house," he grinned, "I've always wondered what it would be like to have another man in the house."

I couldn't help but smile, "I hope I'll live up to your expectations."

He let out a small laugh and continued, "Come on downstairs, Jean made my favorite dinner today," and led me back down into the cozy kitchen.

We were sitting around a circular table, perfect for the Granger family's size. It was much different than my family, home to a whole troop of family members. The Weasley table… has one less member now.

"How do you like the lasagna, George?" Mrs. Granger asked me a few minutes into their 'normal muggle' conversation.

"It's great, Mrs. Granger," taking another bite of the warm lasagna.

"That's good, dear."

Mr. Granger finished off another breadstick before asking me, "So how different is the Wizarding world from the 'Muggle' world?"

I started to explain, telling them things Hermione neglected to tell them. When they were satisfied with their new knowledge, I got to ask them my dad's favorite question: How do airplanes stay in the air?

After receiving a fairly simple answer (involving terms I didn't quite understand, but had an idea), much to my surprise, we went on with casual conversation; until, that is, they brought up family- mostly they talked of Mr. Granger's close brother.

I couldn't stand talking about this topic, so I excused myself to go upstairs to my temporary living space; I cried until I fell into a deep, cold sleep in my soundless room.

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