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Angela's exact words were 'Hot and heavy'. Booth and Tessa had been going out for a few weeks now, and Angela had 'inside information' that she was sleeping at his place a few nights a week.

Booth was sprawled on his couch with Tessa sleeping against him when he heard the light knock. Sniper senses alert, he quietly shifted Tessa off him and crept to the door. Looking through the peep hole, he saw no one. He was confused and angry at whoever had knocked at- he checked his watch – 12:30 at night. He opened the door and was about to yell at the intruder for interrupting his evening, when he saw who it was.

"Oh my god, Bones..." He breathed, taking in his partner's appearance. "What happened?"

A large, ugly bruise was forming on one swollen cheek. Her split lip was bleeding, and one of her eyes was blacked. She was leaning heavily on the door frame, and clutching her right arm which was also bleeding profusely. Her shirt was soaked with blood from some other unnamed injury. When Booth wrapped her in a gentle embrace, he could feel her trembling.

"Booth, I-" She rasped, and then got lost in a violent coughing fit.

"Shhh. It's ok." He soothed as her coughing subsided. "What happened, Bones? You're freezing!" He added softly, stroking her hair. "Where's your coat? It's December, ya know..." He lead her inside, and just after he shut the door he heard Tessa's voice.

"Seeley? Who is it?" She asked, coming around the corner from the living room. "Oh." She said, giving Brennan a steely glare. Why is he always taking care of her Tessa thought bitterly.

Booth gave Tessa a look, and then lead Bones to the bathroom. Once he had her seated on the counter and wrapped in a large, fluffy, black towel with a skull and crossbones on it, he cupped her face in his hands and repeated gently, "What happened to you, Bones?"

"Booth, I don't remember." She said simply.

"What IS the last thing you remember?" He asked, grabbing a wash cloth, wetting it, and softly wiping at some of the dried blood on her face.

She sat for a few minutes, seemingly confused. Shaking her head lightly, she looked at Booth with glazed-over eyes. Suddenly it clicked for Booth. He stood up and examined her head gently. Sure enough, the was a large welt on the back of her head which was bleeding slightly. He sighed.

"Bones, you have a concussion. We have to get you to a hospital." He said firmly. She shook her head and he sighed again at her stubbornness, even when concussed.

"Temperance Bones Brennan, you are GOING to a hospital. I don't care if I have to drag you kicking and screaming-"

"Ok." She said quietly. She slid off the counter, the towel slipping off her. She immediately missed it's warmth, Booth's warmth. As soon as her feet hit the tile floor, her legs gave out and she collapsed into Booth's chest.

"Easy...easy, Bones." Booth said, his arms around her the only thing keeping her vertical. "Promise not to kick my ass for this, ok?" He said softly, and at her confused look he slid an arm under her knees, picking her up 'bridal style' as she slipped her hands up around his neck. He made his way out of the bathroom with her and saw that Tessa was standing stock still in the middle of his living room, a bag with all her belongings at her feet.

"Seeley, I'm sorry..." She started.

Booth looked at her confusedly. "Sorry for what?" He asked, shifting Bones slightly in his arms.

"I...I can't do this anymore if you aren't in it 100 percent." She said, gesturing at Brennan who had just buried her face in Booth's neck with a soft whimper. Booth shhhed her soothingly, holding her tighter to his chest protectively.

"Bones is my partner, Tessa. And if you think I would just kick her out in this state-" Tessa cut him off.

"Seeley, you and I both know she is more than your partner."

"Yeah, that's right. She's my best friend, my colleague, and my responsibility. She's my Bones, and she is currently concussed, so if you would excuse us, we are going to the ER." He stopped in the doorway. "Lock up for me, please."


Booth walked to the elevator and kicked at the down button with his foot. When the doors opened, he walked into the steel box, being mindful of Tempe's head. As soon as the doors had shut again, she let out a moan from deep in her throat.

"Bones? You ok?" Booth asked, trying to shift Bones so that he could get a better look at her face. She shook her head and buried her face into his neck again with another whimper.

"It hurts." She mumbled through gritted teeth.

"Where?" Asked Booth, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Everywhere." She grunted.

"You're gonna be ok, Bones. We're going to a hospital to get you checked out. It's going to be ok." Booth wasn't sure who he was assuring.

The elevator dinged, and Booth hurried through the doors. He crossed the lobby and glanced at the night guard, who scrambled to hold open the door for them.

"I saw her come in, but she refused my help." He said sadly.

"Thank you." Booth said, before walking over to his SUV which was parked right next to the door. Being FBI had some advantages. The guard opened the passenger's side door for Booth, who placed Bones gently in the seat. He then shut the door and sprinted around to the drivers side, wrenched the door open, jammed his key into the ignition and roared off, sirens blaring and lights flashing. If it was up to him, she was going to be ok.

After all, she was his Bones.


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