Daley searched frantically for the medicine Jackson needed. She found a bottle that she thought was the medicine he needed. Daley rushed back into the tent where she found Melissa crying about that it would be her fault if anything horrible happened to him.

"I found the medicine you need, Jackson. You need to take two of these pills," Daley handed him the medicine, which he gulped down with some water.

"How long to see if it worked?" he asked calmly.

"15 minutes or so,"

It was tense 15 minutes: Melissa was still crying bye Jackson's side, Eric and Lex had joined the group after figuring out the device Eric had made, Nathan and Taylor were chatting quietly, and Daley remained to herself. The almost awkward silence was broken by Melissa rushing out of the tent. A new set of tears were running down her face.

"There's something worse going on with Jackson!" she almost screamed. Daley and Melissa hurried back into the tent. She was right, Jackson wasn't responding and he barely had a pulse.

"Does anybody here know CPR?" Daley asked anxiously.

"I don't think so," she stuck her head out of the tent and asked the same question to the others. They all responded with the same answers: no. That question obviously brought them to ask the same one: Is Jackson dying?

Daley was now crying and was trying to perform CPR on Jackson. She couldn't achieve the process. After five minutes Jackson wasn't breathing.

Melissa and Daley hugged and sobbed silently. They both wanted to tell the others but they couldn't bring themselves to. About five minutes later, Nathan walked in. He concluded that from Melissa and Daley sobbing to Jackson's lifeless body that he had passed on. He silently walked out of the tent and walked to the others.

"Um…guys. This isn't easy but you see…Jackson passed on," After blurting out the last part, Taylor started to ball, Eric had an appalled look on his face, and Lex buried his face into his arms. Nathan fought hard to not cry but failed. What seemed like an hour later, Daley and Melissa strolled out of the tent. Their faces were dry, but you could tell that they had recently been crying.

"I think I know what killed him," Daley said shakily. "I believe that I gave him the wrong medicine," She then burst into tears and fell to the ground. Lex ran to her side and started to comfort her. Nathan walked to the tent and pulled out enough sleeping bags for everybody because he was almost sure that nobody would want to sleep there tonight. He threw them into the plane and walked to the group. He thought ,"What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger."