Well, here's my redo of my old story 'Beauty and the Beast the Legendary Story'. Yes, this one is going to be a little lengthier than the last one. Plus I'm adding a LOT more detail. The other one was a little bone dry if you ask me.

Well, here's the prologue! Enjoy! Oh, tell me if I write any names wrong, Inuyasha's mother's name is the only one I'm really worried about.

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Many, many years ago there was a beautiful land. This flourishing country held many great successes. Still, every great country needs a great king.

Indeed, this land had the great king Inutaisho. The great king had a beautiful wife and two strong sons. Of course, the eldest son was a tyrant. He hated all things lesser than him. But over all things the prince disliked, he hated his younger brother and the wretch's mother the most. This woman, Queen Izayoi, was the reason his father forgot of the prince's dead mother…the real queen of the country. He also hated that wretch of a son they had, that pathetic Inuyasha.

This cold hearted man's name was Sesshomaru. He despised his family for it, and lived under the façade of neutrality for his years so that his father did not get suspicious of his loathing.

But when an angry man's heart is wreaked with revenge, he becomes obsessed with it, no matter how 'passive' he may be.

One day there was an impressive ball hosted in the castle…

"Sango dearest, why do you refuse to bear my child?" A teenager with black hair and the clothing of a monk asked a girl near him.

The girl shook her fist at him, "Because you're a pervert!"

The girl, Sango, was very beautiful. She had long brown hair that she kept tied up in a ponytail. She was a knight of the castle. She was the only female to achieve such respectable standards. Sango was better than any male knight in the country, so she was sought out by the King and Queen.

She had become fast friends with the youngest prince, Inuyasha, and a monk-in-training named Miroku who lived in a temple on the castle grounds.

The three were inseparable, all of them mischievous. They sure knew how to run a King's patience and drive all of the maids crazy…that was for sure. This trio was in the north end of the Great Hall. The party was further away. The group of three never really was much for big parties anyways.

"God, you'd think that one day…" Inuyasha came up behind the two, "He'd actually learn his lesson."

Sango rolled her eyes, "That lecherous monk? You couldn't drive respect for women into his head with a sword."

"True." Inuyasha conceded, grinning broadly. His midnight black hair swung freely down his back. Needless to say he hadn't gotten his hair cut once in his life.

"Where's your brother?" Miroku asked, "He's usually sulking around here somewhere."

"Who cares what that bastard does? I certainly don't." Inuyasha crossed his arms stubbornly.

Sango shrugged, "I'm sure we just haven't seen him yet. Didn't that Princess Kagura from the other country want to get his attention?"

"How should I know?" Inuyasha asked, his huffy attitude shining through still, "I don't listen to all of your castle gossip."

"Gossip you say?" Sango replied with a short laugh.

Miroku sighed dramatically at her, "Ah, you have the most beautiful laugh Sango."

"Can it lecher!" Sango warned, her hand grasping a wooden plank that she knew was loose enough to pull off of the wall and bash Miroku with.

"Oh you wound me so…"

Inuyasha bopped the monk on the head, "Will you give it a rest already?"

Miroku shrugged, rubbing his offended head, "It comes naturally."

"We know." Inuyasha and Sango answered in aggravated unison.

Then, from their place in the great hall, they heard the great knocker of the castle door bong.

"Who in seven hells could that be?" Inuyasha asked, moving towards the doorway to answer.

Of course, had Inuyasha managed to answer the door with his much kinder attitude, this story would not be occurring. As it is, fate decided to stick its hands in and create a story to tell.

Prince Sesshomaru arrived at the door moments before Inuyasha did.

"Brother." Inuyasha said politely, but with hidden venom that Sesshomaru knew was there.

Sesshomaru nodded in his brother's direction and opened the door, "Who is it?"

There stood a bag-lady with withered eyes and sallow skin. She reached a wrinkled hand towards Sesshomaru, "Kind sir, please allow me in."

"Inuyasha, get father," Sesshomaru ordered.

Inuyasha turned around, "Miroku, get my dad."

Miroku smiled in amusement at the exchange, and turned to go carry out his assigned duty.

Sango suppressed a small giggle.

"We won't allow a creature such as you into our midst." Sesshomaru told the woman regally, "Now be gone."

"Hey, what's your problem?" Inuyasha shouted at his brother, "She's got no where to go! Let her in."

"Shut up brother," Sesshomaru snapped darkly, "Or you will go out with her."

"Try me."

Sesshomaru ignored the retort and glanced back at the ugly wench, "Why do you still dare stand in my presence?"

"I have no home; may you provide me with the meagerness of shelter and food?" The woman pleaded. Her eyes held a sort of despicable knowing that unnerved Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha moved towards the door, "Yes, you can come in-"

Sesshomaru shoved his brother to the floor, "Leave brother. This is not your business."

"It's not yours either."

"Now, leave us you filthy beggar." Sesshomaru told the woman coolly, closing the door with a bang.

"You bastard," Inuyasha told him angrily, "How the hell could you do that to someone?"

"She is beneath me. She does not deserve to step foot in this castle."

Inutaisho took this opportunity to enter the room, "Sesshomaru? Inuyasha? What is going on?"

"Brother seems to have a soft spot for old beggar women. I, being the only sensible one, sent her on her way." Sesshomaru explained passively.

Inuyasha stood up in anger, "You asshole! She had no where to go! The woman will probably die out there thanks to you!"

Inutaisho seemed a little confused and outraged, "Sesshomaru, we are a kind land; we do not send our people away when they need us."

"It is too late now father." Sesshomaru stated calmly, turning towards the staircase.

"Sweetheart what is going on?" Izayoi asked, sweeping into the room with Miroku behind.

Inutaisho smiled at his wife warmly, "It is nothing dearest."

Miroku made his way over to Sango, "What happened?"

Sango opened her mouth to explain, "A lady came and-"

The door was blown open ferociously; Inuyasha stumbled back in line with his friends, "What the hell?" He cried.

The bag lady stood there with her eyes fierce and angry. She raised her hands up high in the air before pointing a wrinkled finger at Sesshomaru, "You have a black heart. There is no cure for your evil. You must be punished."

The old woman changed from an ugly old hag to that of a beautiful woman. She had long black hair that flew about in the wind. She had beautiful pale skin and dark brown eyes. She wore the attire of a priestess.

"I am the Priestess Kikyo. You Sesshomaru are doomed to be an empty shell wandering these lands. You may never enter this castle again." She then turned to Inutaisho and Izayoi, "For raising such a despicable child without even trying to save him, I curse this wretched castle!"

Inuyasha stood in shock and fear at this woman. A black jewel formed in her hand. She muttered an incoherent curse and the jewel sent tainted beams of light towards each person in the castle.

Inuyasha felt his own beam hit him. He screamed in agony.

Filled with horror, he watched as his hands grew long pointed claws. Soon enough, he fell unconscious. Still, the last thing he saw was that woman's face…

"Inuyasha? Inuyasha wake up!"

He groaned in pain and cracked open his eyes. Above him stood a girl who was a stranger to him.

She had long brown hair that fell around her shoulders. She had startling purple eyes and long fangs. Her ears were pointed and two green scars ran along each of her cheeks.

Inuyasha sat up, "Who are you?"

"It's me. It's Sango," She held a deep sadness in her eyes, "And you are not who you think you are."

Inuyasha blinked and looked down at his hand. He had long pointed claws on his fingers.

There was also a boy dressed in the clothes of a monk. It was Miroku. His hair was the same, but he had pointed ears and fangs too. A dull green scar ran across the bridge of his nose, and he now had yellow eyes.

"What the hell is going on?"

Sango held up a large shard of what Inuyasha assumed was a mirror. She handed it to him.

Inuyasha stated at his reflection. He had long white hair now. He too had sharp fangs. There were two jagged purple stripes…one on each cheek. Even with all of those things, the most startling aspect of him was his eyes. They were red. His eyes were bloody red with two blue slits that served as pupils in the centre.

He was a monster.

The once beautiful castle was ruined. All of the people, now fierce demons, fled from the castle in their insanity. Inuyasha had found his parents dead. The impact of the beams had killed them both.

Sesshomaru was no where to be found.

Word spread of demons suddenly appearing in the forest. Thus it gained many names. It was called the Forest of Blood, the Dark Forest, and the Black Forest…anything to describe the horrible evils that lived within.

No one ever dared set foot in the direction of the castle, and thus it fell into destruction. Its once proud gates and wall stood in horrible ruins. The once beautiful exterior had been overrun by weeds and vines. The stunning interior was black with dirt and dust.

Every mirror had been clawed apart.

Very few still lived in the castle. Mostly just Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku, plus a few other servants lived there. Inuyasha locked the remaining inhabitants of his castle away to shield them from the cruel world. For many, many years the castle remained untouched.

But nothing can go the same way forever…

For this broken wonder was about to get a visitor…

Fifty years later...

End of Prologue.

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