yo my name is eddy c and i'm a vampy
i was born in chicago, near the busy streets
but when i was seventeen, my parents were dying
and carlisle came and bit me
the transformation caused pain
it took several days
but by the end of that night, i was a big fright
bright red eyes, hunger for blood,

when i realized the transformation was done
i learned the ways of the cullen house
they didn't kill humans
they chose lions, deer, a mouse
but i didn't want those, you see,
i wanted humans when i was thirsty!

so eventually i rebelled against his rules
and carlisle did not think this was cool
so i decided i wanted a life of my own
so i packed my bags and decided to go

i had a special gift since i "died"

the wonderful ability to read minds
i decided that it was decent
to drink blood from villians, not the innocent
but the debt of this was too much to bear
so i went back to forks, and my family there

in 1936 we met some guys
some awful smelling werewolves from a quileute tribe
we made a treaty at that time
promising not to kill people, or cross a line
we were only there for a few more years
we left for other places without any tears

but we came back in 2003
where i would unknowingly find my destiny
on the first day of my junior year of high school
i entered the building, an overconfident fool
a new girl was filling everyone's minds,
and i saw nothing special in her at the time

but as i entered the building for biology,
i smelled her blood, it "sang" to me
at first, she was my personal hell sent to me
so at the time, i thought i had to flee

i went back to alaska then,
but thought of myself as a chicken
so i came back and realized
the smell was something from which i couldnt' hide
but becoming so close to her even alice couldn't see
because pretty soon, i loved her and she loved me

but one day when i took her to our baseball game
we met an evil tracker named james
he took to her right at the beginning
and i knew i had to protect her
although i knew who would be winning
i thought everything was going well
when my whole plan went down to hell

she snuck off because james had her mom
but turns out, it was a trick, she wasnt' gone
we saved her though, before it was too late
i had to drink her blood (which tasted great)
but it all worked out becuase she was fine
or at least, she was at the time

on her 18th birthday she got a paper cut
and i knew this relation ship was too much
i tried to convince her i had moved on
not knowing the danger she'd had forced apon

the agony was far too much to take
but i knew i had to leave her, for her sake
but one day i got a call from rosalie
saying that bella was d-e-a-d
so i went to italy to see if they could also kill me
they said no, but i didn't run i decided to step out into the sun

but right before i even could bella was there, and i thought it was all good
but aro and the rest of the volturi
told me that bella had to be made a vampy
i promised them she would, with no intentions of it
but trust me, she wouldn't hear of it

she put her mortality to a vote at my home
and i decided she would if we were betrothed
she said no, but carlisle agreed
but she decided she'd rather let me
i told her to at least graduate first,
but i began finding colleges to distract her

when we heard about vampire killings in the city
i wouldn't let her near (a vampire victim isn't pretty)
i became so protective i wouldn't let her see her friend
but i let loose, and she saw jacob in the end
i was jealous of him, and he knew it
he thought he could have her, that i probably blew it

later on, i smelled a scent of a stranger
a vampire in bella's bedroom, that definitely spelled 'danger'
so we realized we had to battle newborn vampires
and we knew that this would be dire
jasper taught us how to fight
we joined forces with the werewolves in the middle of the night
we had to get our seattle back

we fought the battle and we won
but we all knew the deed wasn't done
it was victoria we still had to kill
even the thought of her could give me chills

so i kept bella safe and went after her
and i ripped her apart, of that i'm sure
so now bella's safe, in my arms
and there's no james or victoria to cause her harm