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One-Winged Angel

Chapter one: Awakening

The might filled every fiber of his being, consuming his mind and body in an inferno of power. The essence from those who he had slain flowed freely through his body, their techniques, knowledge and power filling him with a twisted sense of comfort. He sat cross-legged atop a mountain, straddling a five foot Nodachi. The blade was called Masamune, a powerful Nodachi he had found in one of his adventures across Gaia. He possessed a special connection with the blade – even though he wasn't quite sure what it was – and coveted it. The blade possessed a mind of its own – which was a fact since no other person could wield it – and was indestructible. Its sharpness ascended normal limitations, allowing the user to cut through anything with no effort.

After twelve years, he – Sephiroth the One-Winged Angel – had finally awakened in the body he had sealed in. It was a stroke of bad luck that had occurred after being slain by Cloud Strife. He found himself not in the endless abyss of death but in an entirely other world. The first thing he had noticed was a large source of Mana nearby his location. Since the Mana source rivaled a high-level Summon, Sephiroth was all too glad to kill him, consuming his essence. He didn't fail in the deed, ignoring the pitiless warriors as they struggled to stay alive, and instantly sunk his Nodachi into the giant fox's brains, killing it before it didn't even notice its presence. In almost an instant, the Nine-Tails' essence was absorbed by Sephiroth, allowing the ex-SOLDIER to consume his power, memories and knowledge. Needless to say, Sephiroth was quite intrigued by the knowledge – having no interest in its power that barely upped his already near-endless limitations – and zoned off when sorting the tons of knowledge that had suddenly invaded his mind. Before he could react, his very soul was suddenly pulled inside a newborn baby's, sealed inside the bellybutton of a child that had only recently been born. With no way to escape – his intentions of escaping and even influencing the boy effortlessly blocked by the seal – Sephiroth mulled over the new case of events. From what he had seen through the boy's eyes – having to look up in the boy's earliest memories – Sephiroth pieced two and two together. Konoha, the village his jailor lived in, was in battle with the strongest Tailed Beast and rapidly losing. In a suicidal attempt to save his village, the leader of the village sacrificed his life to seal the Tailed Beast. At that moment, Sephiroth had intervened without knowing. When he had slain the fox, the process of his mind adapting to the amounts of information he received, had caught him completely unaware of the God of Death that had mistaken the fox for him – barely having an instant to react to notice a new figure. Unknowingly, the Fourth Hokage had sealed Sephiroth inside Naruto, without even knowing that he had sealed an entirely other being – though much more powerful – inside his son.

Being as intelligent as he was, Sephiroth didn't brood about his predicament. Though the events that had led up to him being sealed were quite unfortunate, those didn't keep him from keenly observing his vessel's life and the events that transpired after his imprisonment. In those twelve years, he grudgingly found the respect for the boy. Through life, the boy had survived through the hardship presented by the villagers. The boy mustered up fake smiles for every beating, every heart-wrenching insult and the coldness he received from the villagers. He adapted to a new style of life, accepting that while he wouldn't be acknowledged, he would work to gain the respect. To Sephiroth, the goal was quite meaningless. Being forced to endure the pain and hatred Naruto received – and reveling under those emotions – he knew that the boy was crafting only a separate identity of insanity inside himself. No human – strong-willed or not – could endure such relentless torment. The boy had bottled all of his anger, his hate, his fear, all of his nefarious thoughts inside; refusing to give in to what the villagers accused him of being. If pushed far enough, the boy would form a threat to the village. Despite his efforts, his emotions were bound to spiral under control and come to life in a form of power that would ascend human limitations. Knowing the emotions' ins and outs, Sephiroth was well-aware of what power emotion outbreak could produce. His slayer, Cloud Strife, was a perfect example of that. Every human possessed a little part in his brain that manipulated intense emotion. It usually gave them feats they couldn't produce normally, such as fearlessness or bravery. Cloud had managed to fully exploit that part of the brain – without knowing – and actually gained a boost of power that increased his limitations temporarily. In their first final battle – this ended up with Sephiroth dying, more or less – Cloud's limits broke when his emotions overwhelmed him. Though Sephiroth wasn't sure what kind of emotions had spurred Cloud to defeat him, he knew that the boy had achieved the impossible and defeated him. Though Cloud was strong – achieving a level of skill and power seen only in Sephiroth – he was not as strong as the ex-SOLDIER, and would never have been capable of defeating the silver-haired man if not for the 'limit break' he received. Sephiroth didn't research much into those events, but surmised that Cloud's boost of strength was most likely caused by his confused state of mind. The power that filled him when filled by a certain emotion also seemed to affect his team, increasing their fighting ability when their emotions also reached a certain peak. Naruto's mind was like Cloud's – only not as confused and complicated – and had unlocked that same part in which he could break through his limitations. The anger and hatred inside him would produce an effect that would make him stronger than even the village's leader, and Sephiroth was in the right state of mind to analyze the boy's brain if he had the chance.

After an encounter with the boy's traitorous instructor inside a forest, Sephiroth exploited the temporary freedom he gained when the boy learned of the Nine-Tailed demon fox's sealing inside his belly. The boy snapped – and like Sephiroth had hoped for – increasing his limitations but also causing a rip in the seal. Using that brief instant, Sephiroth managed to consume the boy's essence from within – also giving him the potential to use a 'limit break' – and took over the boy's body. Sephiroth's soul – composed of the millions he had slain – took over the vulnerable body before the instructors present in the forest could even notice. After summoning his sword – a simple feat of summoning the Nodachi from another dimension – Sephiroth quickly defeated the Chuunin instructor.

The warrior dismissed the events that transpired after Mizuki's defeat and completely reveled in his body. His body still looked the same – even though its limitations were above even a demon's – and still required growth, but such things as sleep and hunger were practically non-existent. Senses and physical capabilities were almost boundless, and food filth evaporated before it could completely fill his body. The body contained Sephiroth's soul, thus possessing all of his memories, power and everything else a soul produced. In this body, Sephiroth could go all-out without any side-effects. Things such as height and appearance couldn't be altered, only increased or decreased. The ex-SOLDIER didn't even need to adapt to the body, instantly familiar with the body as soon as he had come to live within it.

Since his identity was confused, not capable of identifying if he was Naruto or Sephiroth (something that Sephiroth couldn't truly comprehend), the ex-SOLDIER had decided to refer himself as Naruto, since he possessed no other connection to Sephiroth except for his power. Naruto had spent a few hours experimenting with Chakra, already finding it quite easy to control. Unlike Mana, Chakra required hand seals to activate an effect instead of Materia. There was truly no difference between the two sources, though there was a noticeable difference in amount between Mana and Chakra. Naruto grasped the concept of Chakra quite quickly, and had even less trouble learning and performing Jutsu. Sephiroth hadn't spent much time developing Jutsu, only using the various memories of his former body's inhabitant to create a bunch of new spells.

Having taking an interest in quite a few Jutsu, Naruto had created the spell equivalent of the Hiraishin technique, a Jutsu invented by the same person who sealed him into Naruto. The Hiraishin spell was easily invented, and required only a great amount of Mana to perform. Unlike the Jutsu equivalent which required extreme control, the spell used up a lot of Mana, which Naruto had enough in store of to use endlessly. He didn't need to mark his destination to use the technique. Every SOLDIER had learned a wide variety of techniques, including awareness techniques. Using an awareness technique, Sephiroth could effortlessly track, sense and locate, beings, locations and energy-sources being amongst the many things he could track. The Hiraishin spell was similar to the Warp spell, the only difference being the range.

The blond smiled softly as he inhaled a dose of fresh air. The forest surrounding Konoha and the lack of industrial gasses floating above the city had made the air surrounding the village clean, completely devoid of any filth. The Leaf Village fully embraced the need to preserve the earth, which allowed the villagers to leave peacefully without any chance of abrupt sickness invading their body because of toxic gasses. As Sephiroth, Naruto had grown up in Midgar, a city as corrupt as it was filthy. Though his body purged itself of any filth invading his body, the lack of filth pleased him. He experienced a feeling of peace and rest that he had never experienced before.

Standing atop the Hokage monument, Naruto considered making this place his favorite place. As he stared down at the village, his thoughts took a positive turn. His goal to destroy the village was nothing more than instinct, a mere reaction to the sealing he received. This village had nothing to do with him though, and his sealing was the result of him being in the wrong place and time. He didn't even hold a grudge against the village that he barely even knew.

Of course revenge against the villagers could be justified. The mere civilians that had plagued the former inhabitant of his body deserved every ounce of grief. Their hate towards the boy was simply a means to put their hate and anger on. Having no one to unleash their emotions against, the only suitable candidate was Naruto, who had become the black sheep within society. These people's children had taken over the hate and anger, without really knowing why they began ruining a person's life.

Naruto sighed in annoyance as he recalled the humiliating memories of his body's former inhabitant. The boy truly had a good soul, but people failed to understand that. It just wasn't fair.

Naruto's suddenly froze, as if his whole brain had been frozen. His mind processed the information of his shadow clone, absorbing the amount. A second later, Naruto was calm again.

Using his shadow clone, Naruto had sent the clone to the Academy while he stayed here, relaxing. Since the clone copied its owner's personality, his teammates were quite shocked to see him calm and dressed in new attire; a simple blue shirt – with the symbol of an orange swirl on the back – and fitting blue trousers. Naruto had gathered from his clone that he was sorted in the team his former body's inhabitant hated and loved, with an instructor that looked to be quite powerful in the ranks but inefficient for teaching. Furthermore, they were supposed to go to a bell test the next morning, though the instructor hadn't elaborated much on that.

Naruto wrapped his fingers around the dark-blue fabric, which was possessed a silver metal plate bearing the symbol of a leaf. This headband was the symbol of a ninja's loyalty to Konoha, loyalty that Naruto wasn't yet ready to bear. He could still remember the pride in that Chuunin's eyes when wrapping the fabric around his forehead. Though he knew of emotions – and could even emit them, like killing intent – pride was one of the emotions he still had trouble understanding. He found it quite… odd.

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto folded the headband and placed it inside the pockets of his trousers. He was not the kind of person to show any kind of obedience. The only reason why he even bothered to stay in the village was because this village was quite interesting. From what he had observed through this body's past memories, Konoha ninjas also gained a boost of strength when embracing a certain kind of emotion, it was their practice. Having been defeated by such an occurrence, Naruto was very curious to know what boosted them, and if they formed a threat when they did gain that boost. While he possessed the potential to gain power through emotions, Naruto was never good at expressing his emotions, unless he wanted to let a person know how eager he was to kill him. The only happiness he had expressed was in his childhood, which was a time he had long forgotten.

Naruto felt a sudden vibration jolt through his body. Looking down at his blade, he saw it thrill, whispering words of blood and violence. A small smile appeared on the blond's face as he stood up, his fingers wrapping tightly around his sword as he lifted it.

'Don't worry, Masamune. I'll sate your thirst.' An instant later, Naruto vanished.

ANBU was the elite ninja organization of any village, trained purely in the element of surprise and the killing arts. They learned how to use their Chakra to conceal their presence, to sense others and many other uses only they were privileged to learn. Their identities were kept secret, and their missions were as secluded as their appearance. Though most of these ANBU were at Chuunin-level, their stealth-level allowed them to sneak up upon a Jounin with ease. It was a common fact that a weak person could kill a stronger person by catching him off surprise; the ANBU purely exploited this advantage.

This was why Naruto had chosen the ANBU as his target. Though Masamune had tasted the blood of much stronger opponents, the blade had realized that beings in this world, whose limitations ascended above humans, were rare. He would have to be satisfied with the feeble opponents in this world.

The ANBU were located everywhere, patrolling around and in the village in secret. Their basic gear consisted of special chest armor, the reinforcing arm guards and the normal animal mask to help shield their ANBU identity. ANBU who wanted to be less obvious donned a full robe and wore hoods that covered their heads. The ANBU were situated in random places, from coffee shops to the local bookstore.

Concealed behind a powerful undetectable Invisibility spell, Naruto spied upon an ANBU from afar. The ANBU was near the northern exit of the village where a bridge ran over a river that ended near a waterfall. The leaves of a large tree covered most of the ANBU's appearance.

Naruto had studied the ANBU for about half an hour, noticing that the ANBU had moved little, occasionally switching from location. He always faced the northern exit, apparently not paying much attention to the village. From the ground, the ANBU looked to be in a relaxed position, completely confident that no one would break into his Maai.

"Maai" was an awareness technique every ninja academy student had learned. The technique formed a field that the ninja generated himself through Chakra. If anyone entered it, they when and from where they came from. ANBU had developed the technique, increasing the range of the field and their awareness in the field. Judging by the ANBU's stance, he was one of the more confident – and probably stronger – ANBU within his ranks.

A cruel grin spread across Naruto's face. Killing the ANBU would not only sate his Nodachi, but a source of knowledge would fill him with power. With the knowledge, Naruto didn't have to train to become as efficient as an ANBU.

Clutching Masamune tightly, Naruto vanished, reappearing behind the unsuspecting ANBU.

"Thank you." Naruto said politely, just as his blade cleaved across and through the ANBU's neck, separating his head from his body and splashing blood upon Naruto and the ANBU's body. ANBU armor rattled as the body fell to the ground, staining the ground with blood.

Naruto leaped from his branch, lightly landing atop the ground next to the body. He produced a scroll from the pocket of his pants, unrolled it and carefully removed the ANBU armor. After retrieving the porcelain mask – and his head – of the ANBU, his hands flew through several signs within a second. The items he had gathered disappeared in clouds of smoke, their location identified by the writing in ink appearing on the scroll. After the writing had stopped, Naruto rolled it up and stuffed it in his pocket.

Naruto scowled at the near-naked visage of the ANBU and the shocked look upon the beheaded face. He placed both of his hands upon the body and head.

"Fire." The words left his mouth, and the body and head suddenly lit afire, melting away skin, bones and other properties in an instant. A second later, two ashes and a pool of blood were left.

A second later, Naruto vanished.

Naruto cared little for what others thought, which was apparent by his tardiness. Instead of going to the training grounds early, he decided to go a little late, especially after sensing Kakashi's Mana signature and location. It was safe to say that the man wouldn't come back anytime soon.

When he entered Training Ground #7, his future teammates glanced quite oddly at him, either surprised at his attire or the cold look in his eyes that seemed all too natural. Despite the calmness that Naruto veiled himself with, it seemed quite fitting, which was odd considering his former personality. Their attempts to uncover his new 'look' had not even been acknowledged.

But it was not his lack of obnoxiousness that alerted them. It was the power that he emanated, like a tiger patiently waiting for a chance to react to any hostile action. Sasuke and Sakura left Naruto alone, even though they were curious.

Naruto stared calmly at the three poles before him, studying for a sign of any traps. He extended his awareness briefly, increasing his vision's capabilities. There was neither a threat nor a trap in the field.

He nodded in satisfaction, walking up to the nearest tree he saw and sitting against it with his back to the tree. Crossing his arms and legs, Naruto slipped into meditation.

After an hour, Naruto awoke from his meditation by a high-pitched shriek. Frowning, Naruto stood up and looked towards the source. His eyes narrowed at the pink-haired girl who was pointing angrily at a silver-haired Jounin, clutching an alarm clock in one hand while an orange book in the other. A backpack was also attached strapped to his back.

"…I don't own you an explanation." Kakashi referred to the two graduates, his eyes reflecting the smile behind his mask. He briefly glanced at Naruto, who had walked up to the group. "Now that everyone is here, we can start the exam." He placed the alarm clock on the nearest lock, tweaking the alarm for a brief second. "Ok, it's set for noon." He turned his attention towards the three teens, producing two bells from his waist. "Here are two bells. Your goal is to take these from me before noon."

'That's our test?' Naruto thought, narrowing his eyes in thought.

"Those who fail to get a bell by noon will get no lunch (I've brought three packages!). I'll not only tie you to one of these logs but I'll be eating right-in-front-of-you." He chuckled lightly at the shocked expressions of Sakura and Sasuke. "You only need one bell to pass. With two bells, that means one of you is definitely going to be tied to a stump and sent back to the Academy." Again, two of the wannabe ninjas paled, and Kakashi narrowed his eyes slightly at the boy. 'Wasn't it the Hokage who said that Naruto was the loudest?'

"To defeat me, you need to come with any weapon you have in your arsenal. Only by coming with me with the intent to kill will you have a slight chance of succeeding," he opened his mouth to say more but Sakura interrupted him.

"That's ridiculous! You'll be in danger!"

"In danger? By you? Me?" He didn't need to say anything more, his chuckles being more than enough to elaborate of what he thought. "Anyway, don't worry about me; it is your own hides you should be worrying about."

He smiled behind his mask. "Your test begins… NOW!!!"

Within seconds, the open field was empty.

Kakashi nodded in satisfaction. While the rest of his senses could spot them, he didn't spot even a sliver of anything other than green or brown and they had apparently moved outside the range of his Maai. Since the basics of a ninja were to hide, monitoring their stealth was important, especially for their upcoming career. If they turned out to be a team, they had to be at least good enough to hide without being spotted by his eyes, especially considering the change in mission structure the Hokage had made. Because there were a whole lot of missions being requested, and military power wasn't so high to accomplish every mission, C-rank missions replaced the basic mission set of a Genin's D-rank. The D-rank missions would be handled by Academy Students, while C-rank would be fully left in the hands of Genin. Chuunin would perform B- and A-rank missions while a Jounin's mission stack remained unchanged, still forced to go on A- and S-rank missions. Not only would the Genin be required to take part in C-rank missions, but they would also have chances of improving their individual skill. While Kakashi had first doubted the new system, his fears were eradicated when he found out that teams would be working less and less in team cooperation. The only team cooperation they would apply was communication. Though this new system was quite effective, those Genin who were unconfident in their abilities would obviously be a hinder in the mission. Because of this, the Hokage had ordered the Jounin creating their tests to fail any individual that was unsure about their abilities, increasing the 66 chance of failing to 80.

While carefully monitoring his student's locations, Kakashi spread his senses towards a farther range, effectively scanning the entire field. The ANBU captain's death yesterday had wrought a sense of disturbance and fear amongst the higher shinobi ranks. The corpse of the captain had not been found, but the two piles of ashes and the blood – which was identified as the ANBU's through research – was enough to clarify him death. The perpetrator had not yet been found, but the investigation unit received no further signs of tracking the intruder. The person, who was a potential threat to the village, left no clue of his appearance or disappearance, which made him a ninja of S-rank level. Orochimaru and Itachi were two possible suspects, but both never burned the bodies after killing, only in extreme cases. By burning the corpse, the intruder actually performed a favor for the village, considering the secrets and information that could be extracted. Not only was so an action odd but the lack of armor and mask – after the investigators keenly studied the origin of the ashes – meant that the intruder was either posing as an ANBU or collecting the items for his allies to use the armor and mask. Either that or the intruder was a collector. Even Kakashi felt unnerved, knowing that amongst the ANBU ranks, the deceased captain was among the stronger ones in awareness techniques, exceeding Kakashi in that particular skill. Any shinobi good enough to remain undetected by the ANBU captain could virtually kill any shinobi in the village.

A sudden vibration invaded Kakashi's Maai, and he looked up to see Naruto, standing calmly in the middle of the open field. His suspicion arose for the blond as the blond merely looked directly at his hiding place, looking as if he had either seen or sensed the Jounin, which should've been impossible considering the shadow clone that was nearer to the blond. He couldn't put his finger on it but something was odd about the blond. Having encountered Naruto a few times in the past, his aura and demeanor was drastically different from what this Naruto emanated. A slight sliver of killing intent hung around the blond, concealed well enough to hide its potential. From his own observation and the things he heard about Naruto, he knew that this Naruto was powerful… and dangerous. His abrupt change in personality made him unpredictable and a likeable suspect in him associating with the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed inside him. Since the boy formed a potential threat, he would have to contact the Hokage as soon as the test was over. The demon fox's lust for destruction and carnage was as basic to the fox as hiding was to a ninja, and if Naruto was associating with the demon, the events spiraling about the ANBU captain's death could possibly be linked. Who else was strong enough to bypass an ANBU's Maai other than an S-ranked ninja or the Nine-Tails, whose specialty lied in far more areas than just regeneration and inhuman strength?

No, Naruto had to be filed away as a suspect in the mur…

Kakashi's heart skipped a beat as he felt the cold touch of metal pressing against his throat. A chill involuntarily invaded his body as azure blue eyes met with his own eyes.

"Don't move."

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