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Taking a deep breath I watched as Edward carried my bags into the shiny looking car. He had retired his mustang for a more practical car: a PT Cruiser. I tried not to laugh as I watched him walk around it. I never liked these cars. They held the oddest shape.

"Nice wheels, man." Emmett said as he walked back into the house to collect more of Rosalie's bags.

I watched as Edward looked up from the trunk. Glaring at Emmett, Edward covered his hand and gestured at him. Emmett almost dropped Rosalie's bags, he laughed so hard. Gasping, Rosalie grabbed her bags from his hands, glaring at him all along. Another gasp hit the air and Edward looked chastened as Esme came towards him with an astounded look on her face.

"Edward Cullen! You know better than to do something like that. And in front of ladies nonetheless. You should be ashamed of yourself. And you," Esme turned to a laughing Emmett, "you are just as bad. You should not be encouraging such behavior." When he continued to laugh, she shook her head, before turning to me and Rosalie. "I don't know what to do with them sometimes. "

"Its ok, Esme. I'm sure Emmett and Edward have rediscovered their manners." And with that, Rosalie swung her bag at Emmett, hitting him square in the chest.

Frowning at his wife, Emmett took the bags and walked over to the "nice wheels". He hit Edward on purpose as he walked by. Edward faked a yawn. I shook my head as Edward held his foot out and waited for Emmett to trip. Much to Edward's disappointment, Emmett evaded that classic trick gracefully. I smiled to myself as I watched their theatrics. They were such a family, alike not just in looks but in that way only siblings can be.

A twitch of a tree branch distracted me from the boys. Walking over, I looked up and saw a baby bird. It was by itself. I almost jumped when it let out a shrill, probably calling for its parents. Not seconds after one bird, followed by another, flew down to the tree and began hopping their way to the baby and the nest. I wonder if those are its real parents, or just friendly, concerned family friends. They reminded me why I was here at the Cullen's house. Why we had all packed are bags to go on a vacation with each other. We were off to meet my parents. Some how Jasper had used his skills with the computer, not to mention his sources in the world, to find them. And you'll never guess where they are. Can you say, Vienna anyone?

Sighing again I stepped away from the tree and made my way back to the noise known as the Cullens. Its so weird to see them like this still. Even after dating Edward for a while now, it always feels so fresh. In school they are so quiet, so perfect looking. And no matter how old they really are, they still act the age they look sometimes. I looked up to find Edward walking towards me.

"So many thoughts are flickering through your head. And I do not act like I'm still 17. Emmett started it, like he always does."

He bent down to kiss my smiling lips. I was about to respond when Carlisle called us over.

"Ok," He started, "Edward, Esme Alice and Bella will ride in this car. Rosaile, Emmett, Jasper and me will ride in this one." He points to another car beside the PT Cruiser. Carlisle's hand moved from his pocket with a set of keys. I watched his hand as it flicked out to Edward. Grinning from ear to ear, I pushed Edward out of the way and caught the keys.

Wiggling them at him I said, "Guess I'm driving."

His eyes glared at me as he started to chase me around the car. Laughing hysterically, I started a spell that would make me be able to walk through and into the car. Edward must have read my mind because just as I finished the spell he reached out and grabbed me, sending us flying into and through the car. I was still laughing as we landed in the back seat. He started to kiss me all over my face. My laughter turned breathless, however, when his lips found mine. Wrapping my arms around his neck I pushed against him. Once again we were in a very compromising position…and once again, Emmett was the one to interrupt with an extremely mature, "Yuck!"

I pushed Edward off me with a laugh, and then turned to Emmett giving him the finger as I got up. He was the one to gasp this time and turn to Esme.

"Did you see what she just did?"

Esme smiled at me before turning to Emmett. "No. I didn't see a thing."

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