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Chapter 22: Vampire Prom

I eagerly waited in my basement bedroom that I shared with Edward while he cleaned up. He was already in the shower when I was finally released from Alice. I peaked my head into the bathroom to see his clothes covered in blood and fur. Without saying anything, I quietly picked them up and put them in the dirty laundry basket and sat on the bed and waited for him.

"Oh, wow." He jumped, walking out into the bedroom wrapped in a white towel.


"I didn't hear you come in. I was wondering what happened to my clothes." He nodded towards the pile. "You're too quiet now, I can't hear you sneaking around." He was smiling my favorite crooked smile.

I stared at him with my mouth hanging open as he dried off and dropped the towel on the pile. He smiled wider and went to the dresser to get his boxers. After stepping into them I walked up to him and ran my icy cold fingers up and down his icy cold chest.

He didn't feel cold to me anymore. I sighed.

"What's wrong?" He tilted my chin up with his fingers, looking deep into my crimson eyes.

"I just…" I paused, trying to find a way to explain it. "You're not cold anymore. At least not to me."

"I know how you feel, love. You no longer have the warmth to make me feel alive. A heart beat to listen to…" He trailed off, pained.

I regretted him changing me. He said he didn't but I know he did a little too.

"Get dressed." I ordered, leaving him alone and running upstairs.

"Wait…" I heard him moan from the bedroom as I closed the basement door. I laughed and ran right into Emmett.

"Hey little sis. What's so funny?" My face turned bright red. "Aw, it's alright, you can tell me."

"You're brother…uh…he's getting dressed, I have to go tell Alice." I ran off, using my vampire speed, before Emmett could say anything else.

From upstairs I heard his booming laughter and Edwards screaming voice, "GET OUT! GET! OUT! OF! MY! ROOM! NOW!!!"

"What in the Devil's name was that?" Alice asked, stopping me in the hallway.

I think Emmett decided to check in on Edward while he was getting dressed. Apparently Emmett caught him…uh…doing something to himself." My face turned red.

I didn't think that had all happened, I knew it happened. I saw it even though I was two floors above them. Alice looked at me, skeptically thinking about what I had said.

"Hmm… Ok. Well, Bella, everything is set up in the back yard, bring Edward out when he's, uh… done." She winked.

I returned back to my bedroom to find the back wall punched through and Edward laying on the bed with his eyes closed.

"Are you ok?" I asked, a little scared. I knew that I was stronger than him, but I couldn't help being afraid.

"I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"Well, that hole wasn't there before…" I let my voice trail off.

"Oh, that. I'll fix it later. Where do we have to go?"

"Backyard." I said as I walked over to the dresser and put my wedding rings on my left ring finger.

"I was wondering if you were going to remember those." He smiled and I melted into mush. That beautiful, crooked smile of his was going to make my knees waver for the rest of eternity. I smiled at the thought of the rest of eternity with him. "What's so amusing?" He asked, bewildered.

"Oh," I blushed. "Nothing, just thinking about our first night together without real restrictions."

"And millions more after that." He smiled, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into a tight hug. I hugged back, feeling my stone hard body against his.

"We should be going upstairs now or Alice will be down here dragging us up in another minute." I made the statement sound like a guess, but in reality I knew that she was storming through the screen door on the back of the house and making her way towards our stairs.

Edward smiled and took my hand, letting me lead him upstairs to face Alice in the living room.

She smiled, happy to see that she didn't have to drag us out of the room, and told us to follow her outside.

The moon glistened against the decorations Alice had set up, and it made Edwards skin glimmer just slightly. As I was staring at his sparkling skin, I realized that he, and all his family, was looking at me in complete amazement.

"Bella…" Jasper's voice trailed off.

"What?" I looked at everyone. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

At that moment I caught my reflection in the kitchen window. My flawless skin blazed with light, as though there was a fire lit under my skin. I looked at Edward's reflection and saw only a few shimmering glimmers from the light of the moon.

"Wh- What's happening?"

Everyone stood in silence. Finally Carlisle attempted an explanation. "It appears to be that your skin reacts to the moonlight like ours reacts to sun light. I wonder if you would be ok in the sun then? Edward, did you notice anything when you took her hunting?"

"It was too cloudy and we were in the trees most of the time."

"Right, well tomorrow should be a sunny day. Bella," He turned to me, "tomorrow we will explore your powers and anything else that might make you different from us."

If he had intended to say anything else, it was drowned out by the music that Alice had picked out for the night. We all danced with each other. First the couples all danced together then we switched around so that everyone danced with everyone else at least once.

When I came to Alice, she danced close to me. "I think I know what your power is." She whispered in my ear, smiling. I looked around, knowing that even with the music, at least one of the other vampires would have heard her. I saw Edward looking at us, he was dancing with Esme but all his attention was on listening to what Alice was saying to me.

"What is it?"

"You can zone in on a single person, well, vampire, I don't know about humans yet, and know exactly what they are doing, what they plan on doing, and everything about them."

"But how does that relate to what I was as a human? I thought that was where the powers came from."

"I don't know yet, but I'll find out."

"What are you two talking about?" Edward asked, coming up behind me.

I turned to face him, "Like you don't know." I smiled.

"May I have this dance?" Edward asked, taking my hand and bowing. I took a second to listen to the song that was playing and smiled. I'll Be, by Edwin McCane.

"Absolutely." I bowed back.

"Silly Bella," Edward said in a mocking tone. "Girls are supposed to curtsy, not bow."

"Oh," I giggled, curtsying. "Is that better?"

"Much." He replied, pulling me close to him and twirling me through his family in an elegant dance. I was amazed that I was able to keep up with him without putting my feet on his, but it was effortless.

Maybe I wasn't clumsy anymore now that I was a vampire…or maybe not. Just as the thought past my mind, I tripped over Emmett's leg and landed on my face. It all happened too fast for even Edward to stop and before I knew it everyone was looking at me.

I stood up and smiled, causing every member of my family to laugh hysterically.

"Same. Old. Bella" Emmett managed between fits of laughter

I looked at Edward and he instantly stopped laughing. "What is it?" I asked, bewildered.

"You're blushing!" He said, astounded. Everyone else stopped laughing and looked at me too.