Fuu had never been one for conversation.

Most people, because of this, thought she was boring. Quite the opposite. She had all sorts of amusing thoughts. Fuu sometimes made up jokes and stories, but they were just for herself.

At first she had no friends because of this, but she didn't need them. She had herself, her drawings, stories, and thoughts. Why did she need people? People always expected you to talk to them, but Fuu discovered that conversation was really useless. If the teacher asked her if she was ready for her turn on the book report, she didn't need to say, "I'm ready, Ms. Barnes." Instead, she could save time and say, "Ready."

All the kids teased her about this, but she just shook her head and mumbled."Like quiet." Fuu never said anything more to their comments. She didn't need to.

Hayner was the main one, the big-mouthed idiot. He always had lots of "smart" comments that Fuu just couldn't stand. Sarcastically, her word for him was, "Funny."

Then there was Roxas, his best friend. Roxas was a little more quiet, a little more like her than Hayner, and when he was alone it was okay. But when Hayner was with him, Roxas was just as bad. Fuu called him, "Minion."

Olette, the third member of "Hayner's gang" was pretty nice to Fuu, always getting onto the boys for teasing her. "Bossy," was what Hayner muttered, and Fuu adopted this word to describe Olette.

Pence came a little later. He seemed to ignore Fuu most of the time, unless he was wanting her as a subject for one of his many photos. "Whatever."

Then there was "Seifer's gang". Fuu wasn't overly fond of Seifer ("cocky"), but she'd rather side with him than with Hayner's gang. He didn't seem to mind that she hardly spoke, because what she did say was always so important.

Rai talked a lot, too. Fuu noticed in her first week of knowing him that he said "ya know" after every single sentence. "Protector" was her silent nickname, protector of Seifer.

The other kids that weren't friends with Hayner or Seifer kept out of her way, mostly, not wanting to get involved in Hayner and Seifer's "bad blood". Fuu always had insults ready in her mind, but she wouldn't use them. Why waste breath on insults and compliments and useless words?

Fuu had never been one for conversation—because nobody else but her would know what was going on in her mind.