Sara Parker was in a state of shock. Her worst nightmare had come true. To have her only son, her precious Jesse's life taken away by Christina Nickson, the Child of Darkness, and ironically with the same blade meant for her. It wasn't supposed to end this way.

She had been shown the prophecy and she had been ready. "The Seven must die bless the killing blow." She had been so proud of Jesse for accepting his responsibility. The priests had prepared him to the best of their abilities, and she had sent him out with her blessing. She had wanted to tell him then. She had kept so many secrets from him in the past. But telling him that she would be sacrificing her own life that night along with six others would not have been wise. He would never have agreed to carry out his part in the prophecy if he knew. So once again, she had hid the truth from him only hinting at what was to come. She would be there for him when it was over. She would always be there for him. Even if it was only in spirit.

When her husband had foolishly put a stop to the sacrifice, she immediately knew Jesse was in danger. She had prayed then. She had asked God to spare his life. But it was not meant to be. He had died at the hands of Satan's daughter.

But there was still some semblance of hope for him. She wouldn't give in to despair just yet. After all, he had died once before. For seven hours his lifeless body had lain in the morgue. God had brought him back for a purpose then. And his destiny had yet to be fulfilled. He was the world's only chance. There was still hope that God's light would shine on him once again. And she would cling to that hope like a drowning victim to a piece of driftwood.

Sara got in her car and drove at high speed towards the Kramer's house. Blinded by tears she almost missed seeing the young girl walking down the center of the road. She slammed on the brakes, instinct taking over as her car skidded across the asphalt, coming to a stop inches away from her.

An eerie chill ran down her spine as she recognized the long blonde hair and slim form. Sara felt a rage burning deep inside her soul. Its intensity frightened her. She had to quell the sudden urge to put her foot down on the pedal and wipe that cold dead smile right off the young girls face. Only the fact that she knew the girl couldn't die, kept her from carrying it through.

With a heavy feeling of foreboding, Sara watched Christina as the dark ominous mass of a thousand crows formed above her, filling the early mornings crimson sky...