Hello all! I have decided to try and write a Zelda fanfic. This is my first Zelda fic and my first angst. Please, if I totally kill the story, try to gently tell me what I did wrong, and not scream at my face. I will be more understanding that way.

Chapter One: How We Got Here

I walked toward the tree by the Water Temple's symbol and leaned against its trunk, still warm in the evening sun. I could feel the steady stream of sticky, warm blood sliding down my side and didn't care, didn't try to stop it. I simply let it flow, let it gather in a puddle at my feet until my knees couldn't hold me and I slipped and landed in my own blood.

The love of my life was a thousand miles away, living a life I was no part of and not even caring that I was dying, or that the wounds I had suffered were from fighting for him.

As I watched my blood mix with the water over the edge of the bank like some Warping nightmare, my mind wandered to the first time I saw him. The first time I knew I had found the man of my dreams.

It was years ago, yet the memories came as if it had just happened yesterday.

He had pulled himself out of the Water Temple, the Chosen One, Link. He flopped down by the tree I was now lying against, that annoying little fairy buzzing around his head like a fly at a picnic. She was telling him to get up, to keep going, and watch out for enemies when all he seemed to want to do was rest, stop for even a few seconds and catch his breath.

As he pulled himself to his feet, I felt such an overwhelming rush of affection that I was left wondering if these feeling were Princess Zelda's or mine.

Now, if you haven't heard my story and are confused at this point, I wouldn't be that surprised. Only one type of story was recorded, only one version of history was told and it wasn't mine. No one ever thought to ask me if I wanted to tell my story, no one ever wanted to know my story. They just were happy with the version everyone else told them and the one everyone else swallowed. The only one who knows the whole story was Princess Zelda, Link and I. Since neither one of them seemed to want to tell the real story, I guess it's up to me to tell it all before my life ends.

It all started in one of the worst battles in Hyrulian history, right after Ganondorf had seized the Triforce of Power and Link had gone into his Seven Year Sleep. I had gone into my very first battle, for the Shekiah train their children for battle at a very young age, and had suffered a life-threatening injury no amount of Potions or Fairies could heal. They were saying the Death Song while my heart raced and I was praying that something would put off the impending terror of my death.

Be careful what you wish for.

In the middle of the Song of Sorrow, the dim crying was suddenly cut off. I remember faintly holding on to consciousness as the crowd parted and a solitary figure entered the tent.

Princess Zelda.

You're probably wondering why my voice was so venomous when I said her name. Like I said before, you haven't heard my story. Everyone believes that she's this kind, wise, sweet princess that only had Hyrule's best interests at heart. Well, after my story, you might not have the same delusion.

Princess Zelda had entered the tent and, disguised though she was, everyone immediately knew that she was royalty and heir to the throne. There was a…presence about her that seemed to emit from her like a glow, and the haughty expression she gave everyone was a dead giveaway as well.

Her steps brought her to my bedside and I was left wondering why the Princess of Hyrule had come to my village, had come to my tent. What had I done that required the Royal Family's attention in this time of peril?

"I can save him."

These words brought a low murmuring from every corner of the tent. It sounded like more people had entered the tent, drawn to the Princess like flies to honey. Little did they know that her honey had a poisonous edge to it.

"I can save him," Princess Zelda repeated, kneeling by the head of the bed, "However; I will require a service from him, something that will bind him to me for a short while. I can't say that it will keep him from harm-what can these days?-but I swear that he will bring Hyrule back into the Days of Light!"

There was a collective gasp at these words, for it was common knowledge that the Princess had prophetic dreams, that she could see the future. Another weapon in her deceiving arsenal…

She had tipped her head, so that her hair fell forward and shielded us from the watching crowd. Her lips brushed my ear as she whispered, "Will you help me?"

I then experienced something that frightened me, which I had put down to blood loss and fear of my own doom. I now know that, as close to Zelda as I was, I had caught a glimpse of what my future held.

I saw myself, older, healed, whole, but something was wrong: A scarf hid half my face. Was I to be disfigured in some way? Then, to my growing dread, I saw myself reach up and pull off the scarf and Princess Zelda standing in my stead.

I came to inside the tent, breathing hard and wondering what had just happened. Was that to be my future? To live, but never be really alive? To share my body, not only with a complete stranger, but that stranger would be the Princess?

"Will you help me??"

The Princess's whisper held all the fear I could not express. Did she see what I had glimpsed? Did she feel what I felt in my very bones? So horrified was I of dying and ready to believe that my Princess could save me, I said the word that was both my salvation and my doom:


Zelda's eyes closed and, for the briefest of moments, I saw a strange, savage smile spread across her face before she whispered, "Thank you." And released me from her grip, but not from her web.

She strode over to where I had kept my most prized possession: My Harp of Hope. Zelda's eyes were lit with a inner light that made everyone near her step back a few paces and glance at each other with fear, almost seeing what I found out through the time I had with her. Right then, I felt another kind of fear, the one that maybe death wasn't as bad as what awaited me…

Before I could do more than groan, she had picked up my Harp and began playing an odd, low, morbid tune that made me feel numb, slow and sleepy. I could barely see anymore and the voices surrounding me sounded distant, as if I was hearing them through a long tunnel. I tried to move, to see what the Princess was doing, what she was saying, but I found that I couldn't feel my fingers, much less move them. Astounding though it may seem, I managed to feel even more scared than I was already. Go figure.

Then I felt nothing.