Author's Note: This is a SWAT Kats/Eureka crossover. My thanks to Rauhnee Ranshanka for letting me borrow some aspects of her story Eureka Kats for my story. She was my inspiration for this piece. Hope you enjoy and please review!

Chapter 1: "Oh God! Where am I?"

It was just chance that got them the tip to Dark Kat's new hideout. By end of day, Feral was going to regret that piece of luck.

"Commander!" The Sergeant shouted as he dashed into the Commander's Office that fateful morning.

"What is it?" Feral asked looking up from his desk full of reports. Maybe something more interesting than paperwork was afoot.

"A power plant manager reported an excessive use of energy from a building that is abandoned in the southeast section of town. That area with empty apartments and factories." The Sergeant reported.

Feral snorted, "That could be anything, why does he think its so unusual to report to us?"

"Because of the level of energy, sir. The amount is nearly the same as used for the Nuclear Power Plant." He said seriously.

Feral's brows raised, he got up from his desk hurriedly and went for his coat, "Do you know the exact address?" He said briskly as they both moved toward the elevators.

"Yes sir!" The Sergeant said.

Gathering up his troops, Feral wasted no time in flying to the location. He had his choppers land a block from the target and had a ring of cruisers cordoning off the area. They slipped in as fast and quietly as they could into the building in question. At first it seemed to be nothing but an empty factory.

As they spread out and searched, a trooper found a stair that led down to a basement level hidden by some boards. From below they could hear the distinctive chittering of creeplings and the sound of heavy machinery.

Smiling grimly, Feral called in his troops and stormed the basement. For once they caught the megalamanic off guard. In the center of the room was some kind of machine that had a hole in the center and through it was a swirling mass of smoke and vague images. It seemed to be a portal to somewhere but he couldn't see anything. They walked cautiously around it while trying to corral Dark Kat.

"Give it up Dark Kat, you're surrounded!" He barked firing a warning shot at the omega.

"Never! Not when I'm so close!" The evil Kat snarled still trying to work on the device.

Feral fired at Dark Kat again but the omega hid behind his device. The Commander didn't dare fire at the thing, not knowing what it could do. Meanwhile, his troops were battling the huge army of creeplings around him. For the moment, they prevented the enforcers from reaching Dark Kat who continued working frantically on his odd portal.

Frustrated, Feral kept trying to halt Dark Kat's activities by taking potshots at him, with little success.


"Chance there's an urgent call on the Enforcer band about more reinforcements needed at an abandoned building where they've found Dark Kat. We'd better hustle! Sounds like they're having trouble capturing him!" Jake shouted at his partner who was watching TV.

"Crud! Dark Kat! The enforcers don't stand a chance!" The tabby snarled as he quickly turned off the TV then closed the garage doors. Jake was already down the hidden ladder and getting dressed when the tabby barreled down after him.

Within minutes they were airborne and heading for the war zone. They landed on the street near the building and hopped out. Sneaking their way through the enforcer cordon outside the building the pair found their way to the basement.

"Looks like Dark Kat's been really cranking out these things!" T-Bone grunted as he began to help the embattled enforcers take down the creeplings.

"I wonder what the heck that thing is that Dark Kat is messing with." Razor said worriedly as he took out his share of pink creatures. "At least Feral is showing sense and not firing at it."

"Yeah, but he's not getting any closer to taking down dark crud!" His partner growled as he tried to get closer to their enemy.

Though annoyed by the SWAT Kats presence, Feral used their distraction to finally reach the evil Kat. He landed a fist on Dark Kat's jaw rocking him back but the big Kat managed to grab Feral's coat and lever him over his head and into the portal.

"Nooo..." Felina screamed as she witnessed her uncle sail through the air then disappear.

"Aw crud! You bastard!" T-Bone snarled as he and Razor fired tarpedoes at Dark Kat sending the huge Kat slamming against a far wall, gluing him there.

Razor approached the now silent and dark portal. "Aw man, there is no way to know where dark crud was directing this thing."

"Well perhaps we should just pry it out of him!" T-Bone said grimly. He was joined by a furious and anguished Felina. The criminal hung on the wall like a fly in honey.

"What did you do with my uncle?" She hissed savagely pointing her weapon at Dark Kat's face.

"Where you can't possibly retrieve him. My dimensional portal wasn't set for a destination yet when Feral flew through it. He could be anywhere!" Dark Kat smirked evilly.

Slamming him in the face with her fist making him grunt with pain, Felina screamed in anguish then turned her back and stared blindly at the dead creeplings laying everywhere and at the device that had taken her uncle.

Somewhere far away and across dimensions...

Feral felt himself fly through the air and heading for the portal. Horror gripped him as he passed through. He went tumbling through violent colors, noise, heat and cold sensations for several seconds before he landed on his back on a hard, cold surface.

He lay there stunned and shocked. The room was buzzing and a light was emanating from a portal that looked very similar to Dark Kats. He quickly scrambled to his feet, looked around and froze.

Standing only a few feet from him were strange, furless creatures that were babbling at him in a language he couldn't understand. The room he was in was clean and new. To his right was a glass wall with other furless creatures standing staring at him in shock.

'Oh God, Where am I?' He thought in horror and fear. He realized he was still holding his laser. He gripped it tight but didn't raise it threateningly. Whoever or whatever these people were, they may be his only way home. Attacking them would be suicide, so he stood there staring back and waiting for them to make the first move.

"Shit, what the fuck is that?" Stevens blurted in shock.

"Well it looks like an intelligent biped cat." Mason muttered flippantly, fascinated.

"I can see that but what the fuck is it doing here? We didn't even activate the portal yet, how the hell could it have come through it?" Stevens snarled unable to take his eyes off the strange creature standing nervously in front of him.

"It would probably help if we could ask it." Marjorie said over the speaker.

"By it's confused look, we don't speak the same language!" Mason observed

"Oh you think!?" Dr. Clive Stevens said sarcastically.

"No need to get nasty, Clive. Listen, Henry has been working on a translator. Let's call him up and ask him to run it over here on the double and while we're at it we'd better contact Sheriff Carter. This could get ugly." Dr. Ben Mason suggested more seriously.

"Damn, I really didn't need for Carter to be involved that means Stark will have to be contacted and Blake as well. What a mess!" Stevens said in disgust. "Well contact them Marjorie and hurry up about it." He snapped at his assistant.

Feral stood staring at these strange people as they carefully moved back from him while others seemed to be doing something behind the glass wall. The ones in front of him continued to watch him and speak to each other. 'God! He couldn't remember when he'd been so frightened,' he thought shakily. It took all his strength of will to just stand there while they all stared at him.