Okay, I started writing this over a year ago, and just recently finished it. I have thought strongly about whether to post this or not, but I decided to do it. There is some slight crossover in later chapters, but only slight. I'll only continue posting the story if I feel like poeple want to read it. If I get no feedback or catch alot of flac, then I'll remove the story and it won't be a bother to anyone. (Some chapters may seem short, but the later ones do get longer.)

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Shinji rolled over in his bed and looked at the clock through blurry eyes. 'Only 3 a.m. ... I should try to get...' was about as far as he got when he passed back out.

"Shinji, get your lazy ass out of bed and make me breakfast" shouted the fiery redhead who was also his housemate.

Shinji rolled over and slowly put his feet on the floor. 'Why doesn't she learn to make her own damn breakfast' he though as he stood up and grabbed a shirt to wear.

"It wouldn't kill you to make it yourself ya know" he said as he walked out of his room towards the bathroom. "

Maybe, but you do such a wonderful job of it" she said teasingly. Shinji grinned while she talked, he knew it might be a lie, but it was one he could live with.

After relieving himself, Shinji proceeded into the kitchen to make breakfast, "What do you want anyways?" he said out loud, though whispered "it's not like we have a lot to work with".

Asuka, having already looked through the fridge just shouted "whatever you can throw together" without ever leaving the comfort of the couch.

He nodded to himself and snatched a couple of eggs from the fridge door and some ham from the bottom shelf. As he walked over to the stove he opened one of the cabinet doors and grabbed a skillet and set it on the stove.

As he prepared to make his omelets he felt a slight poke just below his knee, looking down he saw one of his other housemates with his bowl in front of him, penpen sucked his gut in to make himself look as though he were wasting away. "Alright penpen, give me a minute" the bird squawked happily as he ran in circles as Shinji grabbed a can of fish from the cupboard and poured it into the bowl.

"Smells good Shinji, how much longer?" Asuka yelled from the living room. Shinji looked back at the stove and put the ham in the middle of the Omellette

"Just another minute or so." Shinji replied.

His ears perked up a bit as he heard Misato's door open and the semi-hung-over purple haired guardian dragged herself into the kitchen and sat at the table.

Shinji went and grabbed a beer from the fridge and put it in her hand as she sat there trying to open a beer that wasn't there yet. "Morning Misato" Shinji said as he walked back to the stove.

Misato grunted her greeting as her higher brain functions had refused to start without its morning jumpstart.

Asuka, almost as if she could tell it was time, came in from the living room and sat at the table and greeted her guardian "Morning Misato".

Misato, mid-chug, waved at Asuka with her free hand, then slammed her can down and let out a cheer and a burp, signaling that the higher brain functions received their fuel and started up. "Morning guys, mmm smells great Shinji what'd ya make?" Misato said as he carried over the two plates of ham omelets with toast.

"Here ya go, now I'm going to go out for a bit, I'll be back later." Shinji stated as he headed back into his room to change cloths.

Misato looked at Asuka who shrugged and she went back to eating her breakfast "Just remember you have sync training this afternoon, it's only three days till we attack the angel again!" Misato stated, making sure he hadn't forgotten, 'how could he?' she thought 'it's all they've been doing for weeks'.

"I'll meet you guys there at noon, don't worry" He shouted as he walked out the door.

Shinji walked outside into the cool air, and down the flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator, he found this was a better warm up for his legs.

As he got to the bottom of the stairs he started to jog in place a little and stretched his upper body at the same time. After a full minute of warm-ups he choose a direction and started jogging, he didn't care which way, cause he always seemed to end up at the park anyways.

As he jogged he let his mind wonder, even though he wasn't really paying attention to where he was going, somehow managed to completely avoid any danger. Though he looked calm on the outside, his mind raced with all the techniques and fighting styles he has had to memorize in just the last few days.

It troubled him slightly that some of these were actually used in combat, or at least were used in combat. He shook his head to clear his mind and let the cool air and quiet sounds of the city flow into him as he continued on his way.

When Shinji arrived at the park it was empty, as usual. He slowed down and started walking around a small set of pillars. He chuckled to himself as he thought 'Normally I would have been out of breath; this training is really paying off.'

He turned around a walked over to the pillars, wiping the tops of them off. There were three of them, each about six inches in diameter, each one at a different height out of the ground.

After inspecting them to make sure they were dry and clean of debris, he pulled a black handkerchief from his pocket and covered his eyes, making sure he could not see.

He put his hands together in front of him; to a stranger it would look like he was praying standing up. Shinji slowly started walking forward towards the pillars, moving cautiously, but never stopping and never moving his hands.

He guided himself around all three of the pillars, starting with the smallest one and worked his way up, never hitting them. Suddenly he jumped up and landed with one foot on the smallest pillar, the left foot tucked up, he balanced himself.

Once he was steady he lowered his hands and took up a defensive stance, never letting his foot drop down. He slowly began moving his hands like he had been taught, during one of the moves he jumped backwards landing on the next highest pillar on his left foot, his right foot now tucked under him.

Again he practiced more movements, each more challenging than the last, each threatening to force him off balance. He never faltered, never even drew a bead of sweat from worry, his training had taught him that worry would lead to thinking and in combat that could get you killed 'use your instinct, do the first thing you can think of and let your body follow through, don't question it' he remembered what his Sensei had told him, and he followed it.

Again he jumped to his left performing a cartwheel that had him standing with his left hand on the pillar, now upside down. He brought his right hand to his chest and started breathing rhythmically.

He raised his feet straight up, then lowered his left leg sideways, then slowly lowered his right leg sideways.

As he continued his breathing in this upside down split stance, he heard someone walking towards him, he could not tell who it was exactly, but he could tell it wasn't one of section two, the foot steps weren't heavy enough to be an adult.

He heard a quick movement and pushed of the pillar with both hands flying through the air he quickly removed the blindfold. When he landed he turned quickly and saw a smiling red head staring at him.

"Didn't think I knew about your solo training, did you?" she asked, noticing the look of confusing on his face.

"Not really, figured you were too good to train more than what was necessary." he said shrugging his shoulders, not to concerned that she had learned about this.

She looked him over 'hmm he has changed a lot in just a few weeks' she thought, looking him over from top to bottom 'mm ... Stop that... you're not supposed to think of him like that...' she hated when her mind jumped off track like that. "Well then, why don't we see just how well our training has really come?" She asked with a smile that meant she wanted to prove she was better.

Shinji looked at his watch and noticed the time, "Actually" he started "I should head back to the house to get a shower before training. Maybe after class." he said smiling at her.

He knew she wanted a challenge, and he was going to give her one.

"Alright, you're safe for now Ikari, but you just wait!" Asuka stated as she turned and started walking towards the apartment.

Shinji just stood there and chuckled 'She'll never change' he thought

"Quit ogling my butt and hurry up, baka-Shinji" Asuka shouted as he neared the park exit. He made sure he had everything and took off after her.