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Day 22

Every one was at camp, working on some thing, except Taylor. (Melissa, Eric and Jackson at the fire, and Daley, Nathan, and Lex working on the shelter.)

Taylor suddenly walked into camp, groaning, lugging two water jugs. Jackson suddenly jumped up, and ran over to her. "I'll get that", she said, grabbing the big plastic containers from her. Taylor smiled to herself, and started walking to the plane. She paused, stepped back a step, and, putting her hand on Jackson's shoulder, said, "I'm glad you're feeling better." She smiled, and walked away.

Jackson looked down, and smiled to himself, while Melissa exchanged a glance with Eric. Eric didn't look very happy, and that was the same way Melissa was feeling.

Meanwhile, only a few feet away, Daley was working on the shelter. Nathan passed her, and said, in a hushed tone, "Good job." When Daley looked up, he winked at her, and she sighed.

Suddenly, Lex popped up beside her, and said, "Some things been bugging me."

Daley, a little taken aback, asked, "What?"

Lex sighed and continued. "No body wants to talk about it, but what do you think happened to the pilot and the others? Abby's been looking for them for nearly two weeks."

Daley looked at him, and said "I don't know Lex. I think we just have to think that their ok."

"Or…maybe we should start thinking about going to help them." Lex replied, and walked away, leaving Daley speechless.

Daley was cleaning windows in the plane (after telling Taylor either she left the plane, or helped clean windows…I guess you can tell which one she chose) and suddenly, she saw some ones face. She thought it was Nathan, and she sighed. "Nathan, stop." But it wasn't. It was Eric.

" Taylor?" She heard Eric ask. "

"Um, no, it's Daley." Daley replied, slightly confused.

Eric poked his head into the plane. "Oh, it's only you." He said, sighing. "Sorry, I was, um, looking for Taylor."

Daley, who wasn't used to Eric apologizing, replied, "Um, no it's ok Eric. What did Taylor do now?" She asked, smiling, but Eric didn't reply.

"Nothing, I'm just looking for her, alright!" He snapped, and left Daley to her window cleaning, as well as wondering what his problem was.

At the same time, Melissa was carrying empty water jugs, hoping to run into Jackson, who had taken over water duty for Taylor.

She heard a rustling in the bushes, which she thought was odd, since if Jackson was carrying water, he'd be staying on the main path, but decided to see who was there any ways. " Jackson?" She called out, stopping and looking around.

But the person who emerged from the bushes wasn't Jackson. It was Nathan.

"Oh, hey Nathan", Melissa said, looking slightly disappointed.

"Hey Melissa." Nathan replied. "Uh, why were you calling Jackson?" He asked, with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

"No…no reason" Melissa stuttered. "I just, wanted to know where he is, that's all."

Nathan shrugged. "Ok." Then he looked down and saw the two empty water jugs Melissa had. "Oh, hey, let me help." He said, grabbing one from her, and walking in front of her. When they were at their 'well' he looked at her and said, "So, Daley kissed me yesterday."

Melissa's mouth dropped open in shock, but then she turned it into a half smile.

"It was only on the cheek, but, I mean, it must mean some thing, right?" Nathan asked, mistaking her reaction for some thing bad.

"Nathan, that's so amazing!" Melissa said, starting to fill up her jug.

"Yea, and I don't know how to interpret it though, because she told me she didn't like me and all-" Nathan rambled on, but Melissa cut him off.

"Nathan, talk to her about it." Melissa said with a smile. "That's probably the only thing you can do."
Nathan snapped his mouth shut and nodded. "Your right."
He stood up, grabbing his jug. "So, how are things with you and Jackson?" He asked.
Melissa didn't answer, she just huffed and brushed by him. Nathan wasn't used to this sort of reaction from her, so he just followed her silently.

When Nathan and Melissa were back at camp, they decided to boil the water themselves.

Taylor walked into camp, and then Daley did. "Hey, has any one seen Lex?" Daley asked, about to sit down beside Nathan, but then she kept walking and sat down beside Melissa. This wasn't unnoticed by Nathan, and his face fell a bit, but he kept his composure.

"Or Jackson?" Taylor asked, flopping herself down in the chair.

"No, I haven't seen them", Nathan replied, busying himself with the water. "What about Eric?" He asked.

"I saw Eric a few minutes ago, he's sleeping on the beach", Daley rolled her eyes.

"Wasn't Jackson on water duty?" Melissa asked, getting back to the topic of where Jackson and Lex were.

"Yea, I think he was." Taylor replied, and Melissa rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, "Of course YOU would."

"What?" Taylor asked, and Daley, having heard Melissa, looked at her and mouthed, 'Are you ok?'
Melissa shook her head, and mouthed back 'Tell you later.'

"Um, what's going on here?" Taylor asked. "Is there some thing I don't know about?"

"No." Melissa and Daley replied at the same time.

At that moment Jackson emerged from the trees with Lex in his arms.

Daley and Melissa jumped up. "Lex!" Daley cried, running over to Jackson.

"What happened?" Daley asked, obviously frantic.

"I don't know." Jackson said. "This was how I found him."

The whole group (minus Eric) was now crowded around Lex and Jackson. Lex had spots all over his face and arms, and he was passed out, his eyes weren't closed, but rolled into the back of his head.

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