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xx3sunkist - Another person who didn't like Melissa! Haha, she IS too whiny. Any ways, thanks so much for reviewing!

cookiemonsta97 - Sorry that you disagreed with my opinions about Melissa, but there was really no need to say that...oh well, were good now.

alittlefaithinme2 - Haha, I know it was gross, but I seem to have a habit of writing slightly out there stories. I have NO idea why, I'm like, the girliest girl ever!

13re - It's kind of cool to relate to the author, isn't it? Lol! Thanks for the reviews!

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LovesNature: You were actually dead on when you guessed every thing. God, was it that predictable? Haha, any ways, thanks for the support!

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candy-cake - I loved your reviews! I will miss them! Thanks!

NathanAndDaley4EVER - I'm glad you liked all my random twists! Haha! Thanks!

xbrokenxheart - YES MELISSA IS THAT BAD! Haha, I just really don't like her. But I hope I did ok with her in the story. Any ways, thanks for reviewing!

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DefineIrony -Awe, thanks for saying that my story was adorable!

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Joucelin - Word.

writergirl94 - Again, dramaqueenchris405, thanks so much for sticking with me for the whole story! I love you, you've been so supportive and awesome!

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