Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

By Ash Kaiba

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Chapter 2

The footsteps faded into the empty hall. Kaiba Mokuba sadly watched his brother walk by and close the hardwood door. Roland and the head maid, Sakura, shared Mokuba's concerned look. Mokuba approached the door, listening to his brother breathe on the other side. Upon coming home, Mokuba noticed his brother's health steadily decreasing.

Earlier than day…

"Take that and that," the young Kaiba shouted as his thumbs hammered the controller.

Mokuba gasped as he hit the 'Start' button. He rose up and dashed to his open door. He peeked into the hallway and progressed slowly into the entrance hall. By the door, a duralumin case stood alone. Mokuba walked closer, but paused at the parlor doorway. His violet eyes observed the furniture. They only stopped once. A pair of dress shoes hung off the edge of the couch. A small bit of blue draped off the shoes' sides.


"Hm?" The exhausted figured moaned as it propped itself on its arms.

Kaiba Seto forced his body to sit up. The normally tidy brown hair spiked here and there. His blue eyes were worn and tired. Sweat beaded on his pale skin.


"Welcome home."


"Sir, don't worry." Sakura whispered as her hand wrapped itself around Seto's door handle.

Roland flung his hand out and gripped the door handle tightly. Sakura paused and stared him down. The body guard ignored her as he knocked on the door. The young CEO snapped that he is all right. Roland backed away from the door as Seto's footsteps started to move away from the door.

"We can only hope that he is all right."

Mokuba nodded as they went about their own business. Inside, Seto leaned against the wall, slowly progressing to his bathroom. The dark tile chilled his covered feet. His vision grew sharper, but also dulled. He stumbled toward his giant bathtub. The dark blue porcelain glowed eerily dark; the mysterious factor that reflected how his past is to the public, Mokuba, and himself.

Seto pushed himself off the wall. His legs unsteadily carried his body to the edge. The coldness seeped through his shirt to his chest. A shaking hand reached out for the water faucet. Its fingers weakly grasped the handle and pulled. Water cascaded down from the mouth. The brunette released the cold water faucet and allowed his hand to run through the waterfall. He lifted it up and ran his hand through the sweaty mass on his head. Relieved, Kaiba pulled the white t-shirt off and flung it across the room. His Duel Monsters locket clanked on the tile. His blue school pants slid down his slender legs. The teen lifted his feet out of them and kicked the slacks next to the shirt. Black socks revealed his feet. His white boxers followed the pants.

Seto steadied himself as he slowly stepped into the lukewarm water. His tense muscles started relaxing as he sank further into the water. He rested his head on a towel he always had there. He just laid there. His eyelids fluttered as he tried his best not to fall asleep. Eventually, his eyes stayed shut.


"Come on, it's bath time!!" An adult brunette called out after the child.

The child Seto laughed as his father swoop him up into the air. Both of their blue eyes glowed with laughter. The adult tucked the boy under his arm and began his trek up the stairs. Seto laughed to his heart's content. His father chuckled as he set his boy down. Laughter grew louder as the young boy was striped of clothing and lowered into the water. The adult grinned as he soaped up his son. Young Seto still laughs to his heart's content. His father's blue eyes glow warmly at him as he said it was time to get out. The boy listened to him. His father drained the tub and then wrapped him up with a towel. He lifted the small child up and set him on floor mat in front of the tub.

"Dad… We will always be together, right?" Young Seto asked as his father rubbed him dry with a white towel.

"Of course we will. You, Mokuba, and me…"


"Forever is a long time, son."

"We're sorry…Your father was killed in a car accident. Your mother's parents will be taking care of you now…" The police officer attempted to comfort him.

Seto snapped his eyes open. Old memories still flashed before his eyes. The water had gone cold. He shifted to a sitting position. He glanced at the towel rack by the sinks. Seto rose up and stepped out of the full tub. He turned around and pulled the plug out of the drain. Then, he left wet footprints leading toward the rack. The royal blue cloth wrapped itself around his head. Seto rubbed fiercely and the towel absorbed the liquid from his hair. He did the same with his body. The young adult wrapped the towel around his waist.

His world appeared more orientated; his vision not jumping from one extreme to the other. Kaiba stepped toward the door, but paused in front of his mirror. His slender fingers traced a small patch on his chest. He thought he saw outlines of scales, but the lines themselves were too faint. The skin there appeared lighter though. I'm just imagining. He thought as he slipped on a light fabric pajama top.

Seto sighed as he slipped into a clean pair of boxers and pants. He gripped his toothbrush and applied white toothpaste onto the bristles. For the recommended two minutes, Seto brushed his pearly whites. He leaned and spat out the mixture. With that, he left his bathroom and climbed into bed.

The Next Morning…


Seto tossed and turned. His hand reached for the snooze or the off button. And it found its target. The beeping stopped and Seto surrendered to the darkness once again.


Seto stirred as his brother's voice called out. The warmness he was feeling yesterday felt like it had increased. He tiredly opened his eyes. Mokuba, Sakura, and Roland all looked at him questionably.

"Seto, are you feeling well?"

"No… Roland… Make sure Mokuba…gets to school. Sakura…please call Domino and Kaiba Corp. that I will be absent for the day." Seto moaned.

Mokuba placed his hand on his brother's forehead. Seto closed his eyes, relaxing. The young teen nodded.

"Keep him in bed. He's warmer than yesterday."

Sakura nods as Roland ushers the young teen out the door.

At Domino High…

"Good morning, Yugi," Kisara pauses as her new friend continues to stare at an empty desk.

She curiously looks between him and the desk. Then, back to him. Yugi slouches more in his seat as a sigh of worry escapes his lips. Joey and the rest of the crew arrive. Each of them stopped to look at Yugi and the desk. Finally, Joey started the conversation.

"What's up, Yug'? Didn't realize you have a crush on Moneybags?"

"HEY!! THAT'S NOT IT!!" The short duelist screamed as blush spread across his face. "YOU KNOW I'M NOT GAY!!"

The blonde rubbed his ears, flinching from the volume of Yugi's screams. Téa behind him scowled in disgust. Tristan, on the other hand, cups his hands around his mouth. Muffled sounds echoed from them. The blonde spins to face him, but plops in his chair instead as the teacher walks in.

"Good morning, class. I need someone to do me a favor. I need someone to give Kaiba-kun today's homework and notes."

The girls raise their hands. Every one of them had stars in their eyes. The teacher tugged at his tie before continuing.

"It would require someone that can look him in the eye."

All the hands dropped. The air in the room went still as the whole class looked at the back of the class. Their nomination went to a boy with tricolor hair. Yugi Mutou stood up and nodded as he confidently spoke, "All right. I'll do it."

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