M a r v e l o u s D r e a m e r


They only meet in dreams now. Whose, they never know. Outside of their nights, they can't tell if the other is still existing, still alive.

But they don't think like that while together.

It's Kurogane's turn to be the last one present. He walks into the living room slowly, quietly – why, he isn't sure; maybe he's still afraid that the blond will disappear if he's too loud. Yuui is lying on his side, equally silent, on a couch by a window, watching darkness fall through the rain.

The midnight-haired man slips a hand along a slim, cloth covered thigh, drawing the blue gaze to attention. Both are whole here; an arm restored, and magic returned. With a gentle smile, Yuui draws up his legs to make room, stretching back over Kurogane's lap once he's seated.

Firm fingers press softly against the sole of a pale foot, massaging in small circles, voice a scarce whisper. "Hi."

Smile growing, the blond preens slightly into the touch, sighing in content. "Hi."

For a little while, that's all they say. Not even the sound of the rain reaches them. Yuui almost closes his eyes, torn between savoring the foot rub, or savoring the sight of the one giving it to him.

And in the mute pause, they both realize that they need to talk. Because tonight feels different; the air seems thicker, almost oppressive, weighing them down with a sense of anxiety and almost doom. Something is wrong, and something needs to be done.

Kurogane releases Yuui's leg, shifts, and hesitates, then drapes himself over the blond like a living blanket. Lithe arms automatically welcome the midnight-haired man, trapping him in a warm embrace. Two hearts are beating fast; they've never been this close, this intimate before.

"...Kurogane, I..."

"You say you're sorry and I'm going to hit you," he counters without any real threat behind it.

The trembling laugh that follows makes Kurogane go very still.

Yuui curls shaking fingers into that midnight hair.

"I'm scared," he breathes.

Fear – a weakness to one who fights, who must put aside emotions and focus on the task at hand. Kurogane used to despise those who admitted to fear; but in this place, in these dreams, he isn't a ninja anymore. Nothing has to be masked in this moment.

Not to mention that hearing any sort of honesty out of the blond is a godsend in itself.

"Don't be," he replies gently, more gentle than he's ever been in the past. Kurogane sneaks his hands under Yuui's back, holding him even closer. "Everything is fine."

"I don't want to lose you." Panic is lacing that wispy tenor; the rain becomes louder.

Gritting his teeth in anger and denial, the midnight-haired man growls, "You are not going to lose me. Not ever."

A broken sob is all Yuui can say.

Once again, the sun rises, and the dusk fades away. Neither of them dream after that; neither of them ever know what happened to make it end. The only thing that they both think of from then on is this:

I wish we'd had more time.


Angst. Yes. T-t;; I'm sorry.