OK, you know how hard it is to find a decent Yuri vampire story on here that doesn't have to do with sex slaves? well, heres my attempt at one that has a plot, and some sex. Well, without further adeu, heres my 2nd fic. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Dracula, or any other affiliates in this fic. Rated M for Yuri, Yuri Themes, physical violence,

language, gore, and Satanism.

Ino ran down the streets of the Hidden Leaf village in a hurry to get to Sakura's place.

"Sakura! Sakura!" the blonde shinobi called "I've found him, I've found him!" Sakura opened the door; Ino was standing there panting heavily,

"Found who?" she asked, "I've found the Master!" Ino replied. Sakura stared at her blankly. "Don't you remember? The mystic said that if we found the Master and worshiped him, eternal life would be ours"

Sakura's eyes widened and she pulled her friend inside. "Where is he?" she whispered, "He's in the old castle deep in the mountains."

"Ok, we'll leave in the morning. We'll stop by the mystic's and ask him what we must do."

The girls left just before daybreak. They didn't have any missions for the week, so Tsunade gave them permission to leave the village for a few days.

On the way out of town, the girls stopped by the mystic that had told them how to get eternal life.

"O great mystic," Ino started, "tell us what we must do to resurrect the Master."

A raspy voice responded to her, "You must give him life. Give him a blood sacrifice. Here," the old man handed them a scroll, "Do not open this until you have found him," he took a labored breath, "it will tell you how to bring him back."

Ino and Sakura nodded and put the scroll in Sakura's bag. They promptly left the tent and made a B-line to the ancient ruins.

Sakura was starting to have second thoughts.

"I-Ino," Sakura said, Ino looked at her, "do you think we're making a mistake?"

Ino laughed at her companion. "Sakura, just imagine, to be young and beautiful forever. You're the one who's always worrying that you're getting a zit."

The pink-haired ninja replied, "Yeah that would be pretty amazing." "So let's can the chatter, and get to the master!" Ino said with an almost too exited tone.

They picked up the pace, and reached the ruined castle within the hour. They were very cautious as they approached the ancient place.

They walked over the small bridge over the moat that flowed from a nearby lake.

"Ino, Sakura said, she was obviously sacred, "did it just get colder?"

"You worry too much Billboard Brow. The master is close, I can feel it."

Sakura was becoming more and more afraid as they approached the main gate.

They looked around the area as they approached the large oak gate. Sakura noticed a door half open at the bottom of a small set of stairs.

"Ino, over here" She called. They both took out a kunai knife and warily went down the stairs into the room.

They dashed into the room, weapons ready, in case of grave robbers. The room was empty, save for a stone coffin in the middle of the room.

Ino sheathed her kunai and approached the coffin. Inside was a decorated box, barely the size of her pouch. On the outside there was a single inscription. Sakura peered at the name engraved on the coffin.

"Dracula" she said, "Is this him?" she asked her partner. "Yes," she replied, "we have found him." "Our new Master." Ino almost had an evil look on her face as she hissed the name on the coffin.