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Van Helsing rose early the next morning, he packed his kit, and readied for his journey to the Count's castle. The previous night he had called Tsunade and asked her to send over two horses and a carriage, for he planned to take Sakura with him to help find Dracula before he escaped.

He gathered up Sakura in his arms and went downstairs. Naruto and Neji were there with the horses and carriage. Van Helsing placed the sleeping girl in the carriage, and turned to his companions.

"They know we are coming," Van Helsing started, "They have undoubtedly already left, the Yamanaka residence, so we must make haste. Judging from where I found Sakura, His castle is about fifty leagues away, in the mountains. Come, and be sure you have enough weapons, I must grab mine."

Van Helsing turned to go back up to his apartment when Naruto spoke up, "Professor?" Van Helsing turned, "Sakura's… Sakura's gonna be okay, right?" Van Helsing faced the young ninja and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "You love her, don't you?" he said, Naruto nodded, Van Helsing smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry, my boy, I swear by my life, that Miss Haruno will be well again."

Van Helsing turned and went back up to his apartment. He returned a few minutes later with a rifle and a long sword. He climbed up onto the carriage, and the two shinobi on the horses. "Then let us be off." The group rode as fast as they could to the castle.

Van Helsing called to the other two, "You two take the direct road, Sakura and I will take the mountain pass, it is shorter, but you two must follow Dracula. Do not lose his trail, we will meet at the castle." "Alright!" the other two called back.

Van Helsing turned at the first opportunity, and headed directly for the mountains.

Neji activated his Byakugan Jutsu, and spotted the nomads five leagues ahead. "Naruto!" he called, "I see them, they are about an hour ahead of us, increase speed, we must catch them." "Gotcha!" Naruto called back. As the two ran their horses faster, Naruto's mind drifted to Sakura, and he had to reassure himself that they would succeed, Sakura would be all right, and that they would all come out from this alive. Neji was thinking of Hinata, of how he had always looked down on her, and now he could never take any of it back. He made a promise to himself that he would avenge her, no matter what.

Van Helsing made his way over the rocky mountain pass, trying not to tip over the edge, Sakura had stirred a few times in the back, but did not wake. It took him all day to get to the castle, but he had found a nice place to camp and wait for the others to arrive. Sakura had awoken, and was much more calm that she had been. Van Helsing made supper for her, and she eagerly ate it.

Sakura stood up when she was done and walked over to where the professor was watching for the others. "Professor" she said, Van Helsing turned as she approached, "I've been thinking, about why you decided to help me. You want me, don't you?" Van Helsing raised a quizzical eyebrow. As Sakura got closer she started to undo her shirt, "Admit it," she said, as she exposed her breasts, "you've wanted me since the moment you met me, well, here's your chance."

She walked up close to the ragged man, but he turned away when he heard hoof beats approaching. He looked to the sky, and the sun was starting to set. He turned his gaze to the pass, and saw Dracula's nomads fleeing from an approaching Naruto and Neji. Van Helsing ran back to the carriage and grabbed his sword and rifle. He turned and ran toward the castle gates, but was blocked by Sakura "Come on, Abraham, take me!"

Van Helsing grabbed Sakura and moved her out of the way, she soon heard the horsed approach the castle. She started to laugh as Van Helsing ran towards his destination.

"You can't kill him! He's already dead!" Sakura called she was laughing maniacally, then ran after Van Helsing. Van Helsing paused for a moment and took aim with his rifle, he managed to kill two nomads, which was enough to send their carriage flying, throwing the two coffins just outside the gates.

Naruto had replaced his kunai with wooden kunai, they were just as lethal. He had killed one nomad before the carriage toppled after Neji killed the horses. The two coffins landed by the castle gates, and the sun was setting. Naruto and Neji quickly dismounted and ran towards the coffins as fast as they could. Naruto reached the nearest coffin first, he took out two kunai from his bag, and tossed one to Neji.

He pried off the lid and saw Ino lying inside. Without hesitation, he plunged his kunai deep into Ino's chest, killing her. The body let out a bloodcurdling scream before it went silent. Naruto heard Sakura shout "NO! INO! YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED HER!"

Neji ran to the other coffin, but arrived one second too late, the lid burst open, and Dracula's had shot out and grabbed Neji. Dracula hurled the ninja at one of the walls of the castle. Neji landed with a squish as he landed on one of the spikes on the wall.

Van Helsing stopped when he saw Neji hit the spike, a second after, he took aim with his rifle and shot two rounds into Dracula. The Count turned and walked toward Van Helsing. Sakura grabbed Van Helsing from behind, her grip was like iron, she shouted "Here, Master I've got him, come take him!"

Naruto snapped back to reality, recovering from the shock of seeing Neji die. He saw Dracula walking toward Van Helsing and Sakura at the base of a steeping hill. He ran forward and stabbed Dracula in the back with one of his kunai, the Count shouted and knocked the ninja aside. Sakura was stunned from the blow to Dracula, that she felt as her own, Van Helsing took this opportunity to knock her off of him. Sakura fell to the ground, and Van Helsing ran toward Dracula, tossing his rifle aside and drawing his sword.

As he ran, Van Helsing shouted, "In the name of the Holy Lord, I send thee back to the pits of hell where you belong!" Van Helsing hefted the sword and stabbed Dracula in the chest. The two stood there for a moment, everything was silent, Van Helsing removed his sword and beheaded the vampire. The body fell, and started to degrade into dust.

Van Helsing took a sigh of relief, and Naruto ran over to Sakura. The scar on her forehead where Van Helsing had pressed the wafer had dissipated. She soon awoke, and the first thing she saw was Naruto holding her. Tears welled in her eyes, and she pressed her face into his chest and sobbed, "Oh, Naruto, what have I done? What did I do? I'm a monster!" Naruto smiled and said, "No, Sakura, you're not a monster. Don't worry about the past, the important thing now, is that you're safe."

Sakura pulled away and looked into Naruto's sky blue eyes. Before either of them could say another word, they kissed each other, "I love you, Sakura." Naruto said when they pulled away, "I-I love you too." Sakura smiled at Naruto, and then looked at the professor, who was carrying a deceased Neji.

"Oh my God, Neji!" Van Helsing set Neji down next to the two, Neji had just a spark of life left in him, just enough to say, "Sakura, you're safe, good." And with those final words, Neji passed on. "Come," Van Helsing said in a low voice, "Let's go home."

Naruto picked Sakura up and followed Van Helsing back to the carriage, and the three headed back for the Hidden Leaf village.

And, one month to the date later, Naruto and Sakura were married, and nine months later, sired a son, a son they named Neji. Naruto became Hokage after Tsunade abdicated her position to travel the world, and Sakura became the head of the Medical Corps.

Van Helsing went back to the west, and married Tsunade six months after Shizune was killed. They had no children. They kept in touch with the Uzamakis, and Van Helsing died a happy man three years later from leukemia.

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