Don't You Remember Me ?

A small six year-old blond boy ran through the streets of Konoha, he was crying and he almost ran into some old women, but he did not care, for the person he was after was leaving.

" Wait! Please don't leave me! "

The pink haired girl stopped and the boy caught up,

" Please, don't go I need you! " The boy screamed, he grabbed her hand, but she yanked her arm out of his grip. She used it to muffle her mouth to stop the sobs.

" No.. You don't.. " The girl harshly said. " You don't need me.. " The girl quietly replied.

" What do you mean?! I don't- !? Just, Please don't leave me! Please.. I-" The girl slapped his face.

He looked shocked that she would even hurt him.

" Naruto.. I.. I'm sorry.. " The girl quietly said in tears.

Naruto shook it off and looked at the girl before him, She was his best friend, and she was leaving forever..

" Please don't go Sakura.. " He whispered sadly.

Sakura felt more tears pour down her cheeks..

Naruto Uzumaki.. 6 years old and in my same acadamy class..

Sakura smiled at the thought of him.

" I wish I didn't have to go.. But I can't stay.. "

Naruto frowned, now he knew that she was leaving for sure.

" I'll miss you, Naruto.. " Her eyes still crying.

" Don't say that! Please don't, you can't leav- " He was inturrupted once again.

" Promise me one thing.. Naruto.. " Sakura said with a small smile.

After a few short silent moments, he spoke in a voice a little louder than a whisper..

" Anything.. Sakura-Chan.. "

" Please promise me that you won't forget me..? " Sakura answered in a little louder voice.

Naruto's face screwed up in a weird way and he backed away a few steps. Sakura thought he was going to decline her promise.

But his voice came out,

" I promise I will never forget you, Sakura-Chan.. "

A wave of relief washed over the washed over Sakura that he accepted this promise, she smiled and hugged him good bye.

" I promise that I won't forget you either. "

She kissed him on the cheek, and she ran to her parents in their little mini car. Naruto Blushed and felt where she had kissed him. She took one last look at Naruto and waved her final good bye.

" Bye Naruto! Please don't forget me, and I will come back to you! "

Naruto was silent and stunned, but before Sakura was almost compleatly out of sight Naruto yelled,

" I won't forget you Sakura-Chan! " He waved and on the inside of the car, she made a little wave. When he was out of sight,

She said to herself,

You better not forget me Naruto, because I won't forget you..

With that Sakura, and her parents, disappered into the distance..

That's all for now..Sorry I made it so short.. I decided to make this NaruSaku as you probably guessed. But yeah, this is a whole new story, and I'm trying to make it really different then " Saving an Old Friend. " So I hope you liked it and please review!

The next chapter will show Sakura and how she gets to move back to Konoha. But by the time she moves back, she's already 16. It's been 10 long years, so do you think Naruto will remember? I'll let you think about that and you, I hope keep reading on! The next chapter should be up soon, so watch out for it!

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