Don't You Remember me?: Continued? Sequel?

Hey everyone it's ninchick01, yes I am back from the dead. Sorry for not updating in like forever! I probably made a lot of you mad at me for making you wait for so long. I seriously didn't know what I should have done. I have had writer's block for so long, plus my crazy self had to get obsessed with other stories and series. (Twilight, Bleach, Code Geass, and a whole bunch of other series.) So I am sorry for the long delay.

Anyways, on to business. I was wondering, what do you think about me keeping the story as is, or should have a sequel? Or should I just keep writing and adding to this story? Which would you prefer? Because, to tell you the truth, it doesn't matter to me. So please tell me in a review what you think should happen to Don't You Remember Me? And I will take all you ideas into consideration and start working on it again, maybe by the end of this week I will have it up and running! So please tell me what you think!

Thanks, and sorry if you thought this was an update!

Luv you all always,

XoXo ~ninchick01