A/N: I had this crazy idea a while back (like, half a year...) I decided to watch the anime and write a short ficlet/drabble/musing/whatever-you-want-to-call-it on a situation that made Fuji open his eyes. I only write for the anime because Fuji actually opens his eyes a lot in the manga. It was something I noticed right away. So, yeah...I have the first two scenes written, but I couldn't find the third, so that prevented me from posting this. But they're not really in order...not in that sense anyway...am I making any sense? Anyways, I just had a really great weekend (I went White Water Rafting, it's the best) and I thought that I should spread the happiness. (Unless you hate my fics...but then why are you reading it?) I couldn't find the inspiration to write anything, so I dug through me (63 pages) of fic ideas for PoT (and only ideas, full stories are on different documents) and found this. So, here you go!

Summary: Echizen vs Arai

Warning: Not much to say. I guess it could be taken for shounen-ai if you want to see it that way...

Disclaimer: All I own that relates to Prince of Tennis is the manga I downloaded...

The first time Fuji opened his eyes in regard to the newest member was during an unofficial match. Which was also against the rules, but he didn't really care about that. The freshman - Echizen, if he remembered correctly - had just come back from running laps that Tezuka had assigned to him and Arai. Poor Arai had flipped when the smaller boy had cleanly smashed the ball into the basket. Fuji wondered what the Junior would say if he knew what the other Regulars did. The smash was more impressive than it looked. Instantaneous distance measurement, brilliant form, pin-point placement to the centre of the basket and just the right amount of power to knock a few balls out at the same time. It would also have been incredibly hard to return. That was why he was so interested in the boy's match against Arai. It should prove entertaining. His best friend Eiji knew he wanted to see what would happen, so none of the Regulars stopped the two.

Arai had hidden the boy's rackets and instead gave the freshman the oldest racket in the clubhouse. Actually, old was an understatement. The gut was terrible and the strings were loose, as Echizen proved when his first return hit the net and the next sailed out. Arai was gloating, but Fuji was interested to see that the younger boy was calm.

"Now I see." He stated, before getting into the ready position. Arai sneered.

"Don't act so cool! You have no chance of winning against me!" A serveā€¦and a brilliant return. The ball bounced in and raced past the stunned Junior, hitting the fence solidly.

"Oh!" exclaimed Kikimaru, "he put the spin on the ball by spinning his body!"

"He's good." Fuji smiled. Arai was not so happy. With his team-mates murmuring how fast the ball had gone, how could he be?

"Gaki! That was just a fluke!"

But it wasn't. Again and again, the kid returned the shots, each accompanied by a weird impact that indicated the racket was less than perfect. Fuji positively grinned when the boy knocked away a ball on the ground with pin-point placement. Arai slumped to his knees,

"How? How can he return the ball with that racket?"

Fuji's eyes were a brilliant blue as he observed the small figure on the other side of the court.

"A great calligrapher never blames the brush."

Umm...so...yeah...what do you think? Just some mindless drabbles. It won't all be about Ryoma and Fuji. I'm just recounting a little drabble about the situation when we have the chance to view his captivating eyes. XD lol. Hey, if anyone can tell me the episodes (i am NOT following the manga) then that would be great and save me a tonne of time. I'm having to go back through the series. It's not that I don't love it, It's just that I don't have that much time. I know Fuji opened his eyes when Ryoma played Kaidoh, but I can't find the third time and I've checked up to episode 11. Would someone be kind enough to find out? If, of course, you have the time. It would be much appreciated. Thanks again!