A seven year old girl woke up from her slumber by something hatching. She looked t her side and saw the egg she got yesterday, trying to protect it from a mean and hungry animal, hatching. Quickly she woke up her mom and watched as a red dragon come out of it.

"Hey there little guy, are you ok?" she asked picking it up.

"Looks like you got one of the rare dragons there, Saku-chan." Her mom said worriedly. Yes the little girl is Sakura.

"Really!? Cool! But why are you so worried, mama?" asked Sakura.

"No reason honey, anyways what are you going to name him?" Sakura's mom asked

"Umm...Kazuhiko!" grinned Sakura

"Hahaha Kazuhiko it is" laughed her mom. The dragon looked from Sakura to Sakura's mom before letting out a little laugh (i don't know what it sounds like, i don't even know if dragons can laugh, I'm just making this up) and snuggling closer to Sakura. A smile slowly made its way to Sakura's and her mom's face, as they watched the little dragon snuggled onto her.

"Ne, ne! Mama! This is the best birthday present ever! Kazuhiko's birthday is on the day after mine too!" Sakura said smiling widely, but not grinning.

They weren't rich, they were actually poor. So Sakura's mom doesn't have the money to buy Sakura a decent birthday present not even a cake. Sakura, even though at the young age, understood that her mom does everything so she can be happy. Her mom takes care of Sakura first then herself. So Sakura never asks for anything more than a smile from her mom. If her mom was happy, so was she.

------After a few months later, on the other side of the country----------------

A seven year old Sasuke was running around the palace, trying to look for something.

"Mama! Mama! Where are you?! Mama?!" called out Sasuke (mind you he's only 7)

"In my room, honey" his mom's voice called out to him (forgot what the room is called)

"Ok!" Sasuke said running towards the room.

"Mama! Have you seen Tatsu?" he asked his mom,

"No sorry, honey. But you wont need him anymore" Mikoto answered smiling

"Huh? Why?" Sasuke asked with a cute, confused look plastered on his face.

"You'll see come on your dad was looking for you" Mikoto smiled leading Sasuke into the main room.

"Aa, Sasuke! I see you've finally come" his dad said when he came in the room, while Sasuke just stood there with same confused look.

"As you know Imouto, your birthday is coming up," Started his older brother, Itachi. Sasuke nodded.

"You told us, you wanted a dragon for your birthday, isn't that right?" His dad continued

Again Sasuke nodded

"But, i know that dragons are only myths so, it's ok" Sasuke said sadly

"Aa, but they're not Sasuke-chan" smiled Mikoto, making Sasuke more confused

"Happy birthday!" they exclaimed when Itachi pulled out a big blue egg from behind him.

Sasuke's eyes grew big

"i-is that a-a..." he stuttered

"A dragon, that's correct Imouto" Itachi said smirking

"YATTA!" Sasuke exclaimed running towards Itachi with a huge grin on his face. Just as Sasuke grabbed the egg gently, the egg started hatching.

"Just in time too" his dad stated, when a dark blue dragon came out of the egg stretching its wings.

"Thank you so much!" Sasuke squealed hugging his parents and brother with his left arm while he held the dragon on his right.

"So what are you going to name him Sasuke-chan" Mikoto asked

"Ummm...Shinyuu! Because from now on his going to be my best friend!" exclaimed Sasuke hugging the dragon while it snuggled on Sasuke shirt to seek warmth.

"Hmmm, I thought dragons don't exist. Itachi-nii-san even told me!" Sasuke said to his dad. His dad looked at Itachi, blinking. While Itachi nervously looked away, then looked back at his dad with a small nervous smile and waved.

"Well it does. But! They are rare species, that's why there are only two dragons left in this world. It said that the other person, who got the other dragon, will be a girl. And the person who got the blue dragon will be engaged to the owner of the red dragon." Sasuke's dad said. Sasuke's eyes once again became wide.

"That's why Itachi-nii-san didn't want it! He didn't want to be engaged to whoever got the other dragon!" Sasuke exclaimed looking at Itachi.

"You know, too well Imouto" Itachi smirked.

" you aren't angry, Sasuke-chan?" Mikoto asked the boy.

"Hmm? Oh, NO! No way! I'm actually glad! I can finally, have a reason to not marry any of those other girls that keeps on clinging on me!" Sasuke exclaimed grinning

"Oh? What if the girl that has the red dragon, turns out to be like those girls?" Itachi teased

"Then...I'll have to get used to it! But besides, that wont happen" Sasuke said.

"Oh? And why is that?" his dad asked

"Because! I have a feeling that that girl will be pretty, kind, caring, nice, smart and cute! And she would never do that!" smiled Sasuke.

Fugaku (his dad) and Itachi smirked while Mikoto smiled.

"You know why?" Sasuke asked them, while they just shook their head.

"Because! When i first held Shinyuu, a picture of a pretty girl popped into my head! She was sitting under a cherry blossom tree playing with her dragon, while smiling! She looked so pretty! Like an angel! No wait, like a princess! No! She was both! Anyways, she had the greenest eyes i ever saw! It shined like an emerald! Maybe even shinier! But the most amazing thing was that made her unique was her hair! Her hair was Pink! Like the cherry blossoms!" grinned Sasuke

"She sounds like a beautiful girl. Hmmmm maybe i should have that dragon instead and marry that girl" joked Itachi.

"No! I won't let you! Shinyuu and that girl is mine!" exclaimed Sasuke in the verged of tears while hugging his dragon tightly.

"Calm down Sasuke, i was only joking" Itachi sighed

"Yes, that's right Sasuke-chan. Itachi was only joking, and no one won't take that girl and Shinyuu away from you." Smiled Mikoto.

"Yes Sasuke. But if some one ever does, they will be punished, alright?" Fugaku smiled down at his youngest son.

"Even Itachi-nii-san?" Sasuke asked wiping a tear away; Mikoto and Fugaku looked at Itachi, who was blinking at Sasuke.

"Of course" Mikoto and Fugaku said nodding.

"What?! Come on! Like I'll ever take Sasuke's dragon and girl! And besides I'm not into girls that's like what 4, 5 years younger than me!" defended Itachi

"Do you promise?" Sasuke asked wiping any left over tears, while everyone looked at Itachi.

"Yes, i do. But if i ever do, I'll take whatever punishment you have for me. Whether its execution or being kicked out of the country" Itachi said with his right hand on his chest-where the heart is- and his left hand up.

"Ok" Sasuke said nodding.

"-Sigh-it pains me so much of what little trust you have in me Imouto" Itachi said pretending to be hurt.

"It's just that you take everything away from me! Last week you tried to hide Tatsu away from me, then you ate the entire candy mama bought for me, then you took all my weapons cuz you didn't have anymore! Then you took Usagi-chan and gave her to some random person so you can get money!" Sasuke explained pouting.

"Hey! That was an emergency ok?! It was either the bunny or our lives!" Itachi defended

---Some where-------

A bunny sneezed (can bunnies even sneeze?)

"Oh, are you ok, Usagi-chan?" a little girl asked.

-----Back with the Uchihas-------

"Still! You could've sold one of your jewellery! You could've even sold a piece of your clothing or even a piece of hair to your 'fan girls' and get money!" Sasuke exclaimed

"...good point...but still! I didn't eat or sleep for three days! Did you think that i could think straight?!" Itachi exclaimed back, while their parents wonder what they were talking about.

"..Uh...what are you guys talking about?" Mikoto asked

"when me and Sasuke were suppose to be camping cept we didn't know where the camping site was and we ended up getting lost" Itachi answered.

"But you said, that the bunny ran away when you guys were camping" Fugaku said,

"Oh, heh heh that was a lie, so mom/mama wouldn't flip" Itachi and Sasuke said sheepishly

"Good job, you saved everyone that day" Fugaku mumbled to his sons, but Unfortunately Mikoto heard.

"FUGAKU!" she growled

"Err...i mean, bad! Lying to us! Be ashamed!" Fugaku said to the guys.

"Whatever, I'll be in the kitchen" Mikoto said with her hands crossed while she walked away.

"But seriously, good job" Fugaku said when Mikoto was out of the room.

"I HEARD THAT!" a voice yelled on the other side of the door.

"Err...uh...GOMEN!" Fugaku yelled to Mikoto.

"You guys better go now" Fugaku whispered while Itachi and Sasuke nodded and walked off, using the other door.

Sasuke carried his dragon to the garden and sat in front of a cherry blossom tree with a smile on his face.

-----------Back to Sakura------------

"Ne, ne Kazuhiko-kun, guess what?" Sakura asked her dragon, who grew a bit.

The said dragon looked at her, with his head tilted on the side. Silently telling Sakura to go on.

"I saw a boy!" Sakura exclaimed. Kazuhiko blinked at her as if telling her 'don't you see boys everyday?'

"Noooo, i know i see boys everyday! But this is different! I never seen him before, but he just popped into my head just now. He has blue, or was it black? Hmmm...I don't know, anyways he has black/blue hair that sticks out on the back like the chicken's feathers on its back, and he had these coolest eyes i ever saw! It was as dark as onyx gemstones or something but it was so cool! But the thing was he was cuddling with a dark blue dragon!" Sakura exclaimed to Kazuhiko, and was to excited to see that Kazuhiko's eyes grew big.

"...but what confuses me Kazuhiko is that..." Sakura said, with her eyebrows knitted. Kazuhiko recovered from whatever he was in and listened to Sakura.

"Is that...he was looking at a cherry blossom tree" Sakura said, trying to think of reasons on why he was doing that. Again Kazuhiko's eyes went big.

" you think we should tell mama?" asked Sakura, looking at the dragon. Kazuhiko shook his head rapidly.

"ok, if you say so" Sakura said

--------the end of chapter 1! Yes, i know it was short but I'll try to make the other chapters longer. IMPORTANT!: yes i know i didn't update on the story "kitty love' or the other story 'untitled' but i had this saved on my computer for a long time so...SORRY! im still thinking on whats going to happen in the rest of the chapters for the other stories! so im sorry! i'll try to update as soon as possible! and also im sorry for the spelling and grammar mitakes! my microsoft thing is broken o theres no spelling and grammar check anymore! OH! and just to let you ppl know this is going to be a short story! IM SORRY!