Karin's Revenge.

In the two weeks of Sakura staying, no one had saw Karin.

"Hey, did you guys ever wonder where Karin went?" Sakura questioned.

"nope." all of them answered, making Sakura sweat drop.

"this is comforting..." Sakura sighed, laying on a pool chair.

"why dont you girls come in?" Naruto asked swimming around.

"we'd prefer sun-tanning" The girls answered in unison. Sasuke came out of the pool soaking wet, and walked to Sakura.

"Sasuke. You're blocking my sun. Please move." Sakura notified.

"hn" Sasuke hn-ed laying down next to her.

"Sasukeeee, you're getting me wet!" Sakura whined.

"But im getting tired. I want to lay down." Sasuke mumbled burrowing his head on the crook of her neck.

"Sasukeeeee" She whined again.

"besides, you'll dry soon enough, its 47 degrees." Sasuke informed her, while kissing her bare shoulder.

"To heck with that "Im tired and want to lay down" excuse. Theres alot of pool chairs! You just want to eat me." Sakura pouted.

"you're point?" Sasuke asked bluntly, still kissing her shoulder.

"Hinata-chan! Want to go swimming with me?!" Naruto yelled waving at Hinata.

"Dont need to yell, Naruto. She's right there" Ino stated.

"I-is the water cold, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked.

"nope! Its fine! The sun warmed it up" Naruto grinned.

"o-okay then" Hinata said walking over to the pool. She cautiously dipped her leg on the water, then she dipped her whole body in.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Want to have a race with me?" Tenten challenged

"You're on!" Sakura agreed and tried to get up but Sasuke's arms prevented her from doing it.

"awwee Sasukee, Lemme go! Tenten challenged me to a race!" Sakura whined trying to pry herself off.

"So? Just stay." Sasuke muttered, still not letting go.

"I can't back down! Im a Haruno!" Sakura said.

"You're going to be an Uchiha soon" He stated.

"arghhh, so?! Then wont the Uchiha pride just prevent me from backing down from a challenge?" Sakura asked.

"yeah, so? Then wont the Uchiha Sasuke just prevent you from standing up and leaving him all alone and cold?" Sasuke grunted.

"You wont be alone! Ino and Shikamaru is gonna be here! And you wont be cold! Didn't you tell me its 46 degrees?! Now let me go! I promise i'll be back as soon as the race is finished." Sakura exclaimed.

"so? and no." Sasuke bluntly said.

"argh! You're impossible!" Sakura gave up. Then an idea popped into her head.

"Hey Sasuke-kun" Sakura said sweetly. Sasuke opened an eye at the sufix.


"I haven't kissed you yet, haven't I?" Sakura thought out loud. Sasuke thought about it then nodded wondering if she was gonna kiss him.

"How about if I win...I'll kiss you!" Sakura bargained. Sasuke thought aboout it.

'get a kiss from her or steal a kiss from her...'

'let her go or dont let her go...if we let her go she might not come back...' his inner told him

'good point. But if we dont let her go, she'll hate us. Or atleast be mad at us.'

"...how about we try letting her go and if she doesn't come back after the race, drag her out of the pool and not trust her when she says she'll come back...'


"better keep your promise about the kiss." Sasuke grunted letting go.

"of course!" Sakura cheered.

"come right back after the race" He muttered, closing his eyes.

"of course Sasuke-kun" smiled Sakura, kissing him on the cheek before walking to the pool.

Sakura and Tenten got ready, and when they heard Neji say go, they swam as fast as they could. At the end, as you guessed it Sakura won. It was a close match but Sakura grabbed the railling first.

"Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke!" Sakura called out hopping happily to Sasuke, only to find he was sleeping.

"mou, why are you asleep? Does that mean you missed my win?" Sakura asked dissapointed.

"No." He groaned. She grinned and plopped down next to him.

"See, I told you I would be coming right back." She giggled putting his arm over her.

"yep" Sasuke mumbled hugging her.

"oh! I almost forgot!" Sakura suddenly exclaimed. She looked at Sasuke's face and pecked him on the lips and went back to her spot on his chest.

"hn" he smirked, falling asleep with Sakura.

"awweee, they're so cute together! Dont you agree Shika?" Ino whispered taking out her camera and taking a picture of them.

----Somewhere else.

"Do you what to do?" a voice asked.

"of course. So this girl really has the dragon?" another voice asked.

"Of course" The first voice said.

----Later that day in the Mansion.

Sakura walked out of her shower fully clothed, when she saw something on her desk. Curious, she went up and found that it was a letter.

"oh, its from Haku." She said out loud and started reading it.

"Sakura-chan! Its your mom! She's been kidnapped by some rougue ninjas! And why didn't you write me a letter?! I was worried sick about you! Anyways! They said they were gonna be in the old abandoned used weapon warehouse in the wave country! Hurry!

--Your dear friend, Haku.

p.s Write back!

"Mama?!" Sakura read in shock. She dropped the letter before sprinting towards the garden.

"Sakura?" Sasuke questioned when he saw a blur of pink and something clear and sparkly pass him by. Sasuke started chasing after her. 'was she crying?' Sasuke thought.

"Kazuhiko-kun! Hurry! We have to go back to the water country!" Sakura cried jumping on the dragon. Kazuhiko looked at her questioningly then started flying as fast as he could when he saw the tears.

"Sakura!" Sasuke called, but Sakura ignored him and kept on flying.

Sasuke plopped to the ground as the group came rushing.

"Sasuke! Where is Sakura-chan going?!" Naruto yelled.

"I...dont know." Sasuke said crestfallen. Shinyuu noticing the expression started drawing on the ground. The group noticed Shinyuu's action and waited for him to finish. When he was finish, they saw a picture of waves.

"waves? Is she going to the waves?" Ino asked, Shinyuu shrugged and pointed at his drawing again.

"...waves...home...she's going back to the water country!" Sasuke said.

"What why?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I dont know. Ino, Shikamaru. Inform Itachi, Father and get back up. Hinata, Naruto. Go in her room and find out what made her go to the Water country. Neji, Tenten. Come with me to the Water country and see if you can find traces of her. Contact each other with the communicators. GO!" Sasuke intructed, jumping onto Shinyuu.

"hai!" They saluted before running to their designated place.

"...okay...well...I'll go tell my brother!" Temari said to herself before running off.

---with Naruto and Hinata.

Naruto broke down Sakura's door, and looked everywhere for a clue. Turning things up side down etc.

"I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!" Naruto shouted. Hinata sweatdropped, then she spotted the letter Sakura dropped.

'old abandoned used weapon warehouse?'

"AHA! I know! Sakura-chan must've seen Karin kiss Sasuke-teme and got heart-broken!!" Naruto said. Hinata sweat dropped again before telling every one else.

"you guys. Sakura-chan went to an old abandoned used weapon warehouse in wave. Her mom's been kidnapped." She said in the communicator.

"But Hinata-chan, I dont get why she would go to an old abandoned house, just because Karin kissed Sasuke-teme. I mean if you kissed someone else I would just go to my room or the garden, but not an old abandoned warehouse..." Naruto thought out loud. Hinata once again sweatdropped before pulling Naruto out th door.

---With Ino and Shikamaru.

"MIKOTO-CHAN! FUGAKU-SAN! ITACHI-SAN! SAKURA-CHAN WENT BACK TO THE WATER COUNTRY!" Ino screamed barging in the living room where Mikoto, Fugaku and Itachi was.

"WHAT?! WHY?!" Mikoto demanded.

"She went to an old abandoned warehouse for used weapons in wave, because her mom got kidnapped." Ino answered.

"Itachi! Get all of the Anbus! And Meet me at the roof!" Fugaku ordered, dead serious.

"dont need to tell me twice." Itachi replied before running off.

----with Neji, Tenten and Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Did you hear?!" Tenten yelled. Sasuke nodded making their way to the wave.

----With Sakura.

"Please be alright Mama!" Sakura whispered, landing on the old abandoned warehouse.

"get her!" A voice called out. Within seconds Sakura was surrounded by big tough guys. One knocked her over the head making her pass out. The last thing Sakura saw was Kazuhiko trying to get to her and feet coming closer.

Chapter enddd.

sorry, for taking so long. I lost all of my plans for the story. And thank you for the people who corrected me! xD hehehe sorry about the "imoutoto" thing xD!! And sorry for the non capitalized Is. I dont have Microsoft word either so im sorry for the grammar mistakes!!