Chapter 1: Eyes on Me

His supposedly peaceful and calming morning shattered into pieces s the annoying fervent buzzing of his doorbell finally snapped his nerves. At first, he tried to ignore the buzzing by covering his ears with pillows but it didn't worked. Then he tried to stuff his ears with his earpiece and pillows. A brief 5 minutes of heavenly silence granted his a taste of his precious sleep, only to be shattered by the annoying knocking on his door followed by the buzzing of his doorbell.

Just what are those securities doing?

And who the fuck would dare to intrude a star like him, at a time like this?

Grabbing whatever was in reach to cover his nakedness, he marched his way to the door, armed with all the anger pooling in his head now.

He grabbed his phone by the counter and took a deep breath as he opened the door. "WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU…'

Before he could even finish his line, a young man wearing a beret, in what appears in his early 20's shoved a duffel bag in his stomach and made his way inside his suite.

"WHAT THE FUCK? SECURITY!! WHERE ARE THESE FUCKED UP SECURITY!" He kept howling for securities as he followed the man inside his suite, who had made himself comfortable in his favorite lazy boy couch, watching tv.


The man turned the volume higher, trying to drown his voice, but He knew better as he turned the tv off, from the unit itself.

"My, My, I never thought gay rock stars can be so irritable in the morning…Did you boyfriend dumped you last night?" The man kept his head down as if trying to avoid something.

"What the fuck!"

"Am I right? I mean, you're all naked and you seemed so mad at the whole wide world and stuff. Or was it because my dear brother dumped you?"

"Eh? Brother? Don't tell me…you're Yamato's brother?" Shit. Whatta great stunt you just pulled there, Zala.

"Yeah, I believe he did informed you of my arrival, and it seemed it was even you who arranged my lodging in here, in your suite." He watched 'him' stood up pass by him to turn the tv on.

"Then why didn't you say so!" Shit. Now knowing of this man's identity, he was able to cool down a little. Enough for him to remember Kira's favor from last week.

"Dude, remember my sister?"

"Yeah, what's her name again, Cagari? Or was it Cami?"

"Cagalli, dumb ass!"

"Yeah yeah, so what of it?

"Remember that chic you wanna hook up with from that Musical festival, but you couldn't cuz of this weird image you set up on yourself?"

"Dude, get to the point, willya!"

"My ol' cute sister has turned into a weird tomboy, and I need her to turn into a lady in a year, just in time for her engagement."


"And since you wanna take this 'gay' image of yours to get that chic to sleep with you, I was thinking…"


"If you could turn my cute little sister to a sexy and cute babe in a year, or less, I fix that messed up image of yours and pair you up with that babe."

"Doesn't sound that promising to me… "

"Dude! How easy do you think is it to fix this crap you made of yourself? I mean, yeah, pretending to be some homo was a good idea to ward of female stalkers and stuff, but you didn't thought of the other consequences huh, you moron!"

"I'm not listening…"

"Gawd, ok, I'll throw in that bike you wanted from me. Sounds good?"

"Yeah, but, why don't you just ask Lacus to fix Cagalli for you?"


"But why the hell should it be me?"

"Yeah yeah…"

"So it's deal then? I'll set her up as your assistant. I'll take care of the other stuff tomorrow. Yeah?"


Now here she is, sitting in his couch, all cocky and stiff, just like how Kira described.


He's a she right?

With out thinking twice he grabbed her shoulders forcing her to face him, not knowing that he was twisting her in a way that made her fall on her back, with his on top of her.

Straddling her.

With him NAKED.

Her beret flew off, revealing a soft mane of amber that reflected the orbs he found himself staring at. It took him minutes for him to realize that his hands were in not the proper place where they should be, and her hand made sure he knew and will remember all times.

A hard slap echoed throughout the suite as the security personnel finally arrived, just in time.

"Are we intruding something sir?" The guard automatically turned their back on them, as he stood up. "Yes you good for nothing slowpokes! NOW SCRAM!"

He never felt this humiliated before as he stretch a hand to her, only to be slapped back. But at that time, he thought, he saw the old little girl he liked so much from before. But maybe he was just hallucinating, as fierce orbs of fiery amber met his soft emerald orbs with a clash.

"First of all, I don't dig homos, 2nd if you have problems with me here, then deal with it. Cuz whether you like it or not, you'll stuck with me for a year. If you have problems with it, then go talk to that sonavabitch friend of yours! And 3rd, FYI, I'm a full blooded woman, so sorry to burst your bubble. But don't worry, I wont tell the media about you idling around with your boyfriends, as long as you mind my privacy!"

He was in deep awe as he watched she stood up, full of spirit. No wonder Lacus gave up on her.

"Oh, and one more thing, I don't care if you like strutting around butt naked, but, I do, so please before I decide on hacking something you deeply cherish off, put something on. And do something about that boner, before I lose my patience and I chop it off."

He smiled as he watched her pick up her duffel bag and leave his suite with out saying goodbye or as to where she's going. Judging by the way she acted, there's still some strands of feminity inside her. He just have to tap into them.

And that day was the start of Athrun Zala's troubles. Aside from the everyday dealings with crazy fans, temperamental media people and not to mention annoying paparazzi and publicists, adding Cagalli to his everyday life seemed like having a hurricane rip off his insanity.

Just like, today. Good ol' tabloids got a sniff of Cagalli's presence and decided it would be such a nice idea to put her up as their headliner. The only catch is…


She's a she, and she came in like late morning, not early. But yeah, she's hot

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