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I hold on so nervously
To me and my drink
I wish it was cooling me
But so far, has not been good
It's been shitty
And I feel awkward, as I should
This club has got to be
The most pretentious thing
Since I thought you and me
Well I am imagining
A dark lit place
Or your place or my place

Well I'm not paralyzed
But, I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you're standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
You'll probably move right through
Me on my way to you

I hold out for one more drink
Before I think
I'm looking too desperately
But so far has not been fun
I should just stay home
If one thing really means one
This club will hopefully
Be closed in three weeks
That would be cool with me
Well I'm still imagining
A dark lit place
Or your place or my place…

Hatake Kakashi sat scarcely breathing with two feet planted firmly on the ground and a cup of sake fixed to the table because his shaking hand couldn't keep it from spilling. He was desperately trying to hide the way he was looking at her. The right thing to do was to just look away, but he couldn't help but sit there transfixed...Because right in front of Kakashi, a green eye was staring right at his direction over a bare shoulder and its owner was currently writhing sensually to the powerful beat and rhythm of a very catchy tune. While Kakashi sweatdropped and subconsciously licked his lips under his mask, he couldn't help but think, Sakura what the hell do you think you're doing?!

If it wasn't enough that his ex-student was moving her body in ways he had never dared seen before, not even during training sessions or in the heat of battle, Haruno Sakura was making it clear to everyone present in the bar, including his fellow jounins and her friends, ten of the Konoha Eleven, that she was intentionally singling him out and trying to seduce him. Sakura's dancing partners, her girlfriends Ino and Tenten, were obviously in on it because they were smirking at how he was all but drooling like a dog at their pink-haired friend.

When Sakura finally turned her body completely around to face him, her green eyes looking at him quite darkly and not at all sweetly and innocently like they normally did, Kakashi had to swallow hard. And when Sakura motioned a single finger to him telling him to "come here please," Kakashi was in the mind to either 1) run the hell out of the bar like a frightened rabbit and completely disregard his honorable reputation as the untouchable and badass Copy Nin Sharingan Kakashi or, 2) give up this obviously fruitless fight of his and just go with it. Kakashi decided to just go with it.

As he stood up from his seat and stepped onto the dance floor with all the confidence he could muster, Ino and Tenten's smirks seemed to deepen and began to move to the other side of the dance floor leaving their friend alone with her prey. The minute he stepped close to her, Sakura expertly turned herself around in one smooth dance move so that she was facing away from him with his body pressed hard against hers from behind. Kakashi placed two hands on Sakura's hips and together they began to grind and roll their hips against each other to the overpowering music. Sakura slowly laced a slender arm around Kakashi's neck and in turn he ducked his head into the warm crook of her neck, letting himself be intoxicated with her scent, and again, another disturbing thought took control of Kakashi's rapidly melting brain…This can't be good.