The Deep End

The Deep End
By aznJEDI13

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to George Lucas. The story I have tried to make as original as possible! But I've read so many fan fictions – it's probably blended in with my original ideas! All the quotes or lyrics aren't mine either (obviously).

Notes: Criticism is welcomed, but no harsh words please! Otherwise you might not see the end of the story. The last time I posted something on a website. Some girl criticized the whole thing (basically called it trash!) and then I saw half my ideas in her story! That's a confidence wrecker.

On another note, this is an AU. I can't say much because I don't want to give the story away. I just hope you read it. And it takes place before Episode II even though that won't make a difference. And yes this is an Anakin/Amidala romance!

If you want to use anything from this story please ask first.

And the last thing EVEN THOUGH I KNOW NO ONE READS THESE. This is dedicated to YOU for reading it throughout its stupidity!


Here in the dark, it burns you up inside

From the dark hallway, she could barely make out the faces of Jedi. They were lined through out the hall, but neither turned to acknowledge her, though she knew they all felt their presence. Upon reaching the door, the familiar face, so peeved and so pale, was the only thing that greeted her. Tears buckled from her eyes and she lost her footing, the sight all too horrifying. She didn't exactly know why she was here. She hadn't a clue, but some thing had led her there-perhaps it was the force, perhaps it was destiny.

There was a young boy, no it was a young man, at the side of the bed, but he left as soon as she entered. She closed her eyes once more and forced her self to look at the sight. He was no longer handsome and had clearly matured. He had relinquished all his young characteristics and grown in true spirit of his former master. He looked vaguely like Qui-Gon. He had a beard now; the beard had been matted in more than once way and was twisted in different directions. His face was dirty -- bruises and scars were all that remained.

If only this were true love. His voice suddenly entered her thoughts. Back to that day when everything had changed. If only this were true love. She shook herself, tried to erase it, tried to forget. She was here for once reason and one reason alone. She was here to help him, not to fall in love with him.

"Can he hear me?" she asked, to no one in particular.

But a voice came, a single voice of a wise and cool collected Jedi master, "He can hear you."

"Obi-wan?" Then she broke down, all those tears and all those emotions flooded her at the same time. She turned and looked at Mace Windu, "I'm sorry…" She mumbled, "I can't do this…excuse me…" She whipped her face again and again. Then she became confused; she had no clue where to go or what to do. She was lost in her tears.

A single hand touched her. "Hold on, your highness…I will get someone…"

The same man entered with his head slightly bowed and his strut slightly solemn. And his eyes, silently not wanting to be there, not wanting to see her, not wanting to know why she was here and definitely not wanting to talk to her.

"Right this way your highness." She looked over at Obi-wan once more, "Queen Amidala?" He motioned for her to go to the door. He led and she followed.

"Your room will be right over here." He pointed to a small door. She wiped her face again, and looked at the man, speaking softly, "Thank you."

She went to open the door, but it opened for her. The stranger cocked his head to the right, his robust voice spoke, "Your welcome."

She smiled slightly. She looked at the man, before entering, "Wait…" She paused briefly, "Can I have your name?"

It was his turn to smirk, or at least that's what it looked like, she could only see part of his face. He laughed softly, "I'm afraid you can't."

She crossed her arms on her chest, her tears slowly stopping, "And why not?"

He looked at her for a split second and looked back to the ground. "I…feel it would be…inappropriate…too…your highness…now if you'll excuse me…I have some business to attend too."

The young man looked at her shyly once more before turning away.

She got his attention one last time, using her hand she made him face her, "Then perhaps," she tried to see his face, but he wouldn't let her, "When the time is right…you'll tell me."

He smiled, only slightly, she couldn't really tell, "Perhaps."

You've lost that loving feelin'

The next morning, she was there, by Obi-Wan's side. Holding his sweaty hand in her own tiny hands; massaging it self-consciously. Later in the afternoon, she turned at the sound of the door. It was the young man, he saw her though, and left. Strange, she thought, it's the second time he's done that. Is he scared of me? She turned once more, putting Obi-wan's hand down, and she went for the door. But it opened before she got there. A small Jedi master looked at her as soon as he entered, his stick almost poking her. "Sit, you will."

She smiled slightly before bowing, "Master Yoda,"

"Queen Amidala,"

"You sent for me. I came here as quickly as I could."

"Need you, does Obi-Wan."

Her brows furrowed, "I can see that…what happen…"

"Terrible…afraid I am…know we do not." He bowed to her and turned to Obi-Wan.
Using his stick, he poked aimlessly at the body, "Off freighter ship, found him, dying, we did." Another poke by Master Yoda's stick, "For him, good you are."

She cringed slightly, "What do you mean?"

"I…need you." There it was that voice. As soon as she heard it, she launched herself at the bed, "Am…idala…"

"I'm right here Obi-wan." She grabbed his hand, for a second, he squeezed back and there was nothing.

A healer, she suspected, came in and looked at him and then turned to Master Yoda, "Master, its no use…he is too weak to stay awake." Yoda nodded and turned to a crying Queen.

"Sleep, you must, now. Need you, he will."

Once she had left, Mace Windu turned to him; "It is no use Master. She does not love him as she has been said to have."

Yoda looked at him, "True, love her, he does."

"Master, we are playing with hearts here. Once Anakin returns…"

Yoda narrowed his eyes cutting off the other Master. "Want nothing of Queen of Naboo does Anakin want…know master's lover does he."

"Master, you saw the vision just as I have seen it."

"Love they will, first love him she must."

"Master, she can't love him – she doesn't want," Yoda shook his head, poking him with his stick. Master Windu took a deep breath. "This will not work Master…her heart does not want Obi-wan."

I'm glad to have met you…

She had stopped for some thing to eat. Upon entering the Hall, some thing had shot at her heart. The feeling of another one's presence, she assumed. It was the feeling of having another being somehow connected to her. She was aware of that person's presence, but she didn't know who that person was.

"Who are you? You're not a Jedi are you?" She snapped suddenly and turned to see a girl who was strangely looking at her.

Amidala tried to smile, "No I'm not a Jedi."

"She's here for Obi-Wan…" the other girl for her answered.

For a second Amidala glared, she hated people reading her mind. "You the mistress?"

Amidala's eyes widened at the girl's question, "Excuse me?"

"Are you…were you…his mistress?"


The one that hadn't spoken nudged the other one. "Oh my bad…sorry."

"Hey you wanna eat with us?" Amidala smiled, now they were trying to make it up to her.

"Yes, that would be great…"

"yeah, just follow us…" they began to walk all in the same direction. "Oh by the way, I'm Jules and this is Bant."

Amidala smiled, "I'm Padme."

They approached the table, there was one girl sitting next to man who had his arm around her and two other men were on the opposite side. The man sitting with the girl was laughing hard, harder then the other two. At the same time, all four turned to look at her. The one man with the girl saw Padme and his face sobered all quickly.

"Everyone this is Padme…" Bant began and Jules continued, "Padme this is…everyone…"

The man next to the girl was the one that had led her to her cabin and hadn't told her his name. The moment she saw him, she felt that connection strengthen, she felt all his emotions. His life force was the one she could so strongly feel. His presence was screaming at her.

"Everyone, she's a friend of Obi-Wan's and she gonna eat with us."

The two guys saw her and quickly made room for her.

She saw the other man's face for the first time. He seemed familiar, she knew him, she had to have, but she had never met him. Yet she could feel him, and she was sure, he could feel her.

He spoke, "I have to get going…" He paused, lightly kissing the cheek go the girl next to him, "I have some paper work to do."

He looked at her once more. For the first time she noticed his eyes, she could look into them forever, cerulean baby blue.

But then he was gone.

The other girls were mumbling some stuff, especially the one he had been sitting with. The one he had been sitting with was a flush red. She knew they had to be going together.

"He is so hot!" Jules exclaimed.

Swallowing her food, Amidala asked, "Who was that?"

Jules opened her mouth to speak, but was quieted by the girl he had been sitting with, "Who? Oh him… That's just a Jedi, no one important."

"His name?" Amidala asked.

The girl was silent, before Bant spoke, "He doesn't like to give strangers his name."

Amidala took it as a sign to leave the subject alone and continued to eat. But there was something oddly familiar about that Jedi and his sky blue eyes.

Wondering what you're dreaming when it came to mind that I didn't care

She retreated back to Obi-wan that afternoon. She was finding it harder and harder to see Obi-wan. Part of her was glad she needed him, the other part was dreading that somehow she had been attached to him, You the mistress? Those words had shocked her through out her entire system. What else was going on that she didn't know about?

She quickened her step. She was anxious to see Obi-Wan and then go back to her quarters to think. The first thing on her mind was the mysterious stranger and the last thing on her mind was Obi-Wan.

She didn't want to be attached at the hip to him. She didn't want to be then, she definitely didn't want to be now.

But as soon as she reached Obi-Wan's she knew everything would not go as planned.

At first, upon her entry, that same man was in the room. Yet again, when she approached, he left.
She wanted to question him about why he seemed non-sociable near her. However, she had yet to build up enough confidence to do so. This time she let him pass but made sure to try at least to make eye contact. She had to remind herself she was here for Obi-Wan and not to make friends.

She reached out and took his hand. I could love you forever, but you would only love me for now. She shook her head. Suddenly he turned and looked at her. He tried to smile, but she noted, he couldn't.

"Still remembering?"

She smiled to comfort him and to comfort herself, "Yes…"

"Take care of him, Padme."


"I haven't much time, but take care of him."

Suddenly, she bolted, realizing what he was saying; she reached and smoothed his hair. "Take care of him Padme…and tell him…tell him…darkside powerful…decepti…"

"Obi-wan…don't...don't talk like that," She was crying now, "You're gonna make it through this."

Both his hands gripped her arm now, "Padme, it's okay…but…tell him…tell him I was good, but I was consumed…tell him the light will always prevail…"

She wiped her eye, "Obi-wan, tell who? Obi-wan…!"

"Time comes you will know who…"

"What…" He released her.

Looking at her, "Love him like I loved you." Suddenly beeps from all over consumed her. And she was lost. Tears running down her face as the scene unraveled in front of her. She felt a wave of pain suddenly and through the temple she could hear screams.

"He's crashing!" Voices over whelmed her. Love him like I loved you. They flooded her mind.

"Ma'am you're going to have to leave now…ma'am…I'm sorry you're going to have to leave now." She was frozen as she watched everything go down the deep end.

"He's not dead…he's not dead…" was all the comfort she could get, "He's not dead."

And then there was utter silence.

"He's not dead…he's not dead…he's not dead…he's not dead…"

With the exception of a dark laugh.

"You're going to have to leave now ma'am…"

Love him like I loved you.