Title: Girl!Jack Crack

Authors: Equal parts RedLioness and Silvarbelle

Pairing: Chase Young x Jaq Spicer (male x female pairing)

Summary: Jack couldn't kick ass as a boy. So he tried it from the female side. And then the REAL fun began.

Warnings: This is pure crack. We wanted to write SMUTTY hetero-sex and we were also tanked on cold medicine - especially RedLioness. So, we decided to be ridiculously over the top with this. Be prepared for pratfall comedy and blatant use of Christian religion as a means of expressing sexual happiness. Also, very crude language. Chase loses his elegance and they're both reduced to porno-crudity.

Acknowledgements: We acknowledge that we had a GREAT time writing this. XD

Disclaimer: All things Xiaolin Showdown belong to Christy Hui, Kids' WB, and Cartoon Network. Um . . . how should I put this? All things 'Magical Girl Power' belong to the genre they come from and were used to the fullest extent of corniness they could provide. Which was a lot. Somewhere, Sailor Moon and the Sailor - um - Sailor Tarts? I dunno.

Couldn't stand that show. Anyway! Them things, are crapping their pleated mini-skirts at being outdone by an evil goth boy turned girl. ------------- Silvarbelle's words. I have watched far more magical girl animes than I should admit to and the thirteen year old girl in me heartily enjoyed them, corny though they were.

"Oh, God, I don't want to die!" Jack Spicer howled.

The evil genius clung to the summit of Chase's mountain with every digit. His helipack was destroyed - caught in the crossfire of the battle between Heylin and Xiaolin. Now the monks were gone, but Chase, Wuya and Jack remained on top of the crumbling mountain top.

The two immortal Heylin warriors were unshaken by the crumbling mountain. They could probably handle the fall, which was more than Jack could say.

"Ch-Chase! Wuya! Help me, I'm going to fall!"

Chase hesitated for a fraction of a second. As a Heylin lord, it was part of his job to simply watch as Jack fought for life, only to laugh as the young man finally lost his battle and fell, screaming in terror.


There were two reasons that overwhelmed evil instinct. One reason was that Chase had an insatiable need to know. Many people thought he simply was afraid of dying, and that was why he traded his soul for eternal life. That wasn't entirely true. Chase had been afraid of dying without knowing what would happen in the future. That was why.
The way Jack had been acting lately was entirely too strange; too mystifying to simply let go of. The second reason was that Jack Spicer liked Chase. Jack liked him for many reasons, but simply for existing was the main one.

Chase wasn't ready to give up Jack's affection just yet.

He took two steps towards the terrified young man, and was tackled off his stride by Wuya.

Jack's hopes rose as Chase started towards him, only to be dashed as Wuya held the warlord back.

"You Bitch!" the albino youth screamed.

The force of the exclamation jarred Jack and he toppled from his precarious perch and fell into the gorge in front of Chase Young's lair with a long, descending scream.

Chase bared his teeth. "Spicer!"

Wuya howled a raucous laugh. "Oh, shut up, Chase! Listen to him! Isn't it imarvelous? Jack Spicer's death scream!"

Chase loosed a shattering roar that he shouldn't have been able to give except in dragon form. With a shrug of his powerful shoulder, a flick of his strong arm, he flung the witch away from him and bolted for the edge of the cliff.

Jack's scream cut off sharply, only to be followed by a groan of:

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!

Skin like moonlight,
Heart of Darkness,
Magical Goth Witch,


A bright light lit up the continual gloom that surrounded Chase's lair. Jack's skin was glowing as bright as the moon. The evil genius' clothes suddenly dissolved, swirling around him like a black cloud.

The form of Jack's pale, naked body suddenly changed.

Shoulders narrowed. Hips widened. The waist cinched in sharply as the shock of blood red hair suddenly lengthened, shooting out like the swirl of horsehair on a spearhead. The black cloud of clothing rearranged itself, hugging the suddenly shapely figure of Jack Spicer in a short red and black corset dress.

Jack flipped, extending one delightfully shaped leg while curling the other beneath him. A broomstick materialized just under Jack's body and the transformed tech wizard zipped back up to the top of the mountain.

Chase staggered back from the edge of the cliff as a... a... something appeared before him.

The female form did a balletic flippity-spin-twirl on the black broomstick decorated with miniature skulls and silver and metallic red. When the acrobatic maneuver was finished, the female landed on the rock surface neatly, the broom clutched in one fist. She stood strong on two-inch high heels of red and black shoes; a length that stretched her up slightly, elongating her curvy legs even more.

It was the fact that the skin was all-over moonstone white and the hair was sunset-red and the eyes were crimson and the face was Jack Spicer's, only more feminine, that had Chase gaping like a young fool instead of an evil dragon-lord.

"Spi... Jack?" he rasped, almost unable to speak.

"'Jaq' with a 'Q' when I'm like this!" the young maid announced.

Jaq with a 'Q' abruptly turned her attention back to Wuya.

"You bitch!" she shrieked. "You were gonna let me die! If I hadn't transformed, I'd be a big red stain on Chase's porch by now!"

Wuya was having just as much in the way of confusion as Chase Young.


"That's 'Jack with a Q'," Chase said quietly, and it was obvious that he was in shock.

The broomstick in Jaq's hand suddenly changed, shortening to a length that was longer than a wand, but not quite as long as a staff.

"I did what I had to for power! If it means I have to turn into a girl to kick your ass, I'm fine with that!" Jaq snarled. A sudden malevolent grin twisted the goth girl's black lipstick-ed mouth. "You still don't have any magic, Wuya. See how you deal with this!"

Lightning leapt from the end of the staff/wand/broomstick, arcing towards the Heylin witch.

Chase watched the malevolently red-colored lightning zip towards Wuya and, a moment or two before impact, he thought quietly to himself: That is so cool.

Then, the lightning struck, and Wuya arched in a dramatic spasm as pain ripped apart her nerve endings.

Theoretically, at least.

The Heylin witch collapsed in a gently smoking pile.

Jaq prowled towards her, her heels clicking ominously on the stone.

"What should I do with you now, huh, Wuya? I can do all kinds of stuff now. I could turn you into a toad, but that's kind of old hat. Maybe a ferret? You'd make a good ferret, I think. Then I could make you my pet. But ferrets have teeth and you might bite me. What to do with you, Wuya?" Jaq jabbed the heylin witch in the back of the head with her wand.

Chase walked over and tucked his wrists at the small of his back.

"You could always turn her into a slug... Jaq."

Jaq blinked at the dragon-lord as she had forgotten he were there. She suddenly clutched the staff-wand to her chest like a security blanket and blushed hard.

"Oh, my God!" Jaq squealed. "I can't believe I had to transform in front of you! Oh, God! Chase Young saw me turn into a girl!"

A cool smirk curved perfect lips. "Actually, 'Chase Young' did not see you turn into a girl. I missed that part. I saw your entrance,though - pure Spicer."

"Same difference!" Jaq wailed, collapsing on her knees, staff-wand still clutched to her chest. "This couldn't be more humiliating!"

The goth witch pitched forward until her forehead smacked into the stone, her newly shapely rear canted into the air. After a moment, her black skirt shifted upwards, revealing the black and red ruffled panties, thigh-high fishnets, and black and red garter belt she wore underneath.

"I stand corrected," Jaq muttered.

Chase's eyebrows went up. Then, only one came down.

Intrigued, he began to walk a slow circle around the prostrate girl.

"Spicer, Spicer, Spicer..." he drawled teasingly as he especially eyed that cute, round little butt stuck up in the air. "Had I known what charms you were hiding, I'd have tried for you instead of Wuya."

At that, Wuya struggled upright through her scorched pain.

"You what?!" she hissed, her green eyes narrowed hatefully. "You... you... lecherous creep! You cheater! Why would you want that pale bag of bones when you have me?"

Chase snorted. Crouching, he abruptly drew Jaq up onto her feet again.
Holding the girl arched up on her tip-toes, he cupped one corseted breast in his free hand; displaying, easily, how the plump white flesh barely covered by cloth almost perfectly fit his large hand.

"Bag of bones? I hardly think so, Wuya!" he growled. "This girl is young and fresh; lovely in a way you will never be! You are heavy-handed, coarse, and sagging."

Jaq's mouth dropped open and for a moment she was frozen in shock.

Chase Young was touching her breast!

Jaq shrilled in distress, wrenching away from Chase. Her cheeks a vivid crimson, she stumbled over her high heeled shoes and went down in a heap.


Upon realizing that his female form was built like a brick shithouse, Jaq had had more than a few experiments with masturbation as a girl, but this was different! This was someone else touching her!

It was Chase!

Chase stared down at the girl toppled on the ground at his feet and came to an abrupt and startling conclusion.

"You're a virgin!" he bellowed in shock.

Jaq thought her face couldn't get any more red. She was wrong.

"S-So?! That's none of your business!"

Chase stared at her some more.

Then, a smile spread across his face.

It wasn't a nice smile, though it didn't hurt his prettiness any.

"Oh, no, little ghost - it is about to very much become my business."

Jaq's red eyes widened.

Then she was on her feet again, bolting for the edge of the mountaintop. The staff-wand in her hand lengthened and became a broomstick again. She obviously meant to flee the summit without so much as a backwards glance.

Chase was on her before she could form her next thought.

The dragon strength of the man locked around her body. A hand gripped her wrist and isqueezed/i. With a gasp of pain, Jaq dropped her abrakaboomstick. A moment later, a hand caught her hair and pulled until her head twisted painfully to the side so that she was staring into Chase Young's eyes, only a few scant centimeters from her own.

Chase smirked at her. He dropped his gaze to Jaq's mouth and took note of the lovely curvature of the lips; the sweetlittle bow of the upper lip and the fullness of the bottom.

Then, he met her gaze again.

"If you know any spells you can make use of just by using your mouth, now is the time," he purred.

Jaq sucked in a deep breath.

"Moonlight Beauty Shock!!!" she howled.

The feeling of being filled up with cool liquid silver, of being lifted up and slammed back to the ground again while drowning in the feeling of mint crashed over the both of them.

When the light and tingling faded, Wuya blinked to see that Chase and Jaq were still upright.

Chase lifted his head and took a deep breath. Then, he tossed his hair, gave a slow blink of his eyes, and grinned.

"Mmmm," he murmured, and then licked his teeth. "Minty fresh. Fantastic. I had garlic-heavy pasta for lunch, so that little mint-bomb of yours really worked a treat, Jaq. Now, I don't have to kiss you with garlic breath."

"K-Kiss me?! You mean... you aren't going to sacrifice me?" Jaq asked, by this time totally confused.

Chase sighed. "Sacrifice you to what?"

"I don't know! But why else would you care if I was a virgin?!" Chase's mentions of kissing finally caught up with Jaq's stressed out brain. "Oh."

Chase snickered. "Yes." His hand drifted down again; touched her stomach, and then slid up until he was once more cupping a breast in his hand. "Oh."

Jaq gasped, quivering under the heat of Chase's touch. She became aware that she was shaking like a leaf in a gale. There were more spells she could try; things that worked better on big lizardy things, but Jaq froze like a rabbit that's just caught sight of a hawk.

She could only stare into those wicked gold eyes and shiver, her black lips parted lightly and a crimson blush on her cheeks.

"I really like your coloring, Jaq," he said softly, and his thumb stroked, slow and heavy, over her breast; once, twice, and again. tiny squeak escaped Jaq's throat. The albino witch's legs refused to support her and her knees buckled, leaving her leaning heavily on Chase. Her insides were doing funny things that Jaq didn't quite register as arousal, even as she felt a tiny patch of fluid dampen her ruffled panties.

Chase's eyes half-closed and his mouth opened slightly - just enough to show the sharp tips of his fangs and a hint of the pink of his tongue. He sniffed deeply, drawing the scent across his tongue and through his nose, and then swallowed as if he'd tasted something luscious.

"Jaq," he said with a bit of a growl in his voice, "you're wet for me."

Jaq let out a tiny cry of distress and wriggled against the powerful man holding her, a few tears slipping down her cheeks.

"Don't," she sobbed. "Please, Chase, don't."

The evil genius turned evil goth witch was a bubbling pool of conflicting emotions. Part of her wanted to run very, very far away and forget she'd ever been part of this Heylin/Xiaolin nonsense. Another part of her wanted to blast Chase into next week with the power she'd given up so much for. Still other parts of her, most of them in her lower half, wanted Chase to throw her down and used her body to his heart's delight. But, the majority of her was terrified.

Chase was going to hurt her; he was going to throw her down and rapenher and it was going to hurt terribly and she'd be even more screwed up in the head than she was to begin with.

Chase was so strong; so powerful. He could literally rape her to death if the mood took him!

More tears streamed down Jaq's cheeks.

"Please, please don't."

Chase bent his head and brushed his open mouth over the skin of Jaq's neck; very lightly, very delicately, trying to tease with barely there touches. His thumb continued to stroke over her breast, fondling the now prominently hardened nipple. He couldn't wait to get his mouth on her breasts. He wanted to play with those sensitive nubs.

"Don't what?" he asked, and licked a tiny-tiny patch of her neck.

Jaq gave a wordless cry, shaking violently. Her body felt so strange and hot; more juices were seeping through her underwear even as she cried and whimpered in terror.

"You'll hurt me. You always do; you'll fuck me and it'll hurt." Jaq writhed against Chase's firm chest in an effort to escape the strangely pleasurable pressure on her nipple... or perhaps it was to get more of the pressure. At this point Jaq wasn't sure.

Very, very gently, Chase pinched the hard nipple and tugged on it through the cloth of the corset. He was extremely careful not to press or tug too hard, knowing that this would be one of Jack's - no, Jaq's - most sensitive areas.

"Really?" he murmured. Abruptly, he caught hold of the corset and pulled down; bending the stiff material until the plump white breast popped out and was supported by the corset cup when he tucked it beneath. His fingers resumed playing with her nipple and he watched - fascinated by the palest pink flesh of her hardened nipple, and the webwork of blue veins he could see beneath her moonstone skin.

"So certain I'm going to mutilate your body, are you? What evidence do you have to support that?"

He shifted his grip on her; letting go of her hair to support her with an arm around her waist as he bent, his hand plumping her breast so he could tease her nipple with his tongue.

Jaq shrieked in surprise/pleasure/fear.

Her shaking hands clawed at Chase's weakly.

"Yuh-you - you - you always hurt me!" Jaq whimpered, struggling to form words around the cool lightning that shot up and down her limbs in response to Chase's touch. "Nnn... nn... the first time... ha-hurts for girls!"

A rough, exasperated sigh came from Wuya.

"If you just wanted to rape a virgin, you should have said so, Chase," the witch growled, picking herself up the stone. "Fuck the little bitch and be done with it. I'm going back inside."

Chase made certain that Jaq fell the other way, onto the rock floor instead of off the cliff edge, when he abruptly let go of her. Then, he whirled around and pounced on Wuya, smashing her up against a rock wall.

"I - don't - rape!" he snarled horribly. "I never have. I never will. And if you think you're welcome in my home a moment longer, you have another think coming."

Wuya's face twisted in hatred.

"You aren't seriously throwing me aside for this pathetic little he-she! Chase Young, you disgusting-!"

The Heylin witch never got to finish her sentence.

A bolt of red lightning struck her square in the chest and this time it didn't let up until the older witch was nothing more than a charred corpse.

Jaq stood a few feet away, clutching her staff-wand and looking severely confused.

"She - she made you stop," the albino teen whimpered.

Chase tossed the smoldering body off his mountain and promptly forgot about it. He began to prowl closer to the shivering young woman.

"You didn't want me to stop, did you?" he asked softly. His teeth were almost aching with the need to nip that fine, white skin.

Jaq shivered with need, but kept her staff-wand in between Chase and herself.

"Did you mean what you said? About never raping? You-you weren't going to force me?"

"I meant it," Chase murmured. "Rape is the work of an inferior specimen that has no business spreading its genes around anyway."

"You weren't going to hurt me?" Jaq seemed to realize for the first time that one breast was still bare and she tried to cover the massive mammary with one hand in a gesture of innocence.

"No, don't do that," Chase said, looking at the hand and the flesh behind it. "Let me see you, Spicer. You're very beautiful."

Jaq blushed hotly and clutched herself tighter, stabbing her staff-wand towards Chase with one hand.

"Don't change the subject! If you weren't going to force me, what was with the hair pulling and the fondling and I didn't exactly agree to you-" Jaq's blush roared hotter; "-l-l-licking my breast!"

Chase grinned. "Jaq, I realize you're a virgin, but even you must have heard of foreplay by now."

"I know what it is!" Jaq snapped. Oh, yes, foreplay; to peak arousal and to allow the female to lubricate and prepare to be penetrated. Judging by the swamp in her underwear, it was working like a charm, but- "The issue is the fact that you never gave me the chance to say no!"

Chase snorted. "Of course not. I don't want you to say no!"

Jaq scowled.

"If you had come at me some other way than just grabbing me and pawing at me, you wouldn't have had to worry about that!"

Gold eyes widened. Then, the lids drooped lazily and Chase tucked his chin down just a little bit so it seemed he was peeking at Jack through the fan of his thick, black lashes.

"What would you prefer, little ghost? A skating, skimming touch over the bare skin of your back and over your shoulders, drawing up chills and shivers? Perhaps a warm hug as I suck warm, wet kisses on your lovely neck. If you are waiting for flowers and valentines, little ghost, you'll have a long wait. I am Heylin; I don't deal in that trade."

Jaq shivered at the look in Chase's eyes and some part of her mind pointed out that she was getting cold without Chase's hot hands and mouth roving over her.

"I'm not dumb. I don't expect flowers and candies; but would it be too much to ask for the slightest hint of respect? A simple 'Jaq, I think you're hot sex on toast and I want to do naughty bad nekkid fun things with you.' Would have sufficed! I wouldn't have been so frickin' scared...! I'm still scared that it's going to hurt and if I get any more turned on I'll need a wetsuit!"

Chase threw back his head and laughed uproariously.

When he finally calmed down, he shook his head, sighed, and said, "Why didn't I notice before how honestly amusing you are? Ah, well, I suppose there's nothing for it."

He walked a few steps closer, and then stopped; not wanting to make her skittish.

Then, he said, "Jaq, now that you are in a female body, I find you incredibly attractive. You are arousing me almost unbearably, and it is only my superhuman control that has kept you largely undefiled so far. I want to strip you naked, lick you all over, and rut like a mad dragon between your legs until I come screaming your name - after I've made you come on my cock a half-dozen times or so, screaming my name."

Hot, raw lust ripped through Jaq's body and she shuddered lightly, feeling a gush of wetness from down below.

"Now, see, was that so hard?" she tried to joke. With a twist of her wrist, the staff-wand shrunk down to something resembling a chopstick, which Jaq threaded through her crimson hair.

"So, um... you want to go inside for this or can you wait that long?"

"Actually," Chase growled, "it is that hard - and has been since you landed on the cliff."

He glanced at her and added, "Some other time, I'll have you beneath me in a comfortable bed. Or, perhaps, on top of me; riding me, so I can see you with your back arched, your hair sweeping my thighs as those lovely breasts of yours bounce while you fuck yourself on my cock. For now, though, fancy something a lot more dirty, little ghost. Up against the wall, clawing the rock and growling, because when I do get inside you, I'm not going to be anywhere near civilized. And I think I'm going to have to be inside you very, very soon."

Jaq grinned, a breathless little noise of anticipation. "So what are you doing all the way over there?" she asked.

He was on her before she finished speaking.

He scooped her up against him; lifting her so that her legs could go around him if she wanted, but mostly so he could fasten his mouth to her breast and suck like he'd wanted to. He was careful, still, because he knew if he hurt her too badly she'd flee from him and never return.

He couldn't risk it. Not when that hot, wet paradise was so close to him.

At the mere thought of what waited for him between her legs, Chase shuddered and moaned around the flesh in his mouth, and thought: I can't wait to come inside that.

He felt Jaq's fists locked in his hair, tugging. He heard her whimpering cries and decided, maybe, he should kiss her. Just to find out what she tasted like. With one final flick of his tongue, he let go of her breast and let the white-skinned girl drop a few centimeters so he could kiss deep into her mouth. It wasn't sloppy; it wasn't wet or gross or inelegant. It was a hot kiss; a powerful, sucking, needful thing that was part bite, part want, part growl.

Chase staggered a few feet to the left until they fetched up against the rock wall guarding the entrance to his home. He rolled so that she was pinned by his own body, and then he reached down to begin tugging her skirt upwards.

Jaq moaned a high, wild cry into Chase's mouth. She hadn't thought she could get any wetter, but a thin stream of fluid burst forth from the silken dam of her panties and ran down the inside of one thigh just before Chase coaxed her legs around his waist.

"'M so wet, 'm so wet. Chase, God, I'm so wet!" Jaq announced to the world, bucking her hips against the dragon-lord's trim waist.

He bit and sucked and licked at her mouth and pushed his hand between her legs and up tight against her crotch. In only a few seconds, his glove was soaked.

"You are, you are, you are, oh fuck yes, pretty ghost, I'm going to be in you!"

It was complete nonsense, but then again, he didn't care if he made sense or not.

He'd been making do with Wuya all these years because there was no way he would touch that Fire brat from the Xiaolin Temple; Katnappe drove him batshit with her constant cat cliches, and Jack had, unfortunately, been a girl trapped in a boy's body.

No longer.

Oh, thank whoever changed Spicer, no longer.

He could have Jack. He could have Jaq.

If he knew he was whimpering, he didn't care as he tore the panties from Jaq's body and stuffed them hurriedly into one of his pants' pockets. Then, working as fast as he could, he set about loosening his sash enough so he could do something about the damned armor skirting and his trousers.

As he worked, he decided to tease her just a little more; decided to heighten her fervor. He softened his kisses so that he was lipping gently at her and tasting her delicately with his tongue as he crooned low, smoky words at her.

"This first time, my little ghost, is going to be quick. It's too much to appear before me like this, so beautiful, so womanly, and expect me to ignore you. No. No, I cannot. So this first time will be quick. I'm going to get inside you, and fuck you, and you're going to like it, my pretty little ghost-girl. But, next time - next time - the first thing I want to do to you is lick you, sweeting. I want to spread your thighs wide apart and bend down to worship you with my mouth. I'll lick you, slow and deep, and flick your clit with my tongue; suck you and fuck you with my mouth until you drench my face in your come. How does that sound?"

By way of answer, Jaq spasmed against Chase, coming spectacularly as Chase teased and shivered her sensitive albino skin.

"G-God, Chase! Fuck me! Please fuck me! I need to be fucked so bad!" It seemed to dawn on Jaq for the first time that Chase was trying to fuck her, but he needed to take off his armor and trousers first.

The albino witch grabbed a handful of Chase's drawstring pants and wished it into the ninth level of the Netherhells.

Chase growled and clung to the rock wall desperately in an attempt to keep some control over himself. When he finally had it, he snapped, "You'll be wanting to get those back sooner rather than later."

"Why?" gasped Jaq as she undulated against him instinctively, trying to get him iin/i her.

"Your panties were in the pocket. Do you really want demons tracking down the source of the smell from those panties? I bet every demon in the hell you sent them to that has a prick has an erection by now!"

"Point taken! I'll get them back after you fuck me!"

"At least you have your priorities straight," he snarled through gritted teeth.

Reaching down, he took hold of his large cock and stroked it between her sodden netherlips several times.

"What are you doing now?!" she wailed impatiently, and tried to squirm so that he would slip into her.

"Getting my dick wet with your juices so I won't snag when I go in!" he retorted.


"You'll understand in a few seconds, pretty ghost."

Then, he dropped his mouth onto the un-sucked breast and began to tease and taunt her flesh while pressing himself into her vaginal entrance.

Even with the added attention to her flesh, Jaq felt like someone had poured cold water down her spine. The first thought that made it to her hormone addled mind was: Omigod. BIG. The second was: Fucking OW!

The albino teen gasped at the size and pressure stretching her most intimate of parts.

"Chase... Ow... Oh, God, it hurts! You're too big!"

Chase made a desperate, almost whiny sound. He backed out, pulling himself away, not even having gotten the entire head of his prick into her. He turned his head away, caught the tips of the glove of his right hand in his teeth, and pulled. The glove came off, he flung it away, and the wind took it as a toy to play with.

He didn't give a damn. At the moment, his fingers were spreading Jaq's flesh open, and he was moaning orgasmically at the feel of her wetness slicking his skin.

"Your skin is burning," he said admiringly. "You're so wet. I... I may just have to lick you now."

Holding her carefully, he dropped to his knees and had her brace her feet - once she'd kicked off her shoes (and the wind took them, too; apparently assembling an eccentric wardrobe for itself) - on his shoulders. Then, he bent his head forward, and ilicked/i from bottom to top in one stroke. As his tongue neared her clit, he slipped one thick finger inside her and began to thrust it in and out, slowly and carefully.

Passion came roaring back in a heated fog that boiled Jaq's blood and entrapped her thoughts.

"AaaaAAAAHHH! Chase! Oh, God, like that! I'm going to come again! Holy Fucking Christ, you're a god at this!"

More nonsensical words of praise fell from Jaq's lips, seemingly without the approval of her brain, as Chase slipped two more fingers into her body.

She couldn't help it; couldn't think straight with Chase's achingly hot mouth on her and his fingers stroking deep inside, curling up to tease her G-spot...

"Oh, God, I'm coming!" Jaq blurted, passion locking-up her muscles.

But this time, hot, wet salty fluid poured out of the slim teen, soaking the Heylin dragon-lord's face and splattering across the cold rocks.

"Fuck!" he howled, muffled by her flesh, as he fought back the urge to orgasm right then and there.

Abruptly, he was on his feet, he had her held tight in his arms, and he was IN.

Very, very in.

Jaq gasped out loud, but her virgin flesh could do little more than let out a belated ache of protest; Chase was inside of her. Chase Young's cock was buried inside of her.

Chase Young was fucking her!

The albino redhead whimpered and wrapped her arms around Chase's neck.

"Yessss... yes... yes, please, Chase, please, please fuck me, Chase."

"Yes? Really? Not hurting?" Such an inelegant way of speaking, but it was all he could manage at the moment.

"Yes. Really. Not hurting. Do it!" Jaq shouted in his ear.

"Bossy little ghost!" he hissed, but he drew his hips back anyway, because there was no way he wasn't fucking them both into a sweating, swearing, steaming pile of bliss.

Jaq hissed as that huge, hot hardness inside of her shifted in an entirely alien way, but she wasnt about to stop Chase. She wanted this too much! She wanted Chase, she wanted his cock in her, she wanted the orgasms he had promised to deliver and the aforementioned future sex sessions but right here, right now, Jaq wanted to be fucked until she couldn't see straight.

Chase thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deep into Jaq again, and moaned like he was dying at the heat and the wet and the tight. Gods above and gods below, but she was tight. She fit him perfectly.

"Oh, gods," he moaned as he kissed her mouth and thrust his hips again, "I can't wait to come inside you."

"Yeah, baby," Jaq panted, trying to keep all looks of distress off of her face. "Yeah, baby, I want that, too! Come inside of me! Come for me, come with me!"

Chase shuddered. "That's... that's different," he rasped, and fucked a little harder, a little faster. He bent his head and licked across a hardened nipple, and then sucked it.

Jaq tilted her head back as Chase's mouth ravished her breasts, giving up all hopes of language. Wordless, shrill feminine cries of delight tumbled from her lips as she was fucked with Chase Young's long, thick cock and pleasured with Chase Young's talented tongue and if she hadn't already expelled her current load of fluids that protected her urethral sponge into his face, she would have gushed from the sheer pleasure.

As it was, a few stray, blood hot spurts of fluid ran down Chase's hammering cock and dripped from his balls.


He did as he'd promised: He clawed the rock wall rather than injure her with his ferocity; he growled and rutted between her legs, desperate to be as deep inside the beautiful, exotically-colored girl as he could get as his hips trip-hammered, slamming his cock in a rushing ride into her, sliding out just enough to gain momentum for another hard, fast strike inwards.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" he chanted, almost screaming.

Sweat stuck his shirt to his body, dampened his hair, and slicked his skin. "Oh fuck, oh damn, oh... oh... oh, Jaq, fuck, the best...!"

He gasped and shivered and met her gaze with a wild, wide-eyed stare.

"Fuck, I'm going to come!" he yowled, and his skin prickled as the pressure built up dangerously in his balls.

"Yeah, baby, yeah! Fuck me, fuck into me, come inside of me, fill me with come!" Jaq pled, clutching and clawing at Chase as she rode her own hard fast sprint to orgasm.

"Not without you!" he growled, and angled his hips so that he could get his hand between their bodies. He pressed his thumb against her clit and flicked in tight, fast circles with just enough pressure that it didn't hurt her, but she could feel it. As he did so, he rocked up into her, thrusting powerfully inside her, and he shuddered all over as his orgasm punched its way out of him.

Chase's eyes rolled back and his head dropped back as he howled Jaq's name to the sky. His hips lunged, thrusting his cock deep into her body as he came, hard and swift, filling her with his hot, liquid lust.

The evil dragon-lord's consideration was appreciated, but entirely unnecessary. At the feel of that hard, gorgeous, godlike body tensing and hammering away at her in sudden desperation, the albino teen arched her back and shuddered hard. She didn't even hear Chase screaming her name, but swore she could feel the hot, wet spurt of his seed inside of her.

When Jaq remembered to breathe again, Chase was till holding her, a few aftershocks trembling through his rock hard body; his cock still deep inside her and throbbing with the beat of his pulse.

He had his face tucked against her damp neck and he was breathing hard as he inhaled her musky, sated aroma.

"The best," he muttered. "The best ever, Jaq."

"Ch-Chase. Oh, God... I've wanted that for so long," Jaq panted. It had been incredible; it had been everything she had ever dreamed of.

Chase Young had just taken her virginity.

Without really knowing why, Jaq felt her eyes grow wet. A few confused tears slipped down her cheeks.

He was oblivious to her tears as he nuzzled her neck, kissing softly, and said, "Jaq. I always... lamented... that you were a male. I am not attracted to males. I... you said I always hurt you. I was frustrated at your maleness. You would have been perfect for me if you'd been a female."

He lifted his head and kissed her mouth, slowly and lusciously.

"Now, you are," he said between kisses. "You're female, little ghost. I... lost control. I had to have you. I couldn't risk... I couldn't risk you getting away from me. You're perfect, my lovely little ghost."

More tears welled up in Jaq's eyes.

"Th-Then I'll stay like this. I won't ever change back to Jack. If that's what you want, Chase, I'll stay a girl forever!"

Chase paused as he noticed the tears, finally.

"Jaq... I'm about to do something unheard of. I'm going to consider your feelings and what you want. Think carefully about how you respond, because it's not a common occurrence. Do you want to be a girl forever? Or are you willing to settle for being a girl, just to have me? If that's the case... why? What is it about me that would induce you to be something you don't want to be, just to have me?"

Jaq sniffled quietly.

"It's not bad, being a girl," the albino teen conceded. "I never made a real good guy, but yes, Chase, I'd give it all up for you! You - you're everything I ever wanted, Chase."

The redhead's voice cracked and more tears piled up in her red eyes.

"Everything. If I had you... I never even dreamed I could have you! If all it takes is a lousy change of gender to win you, I guess I'm going to have to get used to peeing sitting down and start thinking about how gross it's going to be to have a period."

Chase's eyes widened. "I... ah... hadn't thought of that," he muttered, and felt her go rigid in his arms.

"Does... that mean...?" she asked hesitantly.

He quickly shook his head.

"No, it doesn't mean I'm taking it back. I'm simply not accustomed to such things. Wuya, after all, was well past the age of such things."

A little chill shook Jaq's body.

"Chase? If I can ask you to do anything, it's this: Never mention that old hag around me again." The albino witch laid her head against the dragon-lord's shoulder. "Chase. My Chase."

Chase blinked. He stroked his new lover's hair slowly. "I have... never allowed anyone to claim me before." He grinned. "I will allow it of you. You are trying to claim me - not the ideal of me. Not the 'Heylin Lord', not the 'Greatest Evil Genius of all Time'... me. For that, I shall let you have me."

He nuzzled against her hair. "If that means I definitely get to keep you."

Jaq reached into a hidden pocket on her dress and pulled out an ornate blue pill box inscribed with mystic symbols.

"These are what I use to turn male again," she announced. Leaning back slightly, the albino witch cocked back her arm and hurled the container off the side of the mountain. Then, she rested her head on his chest again.

"I'm yours now, Chase; your little ghost. You will always have me."

The End!