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Daisuki; Prologue

My cheek rubbed against something soft. Was it the blanket? No. I dared to open my eyes, irises adjusting to the early morning sunshine coming through a window I only saw so often. A quiet laugh bubbled up inside my throat, the fabric that my face was nuzzled against, a now favorite color of mine, a color that made me smile even when someone else was wearing it. A forest green, button-down pajama top, still warm from his body. But where was he? On his way to the academy already. No. The shower was on. That boy was always so cleanly. Of course I'm not complaining, he usually smelled good enough to eat. I even loved that grimey, hard-work smell he had after a good couple hours of training.

It puzzled me sometimes. How I could be so in love with this boy, who loved me without question from the beginning, flaws and all; yet, I had been head over heels for none other than that raven-haired, sharingan genius years before.

The answer is easy, I suppose. His love, unconditional. The way he treats me, like a princess. His laugh, his charm, his smile, that silly haircut, and those lovely distinguished brows. I love every inch of him, to the moon and back. But most of all…

"Sakura chan, could you throw me the towel on the nightstand please?" He stood dripping in the bathroom doorway, stark naked, and not at all embarrassed.

I smirked and shook my head playfully. He answered with the usual scolding expression, although lacking any anger, and complied by walking towards the bed skeptically. His arm outstretched, seeking the towel, I took a gentle, but firm, hold on his wrist, tugging him back to the sheets, back to me, where he belonged.

"Ah, Sakura…!" He weakly protested, "I have a meeting with Hokage sama today! I can't be la…"

"Tsunade can wait," I purred against his jaw, locking my eyes onto his retreating but still tempted gaze. "But myself on the other hand, just need a bit more of you, and am horribly impatient."

"Sakuraaa…" He groaned, but with a smile. Those strong, weathered hands of his found my hips, bringing us together and completing the puzzle I'd been looking for my entire life.

I brushed the still damp strands of onyx from his eyes, settling my fingers on the side of his face. We stared at each other for what seemed like the longest time, myself taking in those lashes that were more gorgeous than mine, and noticing he always bit his lip in anticipation when wanting to kiss me. Then I parted my own lips.

"But most of all Lee kun. Most of all I love knowing that you'll be there for me, come rain, snow, sleet, or shine. Lee kun…daisuki…"


So basically…this is my prologue. I usually don't do prologues, unless I included them in the first chapter of a fiction [which is what I usually do. I really didn't know how to write a summary for this story since, I have so many chapters mapped out in my mind going in several different directions. ANYHOO. This is the beginning of what is going to be a long series. And I'll stick with it. I promise. xD

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