A flash from a camera, as the press arrived to the crime scene of a notorious mobster and known drug lord Hiro Tanaka as the lead detective walked into the building. His black hair and eyes seem to be invisible as he walked into the darkened room getting the attention of one of the forensics people who walked over to the detective addressing him by his first name "Itachi." Said the forensics holding a bloody gun "looks like the assailant entered through the window on the 2nd floor and snuck into the room during the recent blackout, I've recovered this gun it might be the perps." Hitachi sighed as his attention was on a small figuring on the coffee table next to the body.

He slipped on a latex glove and picked it up bringing it to eye level. 'Such detail' he muttered as he looked at the scene it was describing a den of foxes, except the father was bitting the neck of one of the children as he was under the control of and evil powers. "Hypnos," said Itachi as he bagged the figurine "this was a crime of vengeance a possible a hit the man did have a lot of enemies. I believe it to be the work of the Kitsume."

The forensics team looked shocked and some sore under there breathe as the continued to gather evidence as Itachi left the place before saying one last thing "gather everything, this guy is human so he bound to slip up." Itachi sighed they would believe him, hell he didn't believe the words coming out of his mouth as he hopped into his car for the long way home.

Chapter 1

"… and that is what I am going to teach you in this course." Stated Mr. Jiraiya as the words of the class 'art 102 the human form,' "so those who don't like the look of skin this isn't your class, and no, none of you are going to model." The comment made people laugh when the door opened as a student handing the slip of paper into the professors hands "sorry I was late," muttered the student as he walked into the place. "Mr. Uzumaki, your 5 minutes late don't be late again unless you have a good excuse," stated Jiraiya "now we will of course work our way up to the models we will start off with something small to practice shading, each of your take a piece of fruit and some charcoal." Slowly the class went to work.

Soon that class was over and the students went towards the other classes. When a voice stopped one student "Mr. Uzumaki a word." Stated Jiraiya as he watched Naruto walk into the room when Jiraiya stood there looking at him and only had one question on his mind "why are you here?" Naruto sighed "well, I felt like bettering my self. Besides you get paid if i suck or not." Jiraiya smiled at the comment before producing a replica sculpture " Carl Olaf Trygg made this when he moved to Canada his work was amazing" stated Jiraiya as he looked at him "your work is nearly as good as his boy, don't sell your self short and for gods sake show up on time." with that Naruto left to go home.

He made his way off campus to a rundown house that he and his friends were staying at. Naruto wasn't popular nor cared, about such things. The truth was he cared about 3 things, one his friends Gaara and Shikamaru. Two his mentor Kakashi, who was in prison on manslaughter but he didn't care about visiting him there but he did write letters to him. And the third was himself but not in a narcissistic way, but in a way of keeping his body fit. Naruto sighed as he left the school to walk the two street to his house, a small townhouse where he , Gaara & Shikamaru were staying while going through college.

As soon as Naruto opened the door he was hit with a wave of smell something was cooking and it smelt wonderful, that meant one thing Gaara was cooking. The culinary skills that were in Naruto's gifted hands couldn't cook a egg, but Gaara was a master of knives moving them gracefully in the air. Naruto walked into the kitchen which was in order Gaara seemed to like order. "hey," asked Gaara as he was dicing a onion until Naruto picked up a cookie. "put that down it will upset your flavor pallet." this statement caused Naruto to laugh because every time Gaara cooked he demanded that no one eat anything an hour before dinner something about upsetting the ambiance of the meal.

"whatever man i am having a cookie." stated Naruto as he took one and started to walk away only to have the knife Gaara was dicing with embedded in the wall next to Naruto's head. Naruto growled as he removed the knife "little man wants to play," stated Naruto as he walked towards Gaara "let's go," the two then proceeded to have a knife fight in the middle of the sterile kitchen, pausing now and again for Gaara to check the diner, because to them this was having fun killing time.

half and hour later Shikamaru walked in the room looking at the two covered in minor cut causing him to shake his head " Shikamaru how was school." asked Naruto as he tossed the knife into the sink. "troublesome." stated Shikamaru looking at the two "they wanted my to prove an Alger-rhythm and i felt didn't feel like it." Naruto nodded as he noticed the jacket he was wearing "i thought they remove these security tags when you buy a jacket." Gaara groaned as Naruto sighed "please you two, don't preach to me about stealing," stating Shikamaru as he tossed the jacket into a hallway closet cluttered with watches and other items "because you two don't have the moral authority, last time I checked you two have a combined 60 kills."

"61 now." stated Gaara as he tossed a newspaper towards Naruto who looked at it and read it quickly and smiled "this is not my work, it's good work but not mine." said Naruto as he pulled out a small notebook and skimmed through it to the last page of legible writing."my last kill was a Mr. Robert Allan, made him a nice oak piece I called 'kit requiem' he tossed in the fire." the other two sighed knowing how much work Naruto put into the carvings, selecting the right type of wood carving the smallest detail, it really angered him to find one of his pieces to be recklessly thrown away, his thoughts were interrupted when a plate was slid in front of him.

After the meal Naruto turned on a news call in show to find them talking about him which he turned it up.:

"now Detective, who exactly is the Kitsume?" asked the reporter to the lead detective.

"according to mythical fox," stated the detective..." Naruto groaned as he pulled out a phone which rerouted the call to several different place on earth. Gaara chuckled "don't bug the cops that's a sign of over cockiness" Naruto sighed "i am not bugging the cops," stated Naruto as he looked at the number and dialed.

And surely enough the report responded to the call " this is Leo your on the air." stated the reporter as Naruto slowly spoke. "yeah the last murder wasn't mine," said Naruto only to have the reporter laugh "i thought we screen for nut jobs but some how you came through." Naruto Growled the Reporter pissed him off causing him to growl then hang up. "he wants proof that i am the Kitsume," said Naruto with a hint of anger walking into his room and pulling out a piece of cherry wood then began the task of shaping it and carving it into a design that would get his message across "i call this piece proof of the Kitsumes life." Garra looked at the piece and at his finer details "nice work for 45 minutes." stated Shikamaru "but i think killing him is overboard," this statement caused Naruto to laugh "this is just a message piece. Not a death piece my Nara friend." said Naruto to his friend "if i were to make a death piece it would include his private sins as well public, i would include hypothetically his monthly visits to the hooker he sees and how his drinking causes destruction around him mine are so much better then a gourde of black sand" Garra then stared at him "don't insult my gourdes." said Garra with a dark tone in his voice "i don't carve a stick like you, i heat my creations in a kelm, then finding the black sand is an art of it's own."said Garra looking at Naruto putting on a jacket and heading out the door.

Meanwhile downtown at Hyuuga inc. a small company that made it big in the tech boom of the 90's but that's not important. What is important is the woman walking out of the building dark violet hair and pure white eyes from a rare condition she had perfect sight still. She was in collage studying business had a boy friend Kiba going to become a veterinarian he pulled into the complex with his car a old 90 mustang. "hey," said Kiba looking at her "need a ride?" Hinata rushed into the drivers side seat and buckled up. "so, where are we going?" she asked as they made the way down the highway unaware a black car was following them.

"it's a surprise babe." Kiba said as he turned on a side street, "come on please tell me," she pleaded as they reached a restaurant, much more than Kiba could afford. Kiba the opened the door the couple made there way inside

2 hours latter the couple made there way back to the car laughing about the evening, Hinata then realized something she had left her purse at there table. "Kiba start the car i will be right back." Hinata said as she ran back into the restaurant "take your time." said Kiba as he made his way into the car.

Hinata reached their table and grabbed her purse when a explosion echoed through the restaurant. To say it was deafening it would be an understatement the sound shattered the windows and injuring a few. But that didn't concern the Hyuuga girl as she ran outside to find her boyfriends car up in flames "KIBA," She Shouted as the Gas tank went, she then sank to he knees and weep over her first love.

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