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Chapter 2

The buzzing sound of florescent lights and the smell of disinfectant hung in the air as the stretcher was wheeled in through the long hallway of the hospital.

"Heartbeat is low." Said one nurse looking at the patient

"We're loosing her." Said another hooking an IV to her arm,

The doctor stopped and looked at the clock as the girl Ino Yamanaka suffered enough "I'm calling it." Said the doctor as he pulled his gloves off this was the part of the job he hated the most.

A few minutes after telling the family the news Mr. Yamanaka stood up

"Where is he?" he said and made his way down the hall

"You need to understand, he is suffering extensive nerve damage and plus the emotional toll on him, this wouldn't be helping him" said the doctor as he ran to catch up to him

"I don't care." Mr. Yamanaka said as he hunted the man he assumed responsible for him loosing his daughter

"Fine have it your way I'm calling security." Responded the doctor as he left towards the nearest phone

In a nearby room a teen sat on one of those doctors' stools as a nurse applied a tenser bandage to his wrist.

"Ok squeeze my hand" she said with a smile as the teen looked at the ground worried about his girlfriend well being he squeezed then the door burst open and Mr. Yamanaka walked in and picked up the teen by the bandages wrapped around his chest.

"You little shit." Snarled Mr. Yamanaka as he looked into the teens eyes "you killed her, you killed my Ino," the teen looked down as tears rolled down his cheeks the news had broken his heart and his will.

"Sir I wish you wouldn't harass my patient." Shouted the nurse as she tried to pull the man off her patient when Mr. Yamanaka shoved her hard causing the nurse to hit her head, knocking her out. Yamanaka then pulled out a dessert eagle and pointed at the teen, who looked at him in return, not even flinching

"Kill me," said the teen in a broken voice almost breaking "I don't deserve to live, I lost the one I love and I don't want to live anymore."

Yamanaka looked at him his hand shook as he saw the teen death wished upon him it would be too easy and it wouldn't be honouring his late daughter's memory. He wanted the boy to suffer like she did like he is now

"No," said the man as he placed the gun on the ground "that would make me a monster, just like you." He then dropped the teen and left the room heading to the waiting room to comfort his wife.

The teen then went for the gun and took it into his quivering hands, he handled guns before and this was the first time ever he was nervous holding a gun then someone grabbed then gun out of his hand and removed the clip and the bullet from the chamber. The teen looked up at the man his mentor. He was crying "Naruto," said the man helping him to his feet. "It's ok," he said trying to help him understand.

With a thump Naruto slowly stood up as the sweat drenched sheets clung to him. He slowly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and the time came into vision reading 9:30

His eyes bulged out and he muttered the word "shit" as he quickly dressed and ran out his door heading to class he wasn't going to be late twice in a week, no matter what bothered him that morning.

Jade city reformatory is a prison located 20 miles from the town and host 500 of the worst of the worst inmates the country has to offer. And the good detective was going to see the worst of the worst his name was Kakashi that was his only name and he was charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 50 members of the snake head gang he would have been added more but he accepted a deal from the D.A. But that didn't bother him, had gotten sources saying that he knew who the Kitsume was.

Itachi walked into the general meeting area while a small man walked into the room "excuse me please remove all item from your pockets and place them in the tray the detective did what he was told emptying his pockets of his badge and his gun "no foods of any kind. No playing cards paper clips pens, tobacco products or alcoholic drinks." The head guard then showed them to the visiting area.

Once there the detective looked around until he saw there person who he was after. He had grey hair and wore the standard prison orange his face was covered with what looked like a piece of his bed sheet and his one visible eye was fixated on an orange book in his hands. The detective slowly walked up to him and was about to speak when the masked man stopped him.

"No," he said not looking at him as he turned the page

"But Mr. Kakashi" said the detective showing him his badge "I'm wanting to know about theā€¦"

"No" said Kakashi as he continued to read the book.

Itachi then slid two photos in front of him "these were left by him in Jade City, a few nights ago."

Kakashi looked at them vaguely "your point, they deserved it," said Kakashi returning to his book

"One of them was a reporter who did nothing." Said Itachi with anger in his voice "it shook him up and still hasn't been able to sleep,"

Kakashi closed his book and looked at him "we don't have cable in here," he said quietly "not even a decent library, I assume you know the way out detective," Kakashi then walked away from him causing the detective to shake his head muttering that he was a nutcase,

Meanwhile the day went by as the day drew on for Naruto who walked home after a day of classes that gave him a headache, he then noticed a black limo following him and he realized it has been since 3 blocks ago, soon a man in a dark blue suit with a logo of falcon on the man's tie clip stepped out of the limo and approached him.

"My employer wishes to speak to you about a job." Said the suited man looking at him causing him to shake his head

"Look if your boss wants my work; tell him to use the site like everyone else." Said Naruto as he walked away from the man, soon the man reached into his jacket and fired 2 darts towards Naruto which hit him,

"So much for you being the best." Said the man as he picked up Naruto and tossing him in the back of the limo."

When Naruto woke up he was sitting in a thick leather chair sitting in front of a white marble fireplace expertly carved depicting a battle. Soon his attention was on another person who wore a black suit with long black hair and pale eyes to match his face. Naruto knew exactly who he was, who wouldn't

"I see you're awake," said the man as he poured a drink "I apologize for my employee's tactics,"

Naruto looked at him "Tactics" growled Naruto "they shot me with a dart, what tactical about that, why am I here and what do you want?"

"Straight to the point," said the man as he took a sip of his drink "as you know my name is Hiashi Hyuuga and my daughter was almost assassinated by a car bomb,"

Naruto looked at him and sighed "that's interesting, but I fit in this where?" Hiashi looked at him "simple really, I want you to be her bodyguard," Hiashi paused a bit and poured himself another drink "I know that it's not your forte but understand my logic, I hire the #1 killer in this hemisphere to protect my daughter, or you can go to jail like that Kakashi fellow."

Naruto stood up and looked up in the eyes "Don't you ever mention his name to me again." Said Naruto in as anger rolled off his tongue. "Get this straight I will not work for rich bastards like you."

Hiashi laughed a bit "really," he said as he walked over to his desk "I have here a copy of a file I have in a security deposit box, in this file is a record of Naruto Uzumaki father a general of the libertarian army mother a spy for said army named after a character in a Hentai novel this file also included your military jacket and at the untimely death of my eldest daughter this file will be delivered to one detective named Itachi then 30 minute later you will be deliver to the cops as well as your friends."

Naruto smirked and looked at him "was I really named after a character in a Hentai manga?" asked Naruto as he looked at the file "I'll be dammed, so I guess I am a bodyguard I assume my payment is usual?"

"Yes, I will show you to where you're staying while you protect my daughter" muttered Hiashi as he showed him as place the size of a suite, clearly they're was flair for the corporate gigs "your courses schedule at your school will be adapted to fit for the task at hand."

"Yeah thanks," said Naruto looking around when a noise caught his attention causing him to look "in the hallway she stood with flowing violet hair and the same pale eyes that her father had.

"Hinata," said Hiashi beckoning her to come into the room "I would like to meet Naruto, your new body guard"

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