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Several years down the road…….

There were many changes in Don's team. Four years after Trixie left for Switzerland, he was promoted to AD, taking over from Merrick when he retired.

He 'double-hatted' as Team Leader and AD until they decided finally to give it to Megan Reeves after six months of deliberation.

The unfortunate happened, another section team leader was killed in a drug bust and they needed another Team Leader.

Megan offered to take that Team Leader place after talking to Don and Don, too put in his suggestion that David Sinclair take over from Megan.

Surprises came when Colby suddenly told Don that he wanted to leave FBI and Don thought it was because David was his Team Leader? Colby told Don that it was not, it's just that there was a position that his old friend in Quantico offered. It was a Senior Trainer position in Quantico. He said in a way he left FBI but still connected to FBI.

The old team were a bit reluctant to let him go, but it was his choice and they wished all the best.

So Megan had a new team sort of and three agents were transferred to make up David's new team members.

Colby kept very much in touch with his ex team members . He'd meet up with them to regale to them stories of the raw recruits and new trainees and laugh over the funny episodes. David was still his very best friend.

Don missed his Special Agent days but his new post kept him very much busy with meetings, stragetic plannings and meetings in Washington.

In a way he was still Megan's and David's boss. Those in the LA district reported to him.

He's still a very virile, athletic looking young man of forty three, had been an AD for three years, distinguished looking with a few more lines round his eyes, which crinkled often with smiles these days, brought on by Charlie's and Amita's children.

His father used to say, he seldom change at all, he's still looked like he did when he first join the FBI.

Alan was very proud of his sons, Don an Assistant Director of the FBI, LA and Charlie now a Senior Professor much sought after by Universities here and abroad as a Guest Speaker in their Seminars, Graduations and Annual Do-dahs. He had published a number of books and at almost thirty eight years old he's successful academically, professionally and a proud father of two kids with Amita and another one on the way.

His dreams came true after fours months Charlie and Amita married, they announced that he was going to be a grandfather some four years ago and they had their second child one year after the first. And now going to be grandfather again after their fourth wedding anniversary. Amita vowed after a bout of morning sickness that this will be the last baby, no more absolutely no more. And she told Charlie if Alan wanted more, get it from Don.

Alan lamented that Don and Liz never got together, as they both agreed to part for Liz was very keen on progressing on her career and didn't want marriage or children so soon.

Liz did make it to the Team Leader post. She was posted to another section in another branch of FBI.

Don was happy for her and they too get together sometimes for a drink and nothing else which was OK with both of them.

Don was happy sort of a way, for he now had this job to keep him busy and seemed not keen to further his relationship with anyone at the moment.

Alan used to worry about him but Amita told Alan secretly not to worry, Don will find that someone special one of these days.

Alan then said he may not live to see his eldest marry, Alan was pushing eighty.

Amita pooh-poohed her father in law and said, he'll live to see his grandsons marry.

Alan laughed, Amita is a very good daughter in law. She's a Professor in her own rights but she chose to write articles and teaching materials ( it pays much much better! ) she used to say, but Alan suspected that she missed her teaching days too.

She is a very good mother and wife to the kids and Charlie.

She is also the much needed female in the household of Eppes males.

She listened to Don's problems and give suggestions whenever she can.

Don had since moved out of his small apartment and now lived in a Condo with the works. But Don still goes back to Charlie's house as and when but now this time they too come and visit or stay over at his Condo. The condo has three bedrooms. When Alan comes along he will sleep with the kids in one bedroom.

The Condo facilities will be in much demand when the gang comes over.

Swimming, a game of tennis and the Exercise room for Amita and games room and library for Alan and the kids.

When Don said he wanted a bigger apartment, Charlie and Amita helped him to look for a Condo with all the facilities. Charlie said now they will want to come over and stay with Don that way.

So after two months of looking, mostly Charlie and Amita did the searching, Don finally moved out of his place of ten years. He got a good price for it too.

The Condo did not damage his pocket too much for he had saved, never used the money and he did not get married.

He was now comfortably off and his job demand was not as great as when he was Team Leader or Lead Agent.

Amita and Charlie still consulted for the FBI namely David's and Megan's teams.

Megan is still with Larry and they never married, both seemed to be quite pleased with it contradictory to what others may say. Megan didn't want any children, not that she doesn't love them, but she felt that in her career it won't be fair to have them and not able to spend time with them.

She spend a lot of time with Charlie's and Amita's two little boys, named Michael and Matthew which of course turned to Micky and Matty or M & M.

It was Don who coined their nicknames for them much to the disgust of Charlie and Alan. Amita thought it was cute, so did Megan.


Trixie and the Eppes

In the early years, Trixie came home for all her semester breaks. She kept in touch with mostly with the ladies, Amita and Megan.

They saw her grew from a young girl to a confident young lady and she kept in touch with Charlie and Alan as well.

It seemed to her that Don was trying to avoid her, several times she called up to meet up with him, he will somehow didn't have the time or that he'll be in a meeting and such.

She gave up after several tries but she still kept in touch with her emails to him which she was thankful that he replied all the time. She sent him pictures of herself when she went on holidays.

Don never returned any with his, but he didn't know that Megan had sent her pictures of Don which she got it from Amita. It was pictures of him playing with Micky and Matty, or him relaxing in Charlie's house.

Trixie, too followed his career through the ladies.

A few times during her holidays back to USA, she stayed in Charlie's house after Charlie and Amita were married.

She then had Amita to confide in and it was no surprise that Don seldom visit when Trixie was staying in Charlie's house, he always had an excuse or other.

Alan felt the disapointment of Trixie each time Don said he was not coming for dinner.

Alan told her to call him, she said, Don still treated her like a little girl and

Amita heard and her heart went out to her. This little girl who grew up quickly in the past years is madly in love with her brother in law who has no inkling or who was purposely avoiding her.

She can't blame him,Trixie is adorably cute and beautiful but still so very young.

She had asked Don's permission to use the CD player in his room and he told her to do whatever she wants for he was seldom there.

One day Alan heard the soft melodious voice of Matt Munro and he stood near the door to Don's room and listened to "Portrait of my Love" and that brought back memories.

He remembered vaguely that he had told Don that one of his mother's favourite was this song by Matt Munro.

He didn't know that Donny had the CD, he must asked when he comes by, that is if he was not too busy.


Trixie stopped going to Charlie's house after the first four years, she felt disappointed that each time Don would try to avoid her. But she didn't give up, as long as Don's single, there's still hope for her.

She concentrated vehemently on her studies and aimed for the highest. She did it in Switzerland.

After Switzerland where she graduated as one of the top students, she then went on to continue her Music in the Royal Music College in London. She was granted acceptance even though she was still a year younger than the requirement age, she was exceptional student, a future brilliant pianist.( a prediction/encouragement from Don and Amita before she left for Switzerland some four years ago.)

With her parent's help, they had secured an apartment for her so that they could fly to London and stay with her during her holidays instead of she coming back to the US.

After two years at the RMC in London, she did it again and she came out top student. She was immediately offered a position in a famous Orchestra who traveled world wide giving concerts. She was only eighteen years old.

After two years, they made her their star pianist and offered a contract for fours years. She decided to take the position only after her long holidays and discussion with her parents.

They wanted her up quickly so that she will be in their European Tours next year. She agreed after talking to her parents.

She was planning to stay with her parents for six months before she took up the post.

She flew back to the US for the start of her vacation. She was delighted to meet up with the Eppes. She knew about Charlie's and Amita's children, the 3Ms. The third one which was a delight to Amita and Charlie was a girl whom they named Michele.

She had not seen them but she had loads of photos sent by Amita and she felt that she knew them already. She had plenty of presents for them, in fact for the whole gang, she made sure that she didn't leave anyone out.

She had some for Don, very nice sweaters too. She had hoped that this time she will meet up with him.

She had confided in her parents when they came to stay with her in London and she was mildly surprised that they urged her to "go for it girl!". She was so happy and now she's coming back.

Matthew had followed Don's career closely and was pleased that he was made Assistant Director, FBI in one of the California FBI branches.

He had hoped that Trixie would finally end up with Don, he didn't care about age difference, he only cared that Don was one that he could rely on looking after his precious girl and Trixie will be happy with him.

He knew about Trixie's dreams and he had discussed it with Chantal and they both agreed that Don will be very good for her.

They had come to know Don, his family and his friends and who could ask for a better son in law than that. They had talked amongst themselves and they had fervently hoped that Trixie will be able to move Don's heart.

What they did not know was Don was already in growing to love that little girl who had grown up so fast. His heart will soar each time he received a mail from her. But he couldn't think beyond that, he tried his very best to think of her as his very good little friend. He had tried his best to avoid her at all cost, she was just too young for him. Way too young and what will her parents say if they knew that he has fallen in love with their daughter.

Trixie kept very much in touch with Don, not often but mails from her would come as cards with photos of her Orchestra's engagements all over the world. She is now the leading piano soloist with the Orchestra.

Don now had all the postcards sometimes with her photo all pinned up in his room's small notice board.

Don's ex-team members were amazed on how far she had gone.

Megan usually came in to talk with Don after office hours and they would discuss about Trixie and her accomplishments. Megan would notice the faraway look in Don's face. Yep, a definitely yes that Don loved the little girl that they had watched growing up.

Megan asked Don if he was going to do anything about it.

Don just shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

He remembered the last dinner they had before she flew off, flew off from his life. He felt the emptiness there, he filled it with his work, his family, that is Charlie's family, his little children, his dad was there for him too.

Besides her email, Don had news of her either from Matthew or from Amita. Amita had been dropping hints now and then and he pretended not know of it.

Matthew had frequently invite Don to have dinner in his club and he had put Don's name as one of his special guest, meaning that Don could go there even though Matthew was not with him. Don thanked him for the kind gesture and he did make use of it a few times.

Those were the times when he felt down, he will go there for a quiet dinner alone.

Trixie had many times asked Don to go out with her or arrange dates so that they could meet but somehow it will be Don who will back out. Trixie is at her wits' end, she tried one more time and if this time Don will not meet up with her, then she will have to go on meeting up with him through the net or through the phone. She will definitely not give up, she loved him too much.


"Hello Good morning, May I speak with AD Eppes please?"

Don's secretary was pleasantly surprised to hear her voice after so long, she knew who she was,"Good Morning, Ms. Trixie?."

"Er..yes Good morning to you, though it's not morning here and you're May? How are you?"

"Very well, Ms. Trixie and you? "

"I'm fine and good, can Don talk?"

"Oh Sorry, yes, Will you please hold the line, I'll put you through ."

"Don? I'm coming back again for a short holiday, no, no, let me talk first.

I thought I'll be here in the US for some weeks but I've just got a call from my Conductor that we are leaving in two week's time to Europe for the Austrian Music Fest. I didn't want to cancel so, I'm still coming home. They have agreed for me to take two weeks off, then I have to meet up with them in London to get ready, blah..blah."

Don had to smile, just like her talking. Oh how he missed hearing her voice.

"OK, so are you back in the US now?"

"Not yet, I really hated this and I want to come back home so badly. I miss….my parents and my friends. It's been almost two years since I came back last. It's a very short notice and even though the Fest is a few months away, he has to co-ordinate the orchestra and calling them back from all over the world. So he's letting me take two weeks' holiday with my parents and then I'll be flying back to meet up with them in London."

"Alright, I'll see you when you get back, when are you flying in?"

"Flight SQXXX arriving Tuesday evening 7.15 pm?"

"You're fishing…….."

"Well, I have not even informed my parents about the change of plans so are you free?"



Don could see the pouty expression and he laughed and said, "Alright I'll pick you from the airport."

"Great! Great! See you then. Gotta go now and do some packing."

"You have not packed ?"

"Well, I thought I have some weeks and now it's a rush vacation."

"What was your original stay in the US?"

"2 months and now its only 2 weeks!" she wailed.

"Well, you're famous and in great demand." Don consoled her.

She was crying silently and she sob a bit.

"Hey, Pixie, what's the matter?" Don asked gently for he heard the silent sob.

"I wish now I was just a pianist and not…not…"

"Hey, nothing of that, tell you what I'll take a week off and we can go vacation somewhere or you rather do some shopping…."

"No! I mean that's great, you plan and I go where ever, no shopping, don't need clothes, the last time Mommy and Daddy came and they took me shopping and I have all the gowns I have for my performances. Now I just want to relax." ' with the one I love.' She whispered to herself.

"OK then, I'll see you on Tuesday, you want me to inform anyone?"

"No, don't and you don't tell anyone where you're going, OK. This time just the two of us. I miss you so much."


"Me too." Don said to himself, "Yes, then I'll see you then. Bye and take care, love." Don put down the phone.

Trixie was jumping up and down….. he called me 'love!"

Don told his secretary May,

"May, can you find me a nice cabin somewhere in the mountains, not too far. Book it for 5 days starting on Friday. Can you do that and not a word out even to my family, alright?"

May who was personally selected by Don when he got this post was very loyal to him, said, "Sure thing boss, so you're applying for vacation time? Let me have the dates now."

Don told her the dates and May said, "She must be one special girl, boss."

"Yea, she is May she is."

Don paced up and down waiting for the passengers to get out of the immigration gate.

His heart was beating furiously and nearly stopped when he saw her.

A lovely vision, a bit on the thin side wearing a bright red short coat with a pink blouse peeping out and wearing long loose black pants, she had her hair short now. It was cute and it framed her pixie face perfectly. She was his little Pixie all grown. His heart was beating fast, here is the vision of his dreams.

She was showing the guard her passport, she looked around, took her passport and pulling her cart with three bags she came forward.

She did not resemble the young girl that romped and laughed and chased by his little nephews. She was not in very miniscue shorts and very short tee that she favored when she was in Charlie's house.

She was not all those, she had grown into a beautiful young lady.The way she carried herself, she was a picture of elegance, eyes turned to her direction. Men were opening ogling at her and the women around gave her a glance and their eyes followed her.

They saw her looking round and found the one she was looking for, they envy her. They saw an equally elegant man who stood amongst the rest. He was dressed casually and they saw that he was a man of importance.

They smiled when they saw her throw her arms round her. The man was kissing her. Ah… lovers….

She saw him and a slow smile lit up both their faces, Don went up to her.

She threw her arms round his neck, "Don."

"Pixie." He whispered.

Here now she walked in like a matured young lady, he caught hold of her face and gave her another kiss on her lips.. "Trixie, you're …..you're beautiful."

Trixie smiled her impish smile and said, "You're beautiful too. Don."

Don laughed out loud which attracted the same crowd that were following their action.

"Let's get out of here, people are looking." Don said.

"Let them, they are envying me."

"Oh yea, I think they are envying me, holding a very beautiful vision in my arms." Don said pushing her cart and one arm on her waist.

The eighteen year old he had last seen was gone, in place was a beautiful young matured twenty one year old Trixie Charmaine as she was known to all the music world.

They were married one year later.

She took one year off from her busy schedule and after much discussion with Don, they agreed that she only work or travel for six months every year. That way, they will have time together now and then. Don, too made sure that his vacation time coincided with hers.

The small quiet ceremony they had in a small synagogue arranged by Alan had a gathering of relatives and friends which included her parents, godparents Jimbo and wife Hany, Don's ex-team members with their spouses, his old AD Merrick and of course his very happy and beaming father Alan, Charlie, Amita and Micky and Matty and baby Michele.

Don also invited his good friends Edgerton and Coop.

Don had threatened them bodily harm more than once when they kept on staring at Trixie. They knew about her and this was the first time they had actually met her.

"She's too beautiful to ignore, Don. Let us feast our eyes on her, you have her for life!"

'How true,' Don thought, 'I'll have her for life, finally.'

It was quite fun for the rest of the gang to see Don holding on to Trixie protectively.

Matthew and Chantal were beaming for their wish came true, Don became their son in law. They were laughing and said they had partial claim to Charlie's children now that they are connected to them through Trixie and Don. Alan said he didn't mind sharing them and whispered conspirately, "They are really a handful, I don't have the energy to run after them anymore."

They had a riotous dinner party at WCR. They had the whole restaurant to themselves and it ran till almost 3am but Alan and Amita left earlier with the kids as they had fallen asleep on the sofa some two hours back.

For their honeymoon, Don and Trixie flew to Switzerland the next day to spend three weeks with her uncle Bob and family. Matthew and Chantal met up with them a week later. They will be staying for another 4 weeks to spend their time skiing.

Don had not taken any time off since he was the AD, so this time he took four months off to be with his newly acquired wife Trixie, aka Mrs. Don Eppes aka Mrs.Patricia Charmaine Cameron Eppes.

After Switzerland, they flew to France and spent another two weeks there with her aunt Cheryl and the final destination was with her Uncle Tom and his Japanese wife and family.

Don felt contented and very happy, he had found his life partner and was jumping with joy when Trixie announced three months later that they were expecting.

They kept the news from the family until Trixie could not hide it anymore.

One evening, before Don had to report back to office, they invited the family to their condo for a dinner and when they arrived in a very noisy manner, they could heard the kids yelling when Trixie went to open the door, Amita saw her immediately yelled and hug her.

Trixie had to smile over her head to Don who was standing now with the kids hanging on to his legs, "Trust Amita to notice!" he called out over the din of "Unca Don! Unca Don!" Don smiled at his wife and Charlie quickly went to shake his hand.

"Congratulations! Old man, finally eh? Got two more to catch up."

Don just smiled at Charlie and gently pushed him aside and went to the door.

Alan walking a bit slower now, went and hug and kiss Trixie after Charlie, not knowing what had happened.

Don came near and Alan hug him, "Finally eh, son ? You are very happy?"

"Yes, dad. I love my Trixie very much and soon there'll be three of us."

"Oh my, oh my, Trixie girl come here and let the old man hug you."

Trixie call out, "Daddy Alan." and went up to Don and Alan. Alan opened his arms and she went to him and was thoroughly hugged by him.

After eight months Trixie gave birth to a baby boy with dark curly hair, big round brown eyes and the cutest was he inherited his mother's dimples.

Amita saw and she laughed and said ,"My goodness, Don, you will have a hard time keeping the girls away from this little fella. Oh my how sweet he looks."

They named him Federick Alan Matthew Eppes.

This time Charlie gave him the name Ricky, Don said no but Trixie agreed because she said there's already an Alan, two Matthews and she will not call him Fred or Federick, so Ricky seemed to be a good choice, then she said they could call him Matty which Don said, "No!" and everyone laughed.

Charlie then got an idea, "How about Fame?"


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