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Run baby run, chapter 1

''Thank you all, I love ya too!!!'' Hannah exclaimed in the mic as she said goodbye to the crowd. It was Friday night, and she had just finished another concert. She ran out of stage. Lola was backstage, leaning against a table and looking at her fingers while she was waiting for her. Hannah stopped running to look at her girlfriend. Lola looked so cute like that.

''Hannah?'' A man said.

Hannah turned her attentention to the young man. He was handing her her towel.

''Oh thanks Jimmy.''

''No problem,'' he smiled and walked away.

Lola, who heard the boy called Hannah, had now noticed her girlfriend was finally back. She beamed and walked to her. She stopped a few feet away and just stared at the popstar. Hannah was first amused by that, but then she started to be uncomfortable.

''Lola, stop it, please...''

Lola smiled. ''I thought you were used to everybody staring at you like that all the time.''

''I'm used to them yes, but they don't have your killer eyes...It's quite intimidating when you look at me like that.'' Hannah let out, blushing.

Wow, Hannah Montana looks embarassed... First time I get to see that ! Lola tought.

''Sorry...'' Lola said, grabbing Hannah's hand and kissing it.

Hannah looked up and smirked. ''Is that all I get after this awesome concert?'' She asked innocently.

Lola giggled and shook her hand. She stepped closer to Hannah and hugged her. She slowly balanced Hannah in her arms and kissed her gently. She pulled back and looked into her eyes lovingly. Hannah shivered.

''If I could get this anytime I sing, I'll spend the rest of my life singing all day long.'' Hannah smirked.

Lola giggled and let Hannah go. The popstar grabbed the hand of her girlfriend and dragged her outside the arena. Mr Montana/Stewart was waiting for them in the parking lot. He smiled at the girls and pointed at the limo in the back. They headed towards the car and got in. Hannah quickly rested her head on Lola's shoulders, starting to feel the exhaustion from the concert. Lola kissed her head, smiling, and leaned her own head on Hannah's. They intertwined their fingers. None of them talked, simply enjoying the sensation. This was the way they were supposed to be. It was just as simple as that.

The limo soon entered in a garage and parked.

''time to get off girls,'' Mr Stewart said from the front seat. The girls groaned but obliged. They had to change of car. Here was the frontier between Miley's and Hannah's world. As soon as they entered the Stewart's jeep, Miley, Lilly and Robbie Ray became themselves again. No more wig, no more outfits, just them.

''I seriously need to take a shower when I get home.'' Lilly stated as she ran her hand through her hair.

''Yeah, you're as sweaty as when we make lo...'' Miley started, but she froze suddenly, realizing what she was going to say. Lilly had stopped breathing. They exchanged a worried and panicked look.

''Relax girls, I wasn't born yesterday. I know you two have a very... ''deep'' relationship.'' Robbie Ray smiled.

The girls smiled uncomfortably, embarassed by Mr Stewart's remark. Of course Miley knew her dad was perfectly aware that they had already made love and all, but still, it was quite disturbing to have your own dad mentioning... even more in front of your girlfriend... Miley bite her bottom lip, looking down, blushing.

Lilly smiled and kissed her lightly on the cheek, soothing her. Miley looked at her.

''You're sure you don't wanna spend the night?'' She breathed to Lilly.

Lilly smiled a little. ''I wish I could, but my mom needs me tomorrow morning.''

''Fine...'' Miley said, disappointed.

''Tomorrow night's different though...'' Lilly said innocently as she looked through the window. She had a small smile on her lips. She felt Miley's lips in her neck, kissing all her sensitive spots.

''Tomorrow night's great.'' Miley whispered, without stopping the kiss.

''Gosh, you're killing me,'' Lilly breathed. Miley put her hands on Lilly's thighs and starting her way up to her favorite spot. Lilly couldn't hold herself and gasped of pleasure.

''Girls! Can you at least wait for me to get out of the car?'' Robbie Ray joked as he looked in the rear-view mirror.

''Sorry dad, but I can't control myself anytime she's around.'' Miley said as she leaned on Lilly's chest, resting her head.

''Yeah, love does that...'' He replied smiling.

Lilly and Miley looked at each other ''I love you.'' They said at the same time. ''Me too,'' They replied at the same time again. They laughed.

Lilly leaned against the seat and closed her eyes. Miley looked at her a few seconds and finally rested her head on her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around Lilly's waist as Lilly slowly caressed it. They spent the rest of the ride in each other's arms. The only noise was the roaring engine.

Fifteen minutes later, Mr Stewart parked the car along the Truscott's house. He turned around and looked back in the car. Miley had straightened up from Lilly. She smiled at her father, and glanced at Lilly. She had fallen asleep. Miley brushed her fingers against Lilly's left cheek. Lilly slightly smiled under the touch, but didn't wake up. Miley repeated the operation and ended up her fingers wrapped up in Lilly's hands. Lilly had still not opened her eyes, though...

''Sweet Nibblets, that girl surely knows how to sleep!'' Miley exclaimed.

''Let me take care of it, Bud'' Mr Stewart said as he got off the car and opened the back door. He shook Lilly a little.

''Moooooom, lemme sleep! Miley and I didn't get much sleep last night'' Lilly mumbled in her sleep. Miley blushed as her dad looked up to her questioningly.

She faked a laugh ''Dreams... You know how they are...''

''Yeah...'' Her dad replied not convince. ''Come on Lilly, time to wake up!'' He said, shaking her stronger.

Lilly finally opened her eyes. She looked a little desoriented for a few seconds. Then, she saw Mr Stewart bent over her, and Miley's hands in hers.

''Sleeping beauty?'' She asked with a little embarassed smile.

Miley nodded in confirmation. She gave her a quick kiss as her dad went out. ''Come on, let me walk you home.'' Miley said, getting out of the car herself. She grabbed Lilly's hands and led her out.

''I'll be right back,'' she said to her dad as Lilly and she made their way through the Truscott's entryway.

''Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow...?'' Miley said as she watched Lilly stir.

''Yeah...'' Lilly said a little disappointed. ''I'm gonna miss you...''

''You too.''

They stepped towards each other. Miley put her hands on Lilly's hips and pulled her against her body. They smiled at each other. Miley leaned to kiss Lilly, but Lilly just brushed her lips against hers, teasing her...

''truscott, you're being really bad...'' Miley groaned, while tickling slightly Lilly's sides.

Lilly laughed and pulled away, running away. But Miley held on tight on Lilly, so that Lilly couldn't go real far... Miley pinned her against the wall and looked at her.

''Got you...''

''I guess you have...''

Lilly leaned to kiss Miley. Miley's lips quickly parted so that Lilly could be completely free to deepen the kiss as she wished. Miley surrendered entirely, letting Lilly take control. About ten minutes later, Miley's shirt was up to Miley's neck with Lilly putting kisses all over her stomach. However, the moment of pure pleasure was interrupted when they heard a honk from the street.

''Dad...'' Miley groaned.

Lilly giggled and went back up. She put Miley's shirt back where it was supposed to be and kissed her girlfriend slightly.

''Tomorrow...'' She flirted.

''Yeah, tomorrow...'' Miley grinned. She put another kiss on Lilly's lips and finally managed to walk away. She turned back in the middle of the alley. Lilly was still at the door, looking at her.

''I love you, Lilly Truscott!''

''I love you too, Miley Stewart!''

Miley smiled and walked to the car, head over heels.

Miley gave a quick glance at her watch and saw it was time to go pick Lilly up. She decided that she could use a walk instead of asking Jackson for a ride. She grabbed a warm coat and got out off the house. The winter weather wasn't that bad. It was never really bad in California... In less than ten minutes, she was in front of Lilly's door. She decided to look through the window to see what her lover did at this time.

Lilly was sitting on her couch, next to someone. A dark haired... guy. Miley gasped. They were acting all intimate with each other. The guy was holding Lilly's left hand, and she was all smiling... She liked it obviously.

The guy suddenly hugged Lilly tightly and Lilly seemed to close her eyes in contentment. Miley felt anger and jealousy rise in her. But it was nothing compared to what she felt when the boy turned around so that now she could who that was... Oliver. Her heart broke. What were they doing? Why were they all over each other?

Miley knocked on the door with strength. Lilly quickly opened the door and greeted her with a big smile. But it faded when she saw Miley's expression. Her eyes was filled with anger and her smile had been replaced by a rictus.

''Mi...?'' She started, but Miley cut her off.

''What's Oliver doing here?''

Lilly looked panick for a second, but she pulled herself together. ''Nothing, we were just doing our homeworks.''

Miley knew Lilly was lying, and Lilly knew Miley wasn't believing her.

''Listen Miley, I can't tell you what we were doing because...''

''Because you were cheated on me...'' Miley snapped.

''No!'' Lilly exclaimed.

''Yeah, we weren't doing anything like that Miley!'' Oliver butted in.

''Come on! I saw you through the window !''

''Well you saw wrong !!'' Lilly replied with strength. ''How can you even think I would do something like that to you! I love you! You know that !''

''Whatever Lilly. I better get going.''

And without another word, Miley walked away. She didn't see that Lilly had started crying. She didn't hear Lilly break down against the door. All she was aware of was the hurt of her own heart.

Miley was only a few meters away from Lilly's house but it seemed like she had been running for hours. Her heart was pounding, she could hardly breath. She sat down on the street. Her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID : Oliver. She didn't bother picking it up. She just put it back in her purse and let it ring.

Maybe she had overreacted. Maybe nothing was going on between them. She trusted Lilly, she didn't trust Oliver when it came to Lilly. She always had the feeling that Oliver liked Lilly no matter how many girlfriends he had, or what he was saying.

Miley was going on and on about Oliver and Lilly. Loliver... she grimaced. A man walked up to her, but she didn't pay attention to him. He was quite old and was wearing an old blue jacket and a velvet pants. He looked like he was homeless, but a certain dignity was coming from him. He looked briefly at Miley and walked past her. Miley looked at him go away and noticed something had fallen of his pocket, just next to her. It was a piece of paper. She grabbed it and stood to give it back to the man, but he was already far away.

''I hope this wasn't important.'' She said.

She opened the piece of paper. It looked an ad. She read it aloud.

''Turn your life upside down and learn the ups and downs. As the lesson is taught, you'll find the ultimate thruth.''

Miley frowned. What kind of ad was this? She looked at it a few more seconds.

''Whatever'' she finally let out. She put it in her pocket and sat back on the sidewalk.

She spent another hour there. Her dad didn't try to reach her. She had told him they would go to the cinema. She just looked at the sky, trying to not think about anything. It hurt too much to think at this point. She decided to go back home when the coldness of the night became unbareable.

When she come back to her home, everything was dark. She didn't turn on the light, not wanting to wake up anyone.

When Miley woke up the next morning, she was still drowsed by her fight with Lilly. Her head was hurting slightly. She straightened up and tried to collect herself. The sun was already high in the sky and its rays were lighting the room. The rays were lighting boxes... Boxes? They were everywhere. She looked around suddenly more awake. Her library had disappeared, as her second bed. Most of her usual stuff had disappeared and that included... her Hannah Closet. She stood up fiercely and ran towards the wall where the closet used to be. There was nothing. Just a plain white wall.

She ran outside her room and went downstairs. What the hell did daddy do last night? I didn't even hear him change everything! I must have been really out... She thought, starting to panick.

She froze on the last step of the stairs. She had a full sight on the living room. Her eyes opened wider. It wasn't much better than her room. The couch was still covered in bubble wrap, the piano wasn't there, there were boxes in the entry... What's going on here. It's look like we're moving or something!

Her dad was cooking in the kitchen. Miley walked to him, a lost expression on her face. He must be cleaning up or something. Boy, I hope he's not gonna ask me to help him...

''Hey bud! How was your first night in Malibu?'' Her dad asked adding some kind of spice in a frying pan.

Miley started laughing, as if it was the joke of the year, but she froze when she saw her dad looking at her like she was crazy. He obviously wasn't kidding.

''Daddy say what?!'' She let out.