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Run Baby Run, Chapter 9

Miley was breathing heavily. She was feeling dizzy and nauseous, and was trembling. She looked around her. She was... in her room. She was sitting in her bed, the cover up on her laps.

Somebody must have found me on the beach and brought me home...

BIP BIP BIP The noise... It was still here, but it sounded different. It was oddly familiar. She couldn't quite place it however, too exhausted by what she had just experienced.

The noise was coming from the table next to her table. She slowly leaned on her bed and placed her hands there, trying to find the object responsible for it... She could feel a lamp, a frame, a book, and... her phone.

''My god! My cellphone!'' She slapped herself. It wasn't the box on the beach. She had unconsciously associated the noise with the beeping of her cellphone. How dumb... Miley flipped it and saw she had a new message. Oliver.

''Oh great, now he's gonna yell at me for his break up with Lilly.'' She grumbled. She pushed the button allowing her to open the message. Here how it went : ''Miley, call Lilly. She's really upset. Nothing's going on, I swear. Oliver.''

Miley frowned and read the message again. What was he talking about? ''Nothing's going on, I swear...''

But it hit her. She slowly extended her arm towards the lamp and switched it on. She winced at the sudden bright light, but she quickly forgot about it when she discovered where she was. She was in her room. Her old room. HER room in Malibu. And everything looked... fine. All her stuff was there, the Hannah Closet was the Hannah closet. She looked on the wall next to her bed : there were a few pictures of Lilly and her, in each other's arms. Miley smiled, feeling suddenly relieved.

She stayed sat on the bed, her legs crossed, in a deep state of meditation. Was it all a dream? It seemed so real... It can't be...

She lapped her forehead ! What are you doin' Stewart ! You wanted to come back, and you're back. It was just a dream, so stop thinking, and go make up with Lilly! What time is it? 2.46 am. It's a school night... Lilly is probably sleeping. But I can't wait any longer. I don't want to wait till tomorrow.

Miley quickly got up. She put a pair of jeans on, ironically, it was the one she was wearing during the last night spent on the beach with Lilly. She grabbed her keys and a jacket and silently sneaked out by the window.

All the way to Lilly's house, she kept thinking about what she was going to tell her. She had to apologize. She had to hold her. She needed to show her how much she loved her. She needed to tell her how stupid she had been. Her heart missed a few beats when she realized she was going to see her again. Her dream had really shaken her, and she had to admit she was feeling like she was going to meet her for the first time in days. She felt like they had been apart for so long, but apparently, they had left each other just a few hours ago. Mad, maybe, but still...

Miley arrived at Lilly's house. Every light was out, every thing was silent. The house looked peaceful. She quietly walked towards the entrance. She looked over Lilly's window. Miley's breath was caught in her chest. Lilly. The real Lilly. She was there, a few inches away, looking more gorgeous than ever. She was on her balcony, leaning against the edge, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Her eyes were staring at the sky. Miley's heart had stopped from the view. Lilly's golden hair were shining through the moonlight. It was like some kind of hallow was surrounding her.

''Lilly !'' Miley whisper-yelled, trying to catch her attention. She waited a few seconds, to see if Lilly would turn her head, but she didn't.

''Lilly!'' She repeated, this time, a little louder. In vain. Miley looked around her, trying to find something to get Lilly's attention. She found a few rocks on the alley. She threw one towards the balcony, but she missed it. ''I really should start paying attention in PE...'' she grumbled

She tried a second time. She hit something.

''Ouch!'' Lilly said, rubbing her cheek.

''Oh my god, Lilly, I'm so sorry !!'' Miley cried. She saw Lilly look down.

''Miley?'' Lilly said, her eyebrows frowned and now bending over the edge of the balcony.

''Yeah... Lilly I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I just wanted to catch your attention!'' Miley exclaimed rapidly, coming closer to the balcony. She was scared that Lilly would go inside before she could say anything.

''Well you succeeded.'' Lilly winced.

Miley didn't reply. She had made Lilly more angry with her. She looked down, twisting her fingers from nervousness.

''What do you want Miley?'' Lilly finally let out.

''I... I wanted...'' Miley started, looking back up. Heck, this was not what she had in mind. She didn't want to apologize here, even if it was kind of romantic. All Romeo and Juliet-ish... ''Can I come in?'' She asked.

''I don't know... My mom is sleeping, and I actually should to...'' Lilly said, unsure.

''Please... I need to explain... Please...?''

Lilly stayed silent for a while, visibly thinking. She wanted to see Miley, but she was upset by her girlfriend's earlier behavior. However, she loved her, she was completely head over hills in love her. She sighed, and finally gave in. ''Fine. Hold on.''

Lilly disappeared for a few seconds. Miley wrapped her arms around her, freezing. What was Lilly doing? She soon heard a noise coming from the balcony and a ladder appeared in front of her.

''You got to be kidding me...'' Miley mumbled. But she had no choice. Lilly won't be opening the door in the middle of the night. She took a deep breath and started to climb. Whatever you do Miley, don't look down. You can do it, you can do it. For Lilly, she encouraged herself.

She soon found herself grabbing the edge of the balcony and she felt two hands on hers, pulling her up. Lilly's soft hands... She smiled and stopped moving. She was still standing on the ladder, leaning against the balcony. Lilly was on the other side, her hands intertwined with Miley's. They both looked at each other. Miley was smiling shyly. She felt suddenly timid to find herself with the one she loved.

''Are you gonna spend the night there?'' Lilly mocked.

Miley smiled and shook her head. As a reply, she put one leg over the edge. She placed her hands on Lilly's shoulders, and Lilly held her by the waist, making sure Miley wasn't gonna fall. Finally, Miley jumped on the other side.

Lilly dropped her arms down her sides, releasing Miley. However, Miley didn't move. She kept her arms where they were because it was where they were supposed to be.

''Mi...'' Lilly started, but she was cut off by Miley's lips crashing on hers. Lilly pulled away, broking the kiss quickly.

''Miley, what are you doing? Don't you remember what happened last night?''

''I do, Lilly. And I'm sorry... for everything.'' Miley pleaded.

''Well, sometimes, sorry is not enough...''

''I know...I acted stupid... It's just... I've always been scared that I was going to lose you one day. That you were going to find someone better than me for you. And, I thought...''

''You thought I was cheating on you with Oliver...''

''Yeah...'' Miley sheepishly said.

''Do you even know how crazy it sounds?'' Lilly exclaimed.

Miley smiled a little, embarrassed. ''Yeah... What were you doing with him by the way?''

''I... I can't tell you that Miley... but you'll know soon enough...''

Miley frowned, wanting to know more. But the look on Lilly's stubborn look made her stop any further inquiring. ''So you're not in love with Oliver...?'' Miley asked shyly.

''How can you even think I could do something like that to you?'' Lilly exclaimed. ''I could never be with anyone else! Don't you know that?''

''Yes, I do. I do know that!'' I know it even more after what happened...Miley thought. How can I make her forgive me. I don't know what I would do without her. I can't lose her. Maybe my dream was telling me that. Maybe it was some kind of lesson that my unconscious gave me... Freudian stuff or something... I should go to the library check that out. See if some people experienced powerful dreams like mine. Miley's mind was working at full speed. She was rambling to herself.

Lilly noticed Miley had spaced out. She looked so cute. Gosh Lilly, you're so weak... She smiled and shook her head.She leaned in and kissed Miley softly. Miley blinked, suddenly coming out off her thoughts. She smiled in the kiss. Lilly pulled away and grinned at Miley.

''Does that mean I'm forgiven?'' Miley asked with a malicious smile.

Lilly laughed a little and put a strand of Miley's hair behind her ear. ''You're something, you know that?'' She said lovingly as she brushed Miley's cheek with the tip of her fingers. Miley grabbed Lilly's hand and kissed it.

''I missed know?'' She breathed. Lilly looked at her curiously. She noticed something in Miley's eyes. Some kind of confusion. She wasn't telling her something.

''you're okay, Miley?''

''Yeah... it's just... You're gonna think I'm crazy...''

''Too late for that... You should have worried about that five years ago...'' Lilly jocked.

Miley giggled. She looked into Lilly's perfect blue eyes... and got lost into them...

''Miley?'' Lilly waved her hand in front of her eyes. ''you're doing it again!''

''Sorry...'' Miley smiled. ''Can't help it.'' They stayed silent, smiling at each other. But after a while, Miley became serious. Lilly mirrored Miley's expression.

''Listen Lilly, I have to tell you something... I had a strange dream...''

''Oh, not again!'' Lilly whined. ''Last time it happened to you, you ended up rubbing off on me!'' (A/N : See ''Hanging by a moment'')

''Believe me, it's nothing like it... But you could know that if you actually let me talk...'' Miley said amused.


''So, as I was saying...'' Miley continued her story, and detailed everything to Lilly. How they met, how Oliver and she were together, how they had a daughter, how she ended up dating jake again (Lilly winced as Miley mentioned this...), how they cheated on Oliver...

''So, you're saying that you dreamed about you meeting me, but I didn't know you because you had just moved in... and I was dating Oliver?'' Lilly said after Miley finished her story.

''Yeah.'' Miley nodded seriously. ''And the weird part is that even if I know it was a dream, it seems like I went into another dimension. You know? Like in the TV show sliders...''

Lilly looked at Miley eyes wide-opened, and suddenly started laughing hysterically. ''Gosh Miley, you crack me up! This is... crazy!'' She said, still laughing. Miley looked at her a little hurt. She put her hands in her jeans pocket and looked down. Lilly stopped laughing.

''I'm sorry Miles, it's just... It was just a dream... parallel universe... it's... it's...'' Lilly struggled to find an appropriate word.

''Crazy.'' Miley finished. ''I know...''

''Let's just forget about it, okay?'' Lilly said as she wrapped the blanket around her more tightly.

''But I don't want to forget about it! I mean, it's like it was here to give me a message. It showed me that I will always have you, no matter what the circumstances are. We belong together.''

''I already knew that. Every Miley has a Lilly...'' Lilly smiled and kissed Miley softly. But Miley pulled back.

''Wh... what did you just say?'' She asked, shocked.

''That I already knew we belong together.''

''No no no... after that!''

''Every Miley has a Lilly?'' Lilly said confused. A huge smile appeared on Miley's lips. ''What?'' Lilly frowned.

''Nothing...Just... kiss me.'' Miley replied. Lilly obliged and kissed her softly. But she pulled away way too quickly for Miley's taste.

Miley wrapped her arms around Lilly's waist and pulled her next to her. Lilly opened her arms, still holding the blanket and wrapped her girlfriend in her embrace, now both covered by it. Miley's hand slowly slid along Lilly's thigh, stroking slightly. Lilly moaned slightly.

''I wanna make love to you, Lilly'' Miley whispered in Lilly's ear as her hand reached her destination. Lilly gasped at Miley's hand slightly touching her center, and leaned her head on Miley's shoulder, tightening her grasp around Miley's neck.

''I want to pleasure you.'' Miley continued as she was now sliding her hand under the waistband of Lilly's panties. Lilly shuddered from anticipation.

''I want to send you in Heaven.'' Miley declared as she kissed Lilly in the neck. Lilly shivered throughout Miley's voice. Lilly and Miley slowly walked towards Lilly's room still kissing. Lilly could barely stand on her feet. She gasped as Miley's hand brushed against her center once again, and held onto Miley even more tightly as her knees were about to surrender. She closed the window with her feet. She dropped the blanket on the floor, as Miley picked her up in her arms and led her towards the bed.

Miley laid gently Lilly on the sheets, her right hand behind her head and her left hand wandering on her hip. She kissed her slowly, tenderly. She played with Lilly's lips, biting lightly, brushing, licking teasingly. She stopped a few seconds lying indian style on the bed and looked at the girl she loved more than anything. She smiled when she saw Lilly in so much wonderment from just one kiss, and smiled even more when Lilly opened her eyes, wondering why Miley had stopped. Miley didn't say anything and kept looking at her lovingly. She looked at every detail of Lilly's face, caressing her forehead and blond hair. She followed the curve of Lilly's chin with the tip of her finger and slid her hand along Lilly's neck. She let it linger on Lilly's collarbone slowly touching it slightly, doing random movements. Miley looked at Lilly and saw that she was enjoying what Miley was doing to her.

Miley's hand went down a little more and started unbuttoning Lilly's blouse. Lilly grinned at Miley, both of them shaking under the expectation, the excitement. As Miley kept taking care of Lilly's top, Lilly straightened up slightly and put her hands on each side of Miley's neck, kissing her passionately. Miley spread away Lilly's blouse and Lilly helped Miley taking if off of her. Lilly fell back on the bed, pulling Miley with her. Their lips met again and Lilly's hands disappeared in Miley's hair.

The kiss became more and more heated. Miley went down Lilly's neck and licked it, taking special care of Lilly's pulse point.

''!'' Lilly let out, as she held Miley's head between her arms, her hands still lost in her hair. Miley straightened up and took off her shirt under Lilly's burning eyes. She leaned back on Lilly and resumed her kissing. She grabbed Lilly's arms and pinned them behind her on the bed, preventing Lilly from touching her.

''Miley... you... can't... do that...'' Lilly pleaded. She desperately wanted to touch Miley. Miley smiled as she kept kissing her. She went down to Lilly chest. Lilly's back arched instantly. Miley grabbed Lilly by the waist, pulling her up, without breaking the kiss. She placed her arms behind Lilly, reaching for the attach of her bra. She slid down the straps along Lilly's arms and took it off completely. She kissed Lilly's collarbone as she was done and Lilly reached behind Miley's back and unhook Miley's bra. Miley straightened up to remove it.

''You're so beautiful.'' Lilly whispered, slightly caressing her girlfriend's stomach. Miley replied by crashing her lips on Lilly's, lying her down the bed, while she rested on top of her.

Miley's hand went down, leaving goosebumps on its way. She stopped at Lilly's belly button and slid down right next to her hand, starting kissing Lilly's stomach. She could see from there Lilly's body glistening with sweat. She slightly licked inside her belly button.

''Gosh... miley... no.more.teasing... Please.''

Miley smiled in the kiss, and obliged. No more teasing. She kissed her belly and went further down. Lilly was ready for her. She straightened up and placed her hands where Lilly obviously needed her as she went back up to kiss the love of her life.

Lilly was breathing heavily, her hip moving in harmony with Miley's hand. Miley watched her love going through so much pleasure. She was beautiful. She loved to see that she was the one that was making her feel so good. Miley stopped and looked into Lilly's eyes. ''You amaze me...'' she breathed out. Lilly smiled and leaned to kiss Miley again fiercely. Miley sped up what she was doing, sensing that Lilly was burning up and desperately wanted the release. Miley and Lilly were panting together, as a whole. Miley couldn't detach her eyes from Lilly's. She seemed so far away. She was lost in some other land. And by the grin on her lips and the expression of her eyes, Miley could swear this land looked a lot like heaven. Miley felt Lilly suddenly tense up. It was the moment. Lilly grasped Miley fiercely and looked at her. She was there. She was connecting with Miley at that exact moment. She wanted her to see she was the one to make her feel this way. Miley let her other hand touched Lilly's lips as she kept pleasuring Lilly. ''Faster, deeper.'' Lilly was screaming with her eyes. Miley obeyed to this silent orders. In no time, Lilly came, as Miley kissed fiercely on the lips, muffling her screams.

Miley collapsed on Lilly, out of breath. Lilly's heart was bumping in her chest, and she was panting. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat. Miley snuggled in her arms, her head on her chest.

''Hold me like you'll never let me go...'' Miley breathed.

Lilly tightened her grip around Miley's waist, still weak from the intense lovemaking she had just experienced. Miley let a tear of joy roll down her cheek when she heard Lilly whisper in her ear ''I'll never let you go Miley.''

Miley got up from bed a little before sunrise. She had to make it back home before her dad wake up. She delicately kissed a sleeping Lilly on the cheek and headed downstairs. She tried to be as quiet as she could and successfully reached the door.

Miley was beaming all the way to her house. She was in a cloud. It has just been a dream. A dream that taught her that Lilly and she were meant to be together. How could she ever doubt that in the first place? Everything reminded them of that.

She froze when she saw an old man standing in front of her. A man wearing a blue jacket and velvet pants... The man she had seen last night when she left Lilly, and the man of her dream. Strangely, she wasn't scared.

''Hey Miley,'' he smiled.

''Hi...'' How does he know my name?

''Having a good night?''

''Err... yeah...''

''Welcome back. I guess you learned your lesson...''

''My lesson? Wait, who are you? I keep seeing you everywhere.''

''You needed to see that what you have in life is the most valuable thing. You have found the one person that could make you happy more than anyone else. But you let your judgments being blurred with your doubts and fears. Stop seeing things that should not be seen. Live in the present. Treasure every second. No thoughts should be put in the past, and none should be put in the future either. The present must be fully lived. If you don't, your life goes through you and at the end, you realize you didn't live it. Unlearn what you have learned, and learn it all over again. Lilly helps you be the best you can be, as you help her being the best she can be. Not a lot of people have that chance, and I hope you know that now...You fought your shadows, your fears. You accepted them. This is the only reason why you came back.''

''Old man say what?''

The man didn't reply. He just smiled a last time and walked away. Miley watched him, her eyes wide opened. She has heard every single word he said, and she could feel each of them sinking into her.

A few minutes passed. The man had disappeared, but Miley wasn't moving, still shocked. It was just a dream, right? Yeah, this must have been a crazy man... although, what he said did make sense... Okay, so a not-completely-crazy man. She shrugged off the remaining unpleasant feelings. She shivered. Suddenly, she was very cold. She put her hands in her pockets. As she started walking again, she felt something brushing on her fingers. She grabbed it and pulled it out. Miley gasped: It was a necklace, the necklace that Lilly had given her in her dream...

''Sweet niblets!''


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