I'm sorry if this story is a bit slow to start with, I promise it will get better. This is Draco's story before he met Bowen and shared his heart with Einon. Ever wondered what he was always brooding about in the film? What about his true name? All is revealed!

Draco remembered it well as he sat by Bowen's fire.

The young dragon flew with the dawning sun behind him, lighting the thin wing membranes and the distant blue mountains that lay before him. He barrel-rolled in sheer delight, feeling the warmth of the sunlight on his back driving away the night-time chill, and he roared for no other reason than that he could.

And it was answered. Another dragon rose from the forest below, almost as dark as the green foliage, and of lighter build than him. It flew straight up with a speed that startled the newcomer; he banked to the left to avoid the green's fangs.

'Who dares invade my skies?' came the challenge; the green was female. A fireball nearly shot the young dragon from the sky.

'My name is Hanorh,' the copper replied, at once fearing and admiring the drakka's flying. 'I'm a vagrant.'

'It was a rhetorical question,' the drakka growled, spinning on a wingtip to attack Hanor again, trying to knock him out of the sky. But the copper rolled over and dodged the green's claws.

'And what is your name?' he called to the drakka as she turned to attack again.

'You must earn my name,' she replied, almost coyly.

It became a chasing dance over the forests and the blue veins of rivers that ran through them. Sometimes the drakka would try to attack to maim, more often she would ploy and merely bank away at the last second, rolling away in a way that captivated Hanorh. Always she herded the drake away towards the distant mountains. Sometimes the drake would remark on the beauty of her flight, or the way the sun gleamed on her scales, which was returned with streams of fire from the green female. Then as dusk fell and fog rolled in beneath the two dragons, the green sank into it, disappearing so effectively that Hanorh didn't even notice. He turned and made to follow, but lost all sense of direction as the fog became denser. So instead, the copper landed by a small stream, and decided to wait until the fog lifted. The drakka had chased him from her territory, but had entranced him, and he determined to find her again, and make her his mate. He settled down on the pebbled bank, sleeping with one eye open for the elusive drakka or anything that might think of harming him.

Aurha woke to birdsong and golden sunlight streaming into the mouth of her cave. Its walls glittered, glittering with thousands of gemstones that would be precious to men if they ever found the cave. The drakka did not intend for that to happen; men were nothing but trouble. She stretched and strode out to the ledge from which she could see everything of the surrounding countryside. The final tendrils of mist were retreating into shadow; no clouds gathered on the horizon – but what was that down in the valley? The drake from the day before, scouring the land for something, food, maybe? Or perhaps he was after her? The very thought made Aurha bristle with annoyance.

She chose to ignore him; unless he made a kill in her territory there was not much point in wasting energy. The drakka descended to a nearby river for a morning drink, revelling in the coolness of the crystalline water as it trickled down her throat. A gushing of wing beats made her look up.

Hanorh landed on the opposite side of the river.

'Why are you still here?' Aurha asked grumpily.

'I want to know your name, drakka,' the copper replied.

'You have not earned it, so I'm not going to tell you it.'

'How will I do that then?' he asked

'You won't.' with a great sweep of her wings the drakka took off, soaring into the sky as she had the day before. Hanorh followed a second later, trying to gain the height she had already achieved.

Aurha looked behind and below her and saw the drake following closely. This was so annoying! She swerved left and right, climbed and dipped, and all the while he stuck to her, his eyes never leaving her, trying to predict her movements.

'You're agile enough,' the green muttered, 'but are you fast?' Her wing strokes increased and she climbed higher and faster, trying to dislodge the drake from her trail. He fell behind, but did not give up.

After three days of this, both dragons were exhausted. Sometimes Aurha had turned and stalked Hanorh instead, and sometimes they just pranced around each other, neither pursuing the other, and revelled instead in the glory of each other's movements. Aurha began to admire her suitor's determination. Usually they gave up long before now.

'Am I worthy of your name yet, my lady?' he would call every now and then.

'Not yet!' she replied, laughing and spinning away into some other sequence that would take his breath away.

They landed together in a large clearing many miles from where they had started their dance. Night had fallen long ago and the green was hardly distinguishable from the dark forest around her. The sounds of crickets and other night-time creatures came in restful waves to the dragons' ears.

'The stars are shining brightly tonight,' the drakka said, looking at the sky, and one constellation in particular. Hanorh looked too. He could see the starlight reflected in the female's eyes, making her even more mysterious and beautiful.

She lay down where she was, curling her tail around slender legs hard with muscle.

'Do I have your name yet?' Hanorh asked. The drakka merely smiled and went to sleep.

So, did you guess? Hanorh is Draco's true name. I was trying to get something more easily pronounced in Drakine than english, and I might have achieved this...review and tell me what you honestly think!