Love Lessons

Scott Hall- Former wrestler- retired..Lives in Miami Florida..Grumpy confirmed bachelor and likes it that way.

Megan Brannon- Just moved to Florida from Virginia. Perky friendly mystery writer. Moves in the house right behind Scott's.

Summary- Take one grumpy man who had swore off marriage and relationships, throw in one friendly perky writer, add attraction and sparks, and see if you get a lifetime of love.

A/N- My Scott muse has been acting up again demanding a story, cant say I blame him, too few Scott stories out there. Anyway I am at his whim right now. This is not a continuation of Broken Halo, but there may be mentions of Characters from that fic, as it is that Scott that this story is about. It really bothered me leaving him in that big dirty house all alone and drinking with no one to love, I just had to fix that.

I don't own Scott Hall or WWE or WCW or any other stray wrestlers that may appear or be mentioned in this fic. I only own Original Characters.


Megan blew her loose hair out of her face. She went back to her little red VW bug parked in the driveway and took out the other box of books. She trudged back through the hot sun to the shaded front porch. She smiled. She loved this house. The first time she had seen it she knew she was going to buy it.

Megan had lived in Virginia her whole life, but when her publisher and friend Jo Lansing had told her about the house. She had flew into Miami to look at it and bought it on the spot. It wasn't a mansion, but it was perfect. It was a split level brick home with a enclosed front porch, right along with a porch swing, she imagined being able to come out early in the morning with her coffee and watch the sunrise.

The house itself had three bedrooms and two baths a huge beautiful fully modern kitchen and Megan liked to cook almost as much as she liked to write. There was huge deck out back and woods surrounded her house on both sides, she was only minutes away from the beach. The house was perfect.

Megan walked in the front door and took the books to the bedroom she was setting up as her office, the place where she would do her writing.

She looked at the room. She already had the computer set up and her desk. The bookshelves in and filled with book. "Perfect." She thought.

She had her long curly brown hair pinned messily on top of her head. She was shapely but not skinny. She ran five days a week to keep her shape, at thirty -two she realized the importance of staying in half way decent shape and her penchant for rich desserts would go straight to her hips if she sat and did nothing.

Megan was also a baker, at one time she had run a bakery where she had utilized her baking skills. That was back when she was a struggling writer. Now Megan was on the best selling authors list and had been for the past six years. She wrote mystery's and the occasional romance.

She laughed at the success of her romance novels, for some one who had no luck in romance she sure could crank out some hot ones. But there was nothing hot going on in the romance department for her. The one great romance in her life had ended badly. Trevor had been her world for four years. They had met seven years ago when her career in writing was beginning to take off. She had bankrolled his last few years of law school. They had met at a party they had both attended. He was a up and coming law student. Megan was a twenty -seven year old aspiring writer, had a few moderately successful books.

They had hit it off right from the start and Trevor had her in bed at the end of two weeks. He laughed and called her the world's oldest virgin.

Megan supposed that Trevor mocking something like her virginity should have been the first sign , that he was a ass hole. But she loved him.

He was tall and blond with a perpetual tan and deep blue eyes. She couldn't believe someone like Trevor was interested in her.

He proclaimed his love up until she had paid for his last two years of law school and then he promptly dumped her for a Barbie look alike, who he explained would make a perfect corporate lawyers wife. He told Megan he cared for her, but she just wasn't cut out to be a lawyers wife.

Megan sighed as she finished unpacking the box of books. It had been three years, and she for the most part had put the heartbreak behind her.

She hadn't as yet went into another relationship. She was by nature a upbeat person, so she wasn't one to wallow in self pity, but she couldn't trust another man, not yet.

Besides men weren't exactly beating down her door.

"You're the only man in my life." Meagan said picking up her big tom cat Duncan. He was huge and she had got him after the break up with Trevor. She kissed the big Grey cat on the nose and carried him to the kitchen. "How about some dinner buddy." She said grabbing the can of tuna off the counter. She looked out her back window as she opened Duncan's food.

She loved this house and property. She was pretty isolated , there were woods behind her house, but she knew there was large house just across the woods.

She sat the food on the floor for Duncan and stared out at the woods. She decided she would finish unpacking everything and then go explore the woods.


Megan's cell rang and she flipped it open. "Hello."

"Hey Meg..hows the unpacking coming?"

"Hey Jo, its great..I've finished and did I mention..I love this house." Megan said the excitement in her voice obvious.

Jo laughed. "She had know Megan since she had been signed with her publishing company. Jo was the agent who kept in touch with Megan, made sure her work progressing on schedule and took care of contracts. Over the years they had become good friend.

"Meg, you sound excited enough to pee on yourself, calm down." Jo said laughing.

Megan sat down at the kitchen table. " I cant help it, this is my dream house, I live in Florida now, I've always wanted to move here and I'm almost done with my new book, whats not to be happy about?"

"Wow, you got two months left on the book, I cant believe you're almost done." Jo said impressed.

"I'll send it overnight to you as soon as I'm done." Megan said.

"Okay Meg..I'll get away as soon as I can and come visit, this dream house of yours."

"Okay Jo..I'll talk to you soon." Lexi said and flipped the phone closed.

It wasn't quite dark yet, she had enough time to explore around the woods.


Scott sat on his deck overlooking the back yard and woods. He had just got back today. He smiled as he sipped his JD. He had just come back from visiting Bekka and Mark. Bekka was like a daughter to him, she had wormed her way into his heart real quick. There was just something about her.

He and Mark had been friends forever, and now that Bekka had married Mark, they were both like family. Bekka had been begging for months for him to come visit them on the road.

Kacy was getting bigger every time he saw her.

Scott wasn't much of a kid person, but Kacy was a sweetheart.

He laughed as he thought of Bekka's unsuccessful attempts to set him up with every available woman she knew. He knew she meant well, but Scott didn't need a woman in his life. When he got a itch, he would go find a woman to sleep with and that was it. He sure as hell didn't a woman coming in here, telling him what to do, when to do it, nagging at him for drinking to much, fuck that.

He was happy just the way he was.

Bekka kept insisting, he needed a wife, to keep his house clean and cook for him and he needed kids. Scott laughed out loud, no thanks to all three, as long as there was take out and restaurants, he wouldn't starve, as far as the house a little dirt and mess never hurt no one. Kids yea right, Scott figured he was to selfish to try to love someone more than he loved himself.

Scott heard singing coming from the woods. "Great." He said.

The house across the woods had been empty for three years. Now every couple of weeks he had to go back there and run off teenagers and kids playing in the creek that run across his property. Thats just what he needed was some kids getting hurt and trying to sue him.

Scott set down the bottle of JD cussing a blue streak, just when he was starting to relax.

Scott walked into the woods and followed his ears to the singing. It was coming from the creek. He was there in a matter of moments and stopped short, his breath catching thinking for a moment he had run across a water nymph.

She had long curly hair pinned messily on top of her head. She was around 5'4 with long tan legs and arms. She wore a light blue tank top with no bra apparently, he breasts were not small but a nice size, looked like they would just about spill out of his large hands. She had on denim cutoffs that barely covered the curve of her bottom. The shorts hugged the curve of her butt making him want to cover the cute cheeks with his hands. He didn't know the song she was singing, but her voice was beautiful and carried up the creek to his ears.

Scott felt his well worn denim jeans suddenly get tight in the front. "What the fuck." He muttered to himself. He wasn't a man that had trouble getting it up, he could still wear out any woman he knew.

But it had been a few years since just the sight of a woman had made it as hard as a brick. "She's dangerous." Scott said to himself.

"HEY YOU!" Scott yelled.

She was wading in the creek and turned to look at Scott a smile spreading across her face. "Hello..You must be my neighbor."

Scott was shocked, this woman lived in the house next door? He had a bad feeling about this.

Megan looked at the man, she couldn't really tell his age, although she would guess late thirties early forties. He was tall, a lot taller than her by the looks of it. He had ink black curly shoulder length hair and deep brown eyes. He had on well worn jeans that showed off muscular thighs and no shirt. His chest was well defined, his arms muscular, he had dark curls on his chest. Megan sighed, he was all man. "Wow wow wow" She thought.

"Are you aware you're trespassing on my property?" Scott asked glaring at her. Scott figured his was time to turn on the bad boy nasty attitude so he wouldn't have any problems with her in the future.

"Am I?" She said grinning at him and continued to wade in his creek.

Scott wasn't to happy at the way she ignored him. "Yes you are..see that cypress, the big one o the other side of the creek, thats our property line, yours ends there, my starts..the creek is mine." He snapped.

Megan climbed onto the side of the creek and sat with her feet dangling in the water.

Scott cursed under his breath, how did he get rid of her, looking at her was killing him.

"So you don't like sharing?" She asked still smiling at him.

Scott figured it was time to get mean, since she didn't seem smart enough to know, he was trying to be nasty with her.

"Look..I like my peace and quite, I don't want anyone nosing around on my property, and I sure don't want to sit on my deck and listen to that screeching you call singing every night." Scott delivered this in the most hateful voice he could muster. He waited for her to burst into tears and take off running to her house.

She did neither instead she started laughing and the sound was just as inviting as her singing he had just lied about. "I guess that means, don't give up my day job huh?"

Megan studied the confused look on his face and fell back in another fit of laughter.

Scott knew what was wrong, his new neighbor was a loon, as crazy as they come, why the fuck was she laughing at some one as scary as him?

Scott crossed the creek in under a minute flat. He had no intention of hurting her but she didn't know that, he thought. He was standing beside her looking down at her giving her an angry look.

She still had the giggles but managed to get out. "Oh my you're very big aren't you?"

Scott bent down and pulled her up. He wasn't rough though, he wasn't trying to hurt her.

Megan smiled at him. His hands were warm and big. He was very good looking, even more so closer up.

He walked her over to the big cypress tree and set her on the other side of it. "Stay off my property, if you don't, you wont like what happens." He said frowning at her.

"My names Megan..But no one calls me that, Call me Meg." Megan said still smiling broadly at him.

Scott shook his head. This woman was definitely cracked.

He looked at her smiling up at him, he wondered how old she was, she looked like a damn kid. Meagan or Meg seemed to old for her mischievous personality.

"Meggie..I'm Scott, stay off my property." Scott said and turned around and marched off.

"Meggie, huh..I think I like it." She said and laughing turned back toward her house and headed home.