Love Lessons

Scott Hall- Former wrestler- retired..Lives in Miami Florida..Grumpy confirmed bachelor and likes it that way.

Megan Brannon- Just moved to Florida from Virginia. Perky friendly mystery writer. Moves in the house right behind Scott's.

Summary- Take one grumpy man who had swore off marriage and relationships, throw in one friendly perky writer, add attraction and sparks, and see if you get a lifetime of love.

A/N- My Scott muse has been acting up again demanding a story, cant say I blame him, too few Scott stories out there. Anyway I am at his whim right now. This is not a continuation of Broken Halo, but there may be mentions of Characters from that fic, as it is that Scott that this story is about. It really bothered me leaving him in that big dirty house all alone and drinking with no one to love, I just had to fix that.

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Scott smiled as he talked to Bekka. "Honey congratulations, I know Mark is thrilled."

Bekka smiled. "Yea, He's so beautiful Scott, I cant wait for you to see him."

"I cant either, I'll try to get out before you and Mark get back on the road." Scott said.

"What did you name him by the way?" Scott asked.

Bekka laughed. "Thought you would never ask. "David Scott Callaway."

Scott about dropped the phone and he felt emotions clogging his throat. "Bekka honey."

"Hey I named him after my two dads." She said laughing.

Scott smiled. He was going to have to fly down and see them soon.

"So how are you and your neighbor getting along?" Bekka asked.

"Just great, so how does Kacy like the baby?" Scott countered.

"Scott Hall you're changing the subject." Bekka said.

Scott just laughed. "I love you Bekka, but my private life is my own."

"Stubborn." Bekka said.

They talked a few more minutes and Bekka hung up and rang Kevin. "Hello."

"Hey Kev, it's Bekka."

"Hey sweetheart, congratulations on the little guy, Mark called me." He said.

"Thanks, you have to come see him, before we go back on the road."

"I will, now whats up, I can hear it in your voice." Kevin asked.

"It's Scott, I know something is going on with him, but he wont say a word, I'm worried about him, when is the last time you seen him or talked to him?" Bekka asked.

"It's been seven months since that last visit, but I talked to him a couple of months ago, he didn't say anything about Meg, but Scott's private like that." Kevin said.

Bekka sighed. "Do you think you could go see him, and check on him?"

"Well I could, I mean it has been a while, and I admit, I'm as curious as you are. I'll book me a fight out in a couple of days and surprise him." Kevin said.

"Thanks Kev, I'm just worried." Bekka said.

Kevin said goodbye and hung up. Scott was weird the last time he talked to him, he figured he was still hung on Meg and not doing anything about it. Maybe Kevin needed to give him a push in the right direction.


The first thing Kevin noticed that was weird when he pulled up in the driveway was there was a huge expedition parked there.

Why the hell did Scott need something that big, he wondered, unless it was Meg's.

Kevin got out and walked up to the front door, he was about to knock when he heard a ruckus coming from inside.

Kevin shrugged and opened the door and rounded the corner from the foyer to the den. He raised his brows in disbelief.

There was three kids scattered all over the den.

"POPPY HE'S IN HERE!" A little dark haired boy yelled.

A little blond hair girl sat on the sofa laughing at the third child who looked to be just walking, he had brown baby fine hair and big grin and was running as fast as he could, Kevin knew it was a boy because the kid was buck naked.

Scott came around the corner from the kitchen and spied the baby.

The little blond girl started jumping up and down on the Sofa. "Poppy get him." She squealed.

The little dark haired boy tried to grab the baby, but the baby dodged him, he was pretty fast on his feet from the looks of it.

Scott stopped and looked at the little girl. "Stop jumping on the sofa."

She plopped down and smiled at him. "Sorry Poppy."

Scott grinned back at her and then reached out and snagged the baby lifting him up in the air. "You little monster." He said laughing.

The boy kicked his feet and giggled and Scott kissed him. "You better not pee on me again."

The little boy and girl laughed.

Kevin felt like he had stepped into a episode of the twilight zone. "Umm Scotty what the hell is going on?"

Scott turned and his mouth fell open. "Kev, hey whats up?"

The children all turned to look at him.

"Poppy I seen him on your wrestling tapes." The little boy said.

"Kev, this is Manny." Scott said pointing to the boy.

Manny stuck out his hand. And Kevin shook it. "Nice to meet you." Manny said.

"Come here Princess." Scott said.

She hopped off the sofa and ran over to Scott clinging to his leg. "This is Sammy, otherwise known as The Princess." He said laughing.

Sammy looked up at Kevin and smiled shyly.

"Hey Sammy." Kevin said grinning at her.

"This monster is Jordon." Scott said of the baby.

Kevin smiled at the baby, he was still in shock, so he didn't say much.

Scott went and plucked a diaper out of a diaper bag and plucked the little fellow down and put it on him, he rummaged some more till he came up with clothes and put them on the baby like a expert.

"Come on, you want some coffee or something?" Scott asked as he headed for the kitchen.

Kevin just followed him in a daze. He hadn't expected anything like this in a million years.

Kevin was even more in shock when he walked in the kitchen a huge cat lay sleeping on the floor curled up with ugliest dog, he had ever seen.

Megan was sitting in front of a high chair spooning some kind of baby food into another baby's mouth.

Megan saw Kevin and jumped up and hugged him. "Kevin, it's good to see you again. Scott if you'll finish feeding Robert, I'll fix Kevin some coffee."

Scott sat down and plopped the baby he had in another high chair and started feeding Robert.

"I was wondering why you had that huge expedition, now I know." Kevin said.

Megan smiled as she set a cup of coffee and cookies in front of him. "Thanks Meg."

"So Scott what up or should I ask?" Kevin said.

Scott shrugged. "We're foster parents." He said as if that explained everything.

Kevin wondered what had happened to Scott, this was just not him, maybe it was true that the right woman could change anyone.

Megan sensed the two men needed to talk. "Alright troops, it's nap time." She said expertly scooping up both babies, one in each arm. "Come on Sammy."

Sammy gave Scott a pathetic look. "Poppy I don't wanna no nap."

Scott picked the girl up and kissed her and put her back down. "Do what Mommy says."

Sammy sniffed and followed Meg out of the room.

"Poppy can I go play my video game." Manny asked.

Scott ruffled the boy's head affectionately. "Sure go ahead."

The boy ran off and Scott turned back to Kevin. "If there foster kids why are they calling Meg Mommy and you Poppy?"

Scott laughed. "Manny started that and Sammy picked it up, besides they been with us six months, there not going anywhere, I'm taking care of that. Jordon and Robert are twins, there just here for a few weeks till there adoption papers are finalized."

"Scott what happened to you, when I was here before, you're were fighting this thing with Meg, tooth and nail." Kevin said grabbing a cookie.

"I woke my stupid ass up. She's a wonderful woman and for some reason she wants me, thinks I'm worth a damn, and overlooks all the crappy shit I do, my fucked up temper, she don't care, she accepts me." Scott said sipping his coffee.

Kevin grinned. "Looks like Peter Pan has finally grown up."

Scott laughed. "Yea, about time too."

"So are you going to marry her or what?"

Scott sighed. "I've had a ring in my pocket for two weeks, but its kinda crazy around here and trying to be romantic with four kids in the house, well its hard, I'm trying to find the right time."

Megan came in the kitchen. "I'm going over to my house and check the mail, I'll be back in a little while." Megan said bending to kiss Scott.

Scott cupped the back of her head and deepened the kiss. Megan pulled back and smiled and left.

"Bekka sent me, you know, said you was hiding something." Kevin said.

Scott laughed. "I figured I would just show up at my next visit married and with kids and really blow her away."

Kevin grinned. "Yea, well you blew me away. But you know, maybe now is a good time to go pop the question, Meg's all alone in that house."

Scott grinned. "Yea but the kids..."

Kevin rolled his eyes. "I'm not a moron, okay, they'll be fine. I'm sure Manny will help if I get in over my head."

Scott jumped up and went in the den and sat down beside Manny, Kevin followed him in. "Manny I have to go do something, Uncle Kev is going to stay here with you guys, give him a hand if the babies, get crazy."

"Okay Poppy, wheres Mommy?" Manny asked looking up from his game.

"Well the thing is, I'm going to ask her to marry me, so you and Sammy and me and Mommy can be a real family, you know we want to adopt you." Scott said throwing a arm around the boy.

The boy threw his arms around Scott hugging him. "Do you think Mommy will say yes?" Manny asked hopefully.

Scott smiled. "I think so, but one way to find out, you be good for Uncle Kev, okay?" Scott said

"I will Poppy." Manny said.

Kev sat down beside Manny after Scott left. He was amazed at the change in Scott, it was hard to take in.

Manny looked up at Kevin. "Are you and Poppy friends?"

Kevin smiled down at the boy."Yea, best friends."

Manny smiled. "Poppy's my best friend too, he does lots of stuff with me..He taught me to ride a bike too."

Kevin couldn't help but smiled, the kid was cute. "Well thats a important thing to learn, what are you playing?"

Manny grinned. "Wrestling Raw VS Smackdown, want to play? I'm playing as the Undertaker, he's cool."

Kevin laughed and took the extra controller. "Sure."


Scott walked in the back door and looked around. Maybe she was outside on the porch. He checked there and then headed up the stairs. He looked in the bedroom, but she wasn't there.

He heard something and went to the nursery. Megan was in the middle of the floor crying her eyes out.

Scott had never seen Megan like this and it scared him.

"Meggie." He said rushing over and sitting down next to her pulling her in his arms.

"Baby whats wrong." He asked as he rubbed her back.

Megan buried her face in his chest sobbing. "Nothing."

"Meggie you not crying about nothing, tell me whats wrong." Scott said lifting her chin so he could look at her.

"I'm a selfish person Scott, I should be happy, I shouldn't be over here crying about what I don't have, I should be happy with what I have." She said and started crying even harder.

Scott was confused. He still wasn't sure what she was upset about. "Meggie tell me whats wrong, the truth."

Megan laid her head on his chest, she couldn't look at him. " I want a baby Scott, I know you don't and I'll get over it, it just hit me when I looked at the nursery. What we have now is enough. I love you Scott."

Scott felt like the worlds biggest jerk, It had taken him long enough to realize how he felt about Megan, he knew she wanted a child and he had been dragging his feet on proposing for too long, he should have told her how he felt months ago and she wouldn't have worked herself up like this. The fact that she was willing to give up having a child of her own for him touched him deeply, he knew how much that meant to her.

Scott got up and pulled her with him. He walked her over to the bedroom and slowly undressed her.

Megan didn't object, as always she wanted Scott, the need for him stayed with her all the time.

Scott lay her on the bed and undressed himself. He smiled as Megan lifted her arms for him to lay on her.

He nestled in between her legs and kissed her slowly his tongue licking her lips urging her mouth to open for him. When her lips parted Scott's tongue glided in stroking hers, making her heart race. His kiss was like fire to her and she returned it, pushing her tongue to meet his.

Scott moved his mouth down to her neck, licking and stroking with his tongue, he slid his hand between them down between her legs finding her wet and ready, as she always was for him.

"Meggie, I want to feel you, I want in you baby." He murmured against her skin.

Megan spread her legs wider, needing him, wanting him.

Scott took her hands and pushed them above her head, there hands clasped together.

Megan felt his shaft slide in her and she froze. "Scott stop." She said panicked.

"No Meggie...I need you." He said even as his hips moved his hardness sliding in her deeper making her moan.

"Scott you didn't." She gasped in mid sentence as he pulled out and slowly pushed back in her body.

"Shhhh Meggie, you feel so good." He crooned in her ear.

"Scottt you need to put a..." He cut her off with his mouth. His tongue slid in and plundered her mouth even as his hips rode slowly over hers.

She whimpered into his mouth as he rode her slowly and his mouth glued to hers kissing her deeply even as he plunged in between her thighs.

Megan gave up and all thoughts but Scott's movement in her body .

There hands stayed clasped together and Scott kept his lips to hers, his hips working her, making her crazy, making her need more and more of him.

Scott lifted his head and watched her, he always loved to watch her come, love to see the abandon on her face.

He knew she was close and he pushed into her her harder and faster. She gripped his hands hard as her body tensed. "Come for me Meggie." He whispered in her ear.

Megan whimpered and called his name as her release washed over her in long waves.

Scott picked up his pace and started thrusting hard and fast as his own climax approached.

"'re so tight." He whispered as he felt his muscles tighten.

"God Meggie." He moaned as he thrust hard one last time and spilled his seed deep inside her.

Megan reached up and kissed him, there hands still clasped together.

Scott pulled her hands down but still held on to them and he returned her kiss. He didn't pull out of her. He lay there there bodies still joined and kissed her gently.

Megan opened her eyes and gazed up at him. "Scott you didn't use protection." She said almost fearfully.

Scott let go of her hands and reached over to the pants he dropped in the floor and grabbed something, then he settled back between her legs. "Don't need to anymore." He lifted her hand and slid a beautiful ring on her finger. "Meggie, I love you...Marry me and make me the happiest man in the world."

Megan just stared at him in shock. "But..."

Scott kissed her cutting her off then he pulled back. "Not the right answer, its yes, Meggie, say yes."

Megan smiled then and looked up in his beautiful brown eyes. "Yes."

Scott grinned and kissed her long and hard and Megan wrapped her arms around him pulling him closer.

Scott looked down at her when he pulled back. "Meggie I told you once you deserve a prince, I'm not a prince, you know. I'm a jerk a lot of the time, my temper sucks, I know that. But I love you...I want to have babies with you..I love Sammy and Manny. I want us to adopt them..I even love that butt ugly dog you brought home and Duncan. I want us to be a family, a real family. You deserve better than me, but I'm damn grateful you'll have me."

Tears coursed down Megan's cheeks and she reached up to cup his cheek. "Scott Hall you are my Prince, you silly man..I love you and the kids and Bruiser and Duncan, we're already a family, but we'll make it legal." She said smiling through her tears.

Scott picked up her hand kissing her palm and the held it tight to his chest. Now that he had finally let go and told her how he felt, he felt like weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

Scott rolled to lay beside her and Megan put her head on his chest listening to his heart beat. "Meggie it was you that changed me, you kept smiling at me, kept putting up with me, everyday you showed me it was okay to feel, okay to love, okay to trust. I'm a little slow, it took me a while to catch on to your lessons."

Megan smiled at him. "It's okay Scott..getting here was half the fun."



Scott held Sammy up so she could peer down at the baby while Manny stood at the edge of the bed grinning.

"Poppy he's pretty." Sammy said.

Manny frowned up at his sister. "He's handsome not pretty, girls are pretty."

Megan laughed and ruffled Manny's hair. "You sound just like your Poppy."

Manny grinned as that was the greatest compliment in the world to him.

"So have we decided on a name?" Scott asked bending to kiss his wife who had there son cradled in her arms.

"Well if you like it...Nathanial Conner Hall. What do you guys think?" Megan asked.

Scott smiled. "I like it."

Manny reached out and ran a finger over the baby's cheek. "Me too."

Sammy looked at the baby then at Megan. "Me too, mommy."

"Well then I guess it settled, welcome to the family Nate." Scott said bending to kiss his son.

As he raised his head his eyes and Megan's locked. I love you Meggie."

Megan smiled that smiled reserved for him. "I love you too."