A/N Liley fic Miley's POV.


Chapter 1


"Do you think you can pass me the popcorn?" Lilly asked me as she stared off at the TV.

Lilly and I sat in the living room couch, watching TV with Lilly's younger brother on the ground, doing his homework. Lilly was stuck baby sitting Tyler tonight and so I decided to help her out since I had nothing better to do. Lilly and I were supposed to go out since it was my only day off without any concerts or CD signings, but Lilly's parents asked her to baby sit so here we are stuck with her bratty irritating brother, ruining our weekend.

I never realized how bad I felt when we had to cancel our plans. I never been so sad in my life, I guess I just wanted to spend more time with Lilly since we've been canceling our plans more often. It also brought me to why I decided to come here to help Lilly baby sit. I don't know I just want to talk to her but with her brother in the way it's not working out.

I reached for the table beside me, where the popcorn was and took the bowl without looking at it, handing it over to Lilly. She took the bowl from me and placed it on her lap.

"Man I wished we weren't stuck with your brother." I quietly said, hoping Tyler wouldn't hear me.

I glanced at Lilly and she smiled. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed.

"I know this sucks." She said and took a handful of popcorn and stuffed it in her mouth as she continued to watch the TV.

"Is that all you have to say?" I asked as she giggled at the show.

"Yes, you were the one who decided to stay with me so stop complaining and enjoy the movie Miley." Lilly said and snuggled closer to me.

I let out a loud sigh and reached for a handful of popcorn. I turned my head, looking down at Lilly's blond hair and smiled. Her hair always looked pretty. It's soft, silky and blond. I love blond hair on people, it just looks cute.

I subconsciously put an arm around her and took a strand of hair between my index and thumb, rolling it with my fingers. I stuffed popcorn in my mouth with my other hand and leaned against Lilly.

Lilly giggled and I couldn't help but notice how cute her laugh is. It's so strange and different, but it's still cute. I blinked a few times before I realized what I was saying, more like thinking. I shook my head and lifted my head from Lilly's.

"Lil-" I started, but Tyler jumped up from the ground and walked over to us with his homework in hand.

"I finished, you can even look, so now can I watch TV, please?" Tyler asked, shoving the folder in front of Lilly's face.

Lilly removed her head from my shoulder, taking the bowl of popcorn from her lap, and moved forward taking Tyler's work. She looked through it, like she was seeing if he really did his work, and set it aside.

"Whatever, but after this show!" She rolled her eyes and Tyler smiled.

"Yes!" He said and took the remote, which lay on my lap, from me and changed it to the Disney Channel.

"I said after the show!" Lilly shouted at Tyler as she lightly kicked his back.

"Ow! You said after a show, you didn't say which show." He told Lilly, keeping his face straight to the TV.

"You're so frustrating!" She shouted at him and sighed loudly.

"Ugh, do we have to watch the Disney Channel every single time you want to watch TV?" Lilly whined, only to move back to her spot next to me. This time she didn't put her head on my shoulder, but only sat straight with my arm lying on her back.

"Yes." He said more sternly this time and took the bowl of popcorn from us and sat down on the ground.

"Whatever, idiot." Lilly hissed and tapped her foot on the ground, staring at the TV.

I smirked. She's so mean to her brother, but he's mean to her right back. It's funny seeing the two fight and Lilly seriously has the cutest looks on her face when she's like this.

I shook my head. 'Ugh, keep it straight Miley, it's okay to check out a girl, but you have to stop saying how cute Lily can get. That's when you have to question yourself on things that don't need to be questioned.' I say to myself and tried to get into a more comfortable spot, but stiffened up as Lilly leaned against me once again.

I smiled at her as her face scrunched into a disapproving look. She glanced up at me, rolling her eyes as she nudged me.

"What?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Nothing." She said, but then poked at my side.

"Hey!" I pouted and nudged her right back.

"You're so silly." She giggled and took my hand from me. She started to examine it and watched her.

How can someone be so pretty when they're such a tomboy? I asked myself.

Lilly tucked behind a lock hair behind her ear as she brought my hand closer to her face. She was looking at my finger tips as her hands traced them then moving her soft hands to the palm of my hand. It made my hand slightly tingle as she continued these ministrations.

Her face looks so soft and smooth, her lips plump and the perfect shape, her eyes too perfect and bright. How can no one see how pretty she is just because she dresses a little too tomboyish? Seriously.

I didn't realize that Lilly was calling for me until she snapped her fingers in front of my face. She had dropped my hand on my lap and she stared at me with questionable eyes. I just hoped she doesn't realize I was checking her out in the normal girl way, or so I hoped it was.

"Sorry, what?" I asked making Lilly roll her eyes.

She moved forward, taking her bag from side of her. "I said, do you think you can help me out with a survey?"

"Sure, what kind of survey?" I asked while watching Lilly intently.

She placed it on her lap and unzipped it, digging inside for a folder. Once she retrieved the folder, she took out her survey and handed it to me.

"Just a regular survey. It's for my health class, a self learning kind of project." Lilly said, but only to be interrupted with her brother telling the both of us to be quiet.

"I'm trying to watch TV!" Tyler shouted.

"Shut up brat." Lilly snapped and looked back at me. Her mouth opened once again once she got ready to talk again, but I clamped my hand over her mouth.

"Let's just go to your room or something." I suggested and she nodded.

I dropped my hand and got up from the couch and she did as well.

"Ty, if you go outside, hide, or do anything bad while I'm in my room, I'm going to rat you out in what you did yesterday." Lilly said in a taunting voice.

"You wouldn't." Tyler hissed as he turned to the both of us.

"I would, now behave; I'll be back down in 15 minutes or so." Lilly said and then took my hand, leading me up the stairs to her room. Once we got there, she closed and locked the door.

"What is this bad thing Tyler did?" I asked and Lilly shrugged.

"I have no clue." Lilly chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and sat down on the end of Lilly's bed. I looked at the survey and read the first question aloud.

"How do you feel about homosexuality?" It said and I gasped. "What kind of survey is this?" I asked her and Lilly laughed, walking toward me.

"It's for my Health class. We're supposed to ask 10 people these questions and it's weird." Lilly shook her head. "I doubt anyone would really tell the truth in these things."

With that Lilly sat down on my lap to read the questions with me.

My heart beat hard against my chest, as Lilly leaned against me. I could smell her, her scent so sweet and delicious, almost makes me want to…

I shook my head and put my chin on Lilly's shoulder.

Ugh, I need to concentrate.

She took the survey from my hands and read the second question out loud.

"What is your orientation?" She questioned.

"Lilly, how am I supposed to answer this when you're here?" I asked, being a bit sarcastic. "For all I know, I could be something you might think I'm not." I joked and Lilly rolled her eyes.

"Come on Miley, it's just a few questions and I thought you trusted me." Lilly said with her voice sounding slightly hurt.

Aw! I frowned and wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her close to me.

"I'm sorry I do trust you!" I said in a serious tone and kissed her cheek from behind.

"Yay!" She said and turned her body, wrapping her arms around my neck.

We stayed this way for a second and I blushed once I realized Lilly's chest was crushing mine, it kind of hurt, but whatever. This is kind of awkward.

"Anyway." Lilly said as soon as she let go of me. "Are you going to answer them?"

She sat sideways now, with her shoulder against mine and her legs between mine. She crossed her legs and I settled a hand on her knee as I lay my head on her shoulder.

"Yeah." I sighed and closed my eyes for a second.

We sat there in quiet and I bit my lip. I had the sudden urge to find out my own orientation right here and right now. It's kind of embarrassing, but I needed to know these things. It would be weird if I said I was straight but I wasn't. Heck earlier I was practically questioning myself with my own sexuality.

I opened my eyes and gazed at Lilly, seeing that she was just staring at the door. I took a sharp intake of breath and moved my face closer to her neck until my lips lightly brushed her skin. There, I felt Lilly stiffen in my arms.

I started to think about pulling away, but why should I? She's not doing anything so why not take a chance in actually trying to be with a girl? But then… she'll hate me and we're friends… man what do I do?

I paused with my lips just a breath away from her neck.

Screw it, I'm doing this.

I pressed my lips against her neck once again, letting butterfly kisses along her neck until her earlobe. I nipped at her earlobe, allowing my tongue to trace her outer ear and to her the lobe section. I kissed her cheek and once again moved over to kiss her neck.

I tightened my grip around her waist as I licked the crook of her neck, sucking on the skin, and moving to lick her throat. She whimpered, but I didn't care, I just wanted her to feel good.

I found my hand on her knee slowly stroking upward to her thigh, feeling her shudder against me. She didn't say stop or do anything so I continued to kiss and suck on her skin.

"Miley…" She softly said and I looked up to only see her eyes closed with her face red.

I lifted my hand that was on her thigh to her cheek and I brought my lips from her neck to her lips, pulling her into a soft kiss. Her lips felt better than I thought they would be. So smooth, sweet, I just felt like I needed more.

My hand slid from her cheek and down over her breast, cupping it as I leaned more into the kiss, I traced my lips against her lower lip and soon her lips parted. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and felt her tongue brush against mine. She was responding to the kiss, but doing nothing more as in to touch me back.

We broke the kiss and I trailed kissed down her jaw and back to her neck. I found her collarbone and kissed the spot. I allowed my lips to part against the skin, slowly nipping at it as she let out a throaty gasp.

She angled her head so I had more access to that one spot when I dropped my hand from her breast, suddenly slipping under her shirt and working its way up her smooth stomach and over her bra covered breast.

I could sense her enjoying this which excited me even more. I never knew doing this to another person could be so… exhilarating.

She grunted and I smirked against her skin. Just as I was about to step into the next level, we were interrupted with banging against Lilly's door.

"Lilly, I'm hungry!" It was Tyler.

Lilly let out a disappointed sigh.

"C-coming." She choked out.

This was my cue to stop everything and try to think of an excuse of my actions. I dropped my hand from her shirt and stopped nipping at her collarbone. I blushed a deep red color when Lilly looked at me with innocent eyes. I probably screwed everything up by kissing and touching her.

Oh man, I'm so stupid.

She stared at me with her eyes wide, but said nothing to me. She just bit her lip and got up from my lap, crossing her arms over her chest and walking over to the door.

I watched her as she walked to the door, straightening herself out before opening the door. She found Tyler staring at her with his hands over his stomach.

"I'm hungry!" He whined and Lilly looked back at me one last time before following Tyler out of the room.

I sighed loudly and dropped back onto the bed.

"Why the hell did I do that?" I softly said and covered my eyes with my hands and groaned.

I closed my eyes, only to remember the kiss, the feel, just everything that happened a few minutes, even seconds ago.

Things will definitely be awkward between me and Lilly now.