A/N: Set around 20 years of age for both of them (she should be a Jounin by then, I think...)

Venus In Furs

"Dammit Neji, get back here!"

Sounds of an angry explosion ripped through Konoha on what would have been an unusually peaceful Sunday morning. The addition of violence to the ambient strains of noise simply made that day a little more normal.

"They're at it again," Sakura droned. Ino rolled her eyes in agreement.

"You'd think he'd learn by now," mentioned Sakura, leading the way into the dango shop.

"Oh please, at this point, he probably does it on purpose," Ino countered.

A kilometer away, Tenten whirled through the air, a perfect spiral that released ungodly amounts of steel – all aimed at her sparring partner, with whom she was considerably annoyed at the moment.

"Tenten, don't..." Neji began, interrupting himself when he saw the need to begin the Heavenly Spin, lest Tenten skewer him.

Landing on a tree, Tenten hissed at him. "You know how much it bothers me when my hair is down. It gets in my eyes and takes me a whole minute to put back into place. Do you know what can happen in a minute during battle, Neji? Do you?"

Another barrage of weapons. Neji was getting tired.

"You're getting stronger as a result of our current spar. If an enemy ever managed to do this to you, you'd have his head. What's the problem?" Neji asked.

"The problem," Tenten replied as she launched a spiked bomb – one that Neji barely avoided – "is that we weren't battling. We were going out for breakfast!"

Neji looked up, making just enough time to see Tenten mid-flight, lovely brown locks caressing her face as she turned her head to aim yet another wave of weapons at him, before he had to spin again. Fingering the ribbons he had deftly plucked off her head – loosing her roan-brown tresses – he began the Kaiten, content that he had been able to enjoy seeing his girlfriend's chocolate-colored hair let down and spar with her today.

However, the morning's exertions were proving to be a bit much for the Hyuuga genius on a empty stomach, and Tenten was a Jounin now, which meant...


...that Tenten could be very lethal when irritated.

Neji cut behind a tree after Tenten had unsheathed her katana and flung it at him, landing only inches away from his head. But the sight of his beloved with her hair down would distract any man, genius or not, and too late he saw the scroll Tenten had left behind that very tree. He should have known she would never have thrown a katana, unless...

She wanted him to walk into a trap.

From afar, Tenten detonated the scroll, sending close to a hundred shuriken hurtling in Neji's direction. Neji felt his heart pound in his chest, knowing full well he was about to lose the match, feeling just a slight twinge of fear (in a Hyuuga? Never!), even though he knew she would not kill him (although he knew she could). Only Tenten could make him feel afraid.

Using chakra strings, Tenten controlled each and every shuriken she sent towards her boyfriend. In the blink of an eye, Neji was pinned to the tree by his clothes, angry points of steel biting into his skin, some drawing blood, all feeling very uncomfortable. Neji sighed, defeated, as Tenten walked up to him.

"I'll be taking these back," she said, reaching for the two maroon ribbons he had stashed in his pocket. Neji breathed deeply as she did so, enjoying the close-up of Tenten with her hair down, getting drunk on the lovely smell of honey-scented shampoo she used to wash her hair every day. She came up slowly, knowing full well her effect on him, letting him enjoy himself, even from his captive position. She brushed her lips past his and let him bury his nose in the strands of her hair that hung in front of his face as she pressed her cheek up to his face and whispered in his ear.

"Stop making me beat you," she growled.


Neji was blowing out the lamps in their apartment, getting ready to go to sleep, when he noticed the two maroon ribbons sitting helplessly on the counter. Taking the ribbons and a pair of scissors, he sat down to destroy them. He had just finished cutting up the second one when Tenten walked out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. Neji looked up, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Tenten's eyes widened in indignation, then narrowed in anger. Neji could see the rage that was building up inside her, like a fountain ready to burst. He smiled.

"Punish me, Tenten."




Author's Note: You like? You not like? Let me know! Thanks to Cyberwolf for the plot-bunny muse (via the fanfic "Through Jealousy").