Just Another Victim

By: Matrix Taylor

Type: Angst

Rated: E (for everyone. I think this is important for everyone to read this)

Anime: Inuyasha

Summary: A Prelude introducing my first Inuyasha story.

A woman overdose and she dies

Or killed by the dealer she owes to whom she lies

A guy working on power lines during a storm

Lightning strikes and he fries

Just another victim

A suicide victim who jumps from the roof

Known to the school as kind and a goof

A car accident where no one survives

Just another victim

Or when someone is really sick

Or someone dies trying to rob the bank quick

Or when someone fighting for their country in war

Just another victim

But what happens when you have a little girl

To you suppose to mean the world

Witnessing things that she should not see

And the thoughts in her head is, "it's all because of me"

What happens when she wears your scars?

What happens when you won't put him behind bars?

What happens when you slowly become

Just another victim?

Tell me, what happens when that day come

When he's beaten you until you're numb

When she gets in the way, and he hurts her instead

What happens when you're little girl is dead?

What happens when you're daughter becomes just another victim?

Now you finally realize

The thing in which you denied

If you realized it earlier, you would not be crying,

"She was not suppose to be just another victim!"



AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yeah, I know it's sad. But, it sort of proves my point. Abuse takes the toll on even the innocent. R&R