1Your hand fits perfectly in mine, did you know that? Like they were meant for each other or something.

I know what you'd say if I ever told you, though. You'd smirk and tell me that all hands do that, so I should just get over myself. But all hands aren't like that. My brother's hand was always so much bigger than mine, covering me, swallowing my small hand whole. It was both the safest feeling in the world and terrifying, all at the same time. And Sakura! Her hands are small and delicate, and the one time I ever touched them, I felt like I was going to shatter them.

But you...your hands are small and strong, work-roughened, yet soft and gentle. Your entire clashing personality is reflected in your hands, and I can't imagine them any other way.

I'll never tell you directly, but I think you know how much I like holding your hand. You pretend to be embarrassed when I reach for your hand during a movie or at the ramen stand, but you've never turned me away. You simply slide your perfect little hand into my larger one, nudging your fingers into the spaces between mine. Sometimes, you even trace my palm with your thumb before settling us together, your face tinged a light pink at your own daring. Its cute.

Hell, its downright adorable.

I'll never say it, but I love the way our hands fit together. The thought of that simple skin contact is what keeps me going through the day, and actually getting to do it sends me into a near-euphoric state of mind that I almost find scary. Because, and I know how horrible and sappily romantic this sounds, the biggest, meanest, widest distance between us are the gaps between our fingers.

And god knows, the spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled by mine, and the spaces between my fingers are where yours will forever stay.


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