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He was beautiful.

His head tossed back in ecstasy and rapture. Ghastly hands stroked his slender frame, running over wrinkled shirt. His lips bore down on the elfin neck and pearly teeth took a vampiric bite.

Luis tried to move to or away from the sight. He and Corny had stumbled under a weeping willow tree, where—curse their luck—mischievous fey surrounded them. They took one look at him and turned to Corny. Beautiful Corny. They stroked him, caressed him in ways Luis could only imagine.

Lustfully and erotically, he arched into the body of the fey. Fine-looking, cursed hands touched elfin flesh. Touched an unknown fey so intimately, when Luis could have only felt cloth of accidentally brushed hands.

Luis was unaware that he had shouted, "Neil!" A false name, he knew when he eavesdropped on a private conversation with the green pixie, Kaye. Cornelius, it probably stood for. He smiled fleetingly before pulling the bewitched boy's shirt to get him away from the faeries. Luis's own name, with a mild switch of the vowels, was part of this striking boy's name.

Corny was on his knees, panting with pleasure and exhaustion. Drool worthy. Then the faery once again touched Corny's calf, enticing him to its bidding. Kneeling so his lips were nearly aligned with the Corny's lusciously, red kissed lips. He was unimaginably close to the other. His breath tangling with Corny's, made him unable to resist temptation. Luis kissed him. Pressing urgently, willing Corny to open his mouth. Nearly groaning in pleasure when he did, sliding tongues too briefly to sate his desire.

Knowing it was suicidal to go on, he breathlessly ordered Corny to hold his hands while he bound them. Bound such artistic hands with such potential, he imagined binding them in different circumstances. Immediately dismissing the fantasy, he asked Corny to thread his fingers together, hoping his voice did not crack. Luis leaned in for another bewitched kiss.

He immediately felt the body tense and pull away.

Corny was looking at him in horror. Horror that Luis evoked by sealing scarred lips against his alluring mouth. "I'm sorry." Luis took a step to follow, to reassure. "I'm-" Sorry? You said that, fuckwit. "I didn't-" Of course you meant to. "I thought-" What, that he would enjoy it once he realized he was enchanted?

"I'm? I didn't? I thought?" Corny shouted, repeating his insecurities.

He was still beautiful when he helped brushed soft hair away from the symmetrical face as he heaved among dead flowers from the left over taste of Luis in his mouth.