Chapter Eight: Punkettes VS The Beautifuls

As we passed through the curtains, we held hands and walked into the backstage.

Shannon turned to me; he put a hand on my cheek. "I, uh, don't mean to bee too sudden but I just want to let you know… I love you. And I'm really happy that -- "

I put my finger to his lips and smiled sweetly. "Shan, I understand and yeah, me too."

I stood on the ends of my toes to reach up and kiss him. It was just a small one at first, but it turned more into romantic and passionate. Our tongues tangled together, massaging one another's gently. He made my senses absolutely tingle.

"Hey, hey hey! No making out in the halls!" said a female voice in a joking manner.

We broke it off and looked over to who the voice belonged to. It was Bree with Matt and Jeff at her side.

Shannon smiled sheepishly. "Oh, hey guys."

"So is it true you two are really back together?" Jeff asked.

"Yep." Shan said proudly. He gave my hand a tiny squeeze.

Bree came over and put both of her hands on our shoulders. "Good, because she was driving me up the wall. It's your turn to take care of her now."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "Go on. Tell your jokes."

She giggled and then said looking at me "Yeah, but I was wondering if you wanted to be one of my cheerleaders in my squad for this scene I'm doing with Matt and MVP."

I gave her a confused look. "Cheerleader?"

"Yeah, he's doing this scene where his cheerleaders are coming out to... well cheer him on while he goes against me." Matt explained.

"In what kind of contest NOW?" I laughed. From what I can remember, Matt and MVP have had every type of contest you could think of! From arm wrestling to pizza-eating. It's crazy, I know.

"Jump-rope." Matt said. "Whoever can jump the most wins."

"And don't worry, he won't be throwing up this time." Bree joked.

Matt gave her a look and stuck out his tongue. "Nyeah."

"Hmm, it sounds good. Sure." I accepted. "What's the name of our team?"

"The Punkettes." Bree said proudly.

I nodded. "Ooh, sounds good; I like. What's MVP's squad's name?"

"The Beautifuls."

I scoffed. "Tsh, typically. Lemme guess, it's going to be mostly all the blondies from Smackdown!"

"Mostly. But not all." Bree responded. "So you in?"

"I'm in." I nodded.

"The following contest is a jump roping match! Introducing first, from Miami Florida weighing in at 252 lbs; he is half of the World Tag Team Champions and the United States Champion -- MVP!" Tony announced his arrival.

Montel's entrance music started out with tickin of a clock and then turned into hip-hop. He came out dressed in his fight attire and his two belts on his shoulders. He stepped up and slipped in through the ropes of the ring. Tony then handed him his mic.

"You know, this match shouldn't even go on. Everyone know's I will win. Unlike the past contests, this one is in my hands." Montel said confidently. "Why you ask? Because I am the boss, I'm also tough, aaaand... I've got my own personal cheerleadin' squad to back me up."

"Cheerleading squad?" Cole repeated confused. "What's MVP taking about?"

"I don't know." JBL responded. "But he's the boss and he does what he wishes."

"Wow John..." Cole said.

"Yeah, that's right, I've got my own girls to cheer me on while I beat the holy hell out Matt Hardy." MVP continued. "So without further ado, put your hands together for The Beautifuls!"

Cherry's music came on as she walked down the runway with Kristal, Maryse, Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson and Victoria following along. They were dressed up in neon pink cheerleading outfits with tank tops, mini skirts, and white tenneshoes. The group of women didn't enter the ring, but stood in MVP's corner.

"Now you see, these are true American cheerleaders. Goregous, free-spirited and--"

Montel was interrupted by Matt's theme song playing.

'Oh YE-EAH!! WOO!!'

He looked over to the entrance with a facial expression of disgust. The brunette Cameron native came out with a smirk on his face and a microphone in his hand.

"Hey boss, that's a nice squad you got there. In fact, just for the occasion, I got my own cheerleaders as well." Matt said.

"Whoa, this should be interesting!" Cole exclaimed.

" 'The hell you talking about Hardy?" Montel said ignorantly.

"Yeah, I just thought I'd do the same. You know, since you're such a great role model to me in all." Matt responded. That smirk was still on his face. "So let's introduce my girls -- The Punkettes!"

Since Bree was our squad leader, her entrance 'Caller 10' came on with us following behind her. We had on black corsets with plad mini skirts and on our legs were fishnet stockings. On our feet were big black combat boots and our jewelery was mostly made up of studs and spikes. The Punkette Squad was made up of Bree (obviously), Ashley Massarro, Mickie James, Maria, and Beth Phoenix from RAW, and myself.

Montel chuckled arragontly "What is this? That's not a squad, it's a bunch of pathetic-looking freaks! I mean, seriously, can they even do a simple cheer? Watch this. (He turned toward The Beautifuls) Girls, just like you rehearsed."

They got into poistion and then started to preform. "We want some Punkette meat! Punkette meat - Punkette meat! How do we want it? How do we like it? RAH! RAH! RAH!"

I looked at Bree who had an unimpressed expression on her face. She merely smiled in a smug-like way. She tapped Matt on the shoulder and asked for his mic. When he gave it to her and she spoke up now. "Hey well MVP, these 'pathetic-looking freaks' have a cheer of our own."

Now it was time for us to show THEM how to do it. All six of us scattered into position and started. We stomped one foot at a time in a repeatitive beat while clapping our hands. "Boom! Yeah we're TNT! Don't touch us, don't touch us! We'll set off exploding; knockin' you down. Don't touch us, don't touch us!"

We then put our heads down and stopped for a second. Everyone might have thought that was it, oh but we had more.

"You think your hot shit? Yeah? Well listen up! We'll push you down and get back up! Yeah, yeah go Punkettes. What? Yeah, go Punkettes. BOOM!"

The audicene roared with cheers for us. But still, MVP looked at us like we were horse shit.

"Wow that was a complete waste of my time." he insulted us. "But if your so confident that you'll win, then bring your ass down here and we'll start the show."

Matt smirked. "Okay then, let's dance."

He headed down the runway. He wasn't running, but more like speed-walking. The rest of us looked at Bree for answers like should we stay here, or go with him?

Bree cocked her head toward the ring. "Let's move."

We did and followed our leader and her husband confidently that we were gonna help him win.