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Pairing: Kanda/Allen, hint of Lavi/Allen but nothing major happens…

Trembling Heart
Chapter One

Kanda's POV

He lay there hurt. Bandages covered both of his eyes. His breathing was shallow and harsh. The doctors said he might not make it. He was in a coma they said and for some reason his body was changing. That's what that Komui said.

"How is he?" Lenalee asked as she walked in.

"Same." I reply harshly.

She's come to relieve me of my 'babysitting' duty.

"Kanda, are you alright? You haven't talked about what happened." She said trying to get me to talk.

I grunted and left. I had a reason not to speak about what happened. I could have done something to prevent what had happened.

Lenalee's POV

Poor Kanda. He blames himself for what had happened. Now our friend, I'm not sure if he is a friend to him, is lying in a hospital be near death. Soon after he leaves I sit down. It hurts seeing him like this.

"Wake up soon. We're all worried about you." I say to him as I brush some of his hair back.

I sit and watch him breathe. It hurts to watch and I cry silently to myself. I brought a cloth for my eyes. Before I know it my turn is over. I stand when I hear the door open. I leave without saying a word. I blame myself like Kanda. I could have done something to protect him. He saved our lives by taking the full blow of the attack. What could I have done to save him?

Lavi's POV

He looks like he's in a deep sleep. All of us blame ourselves for what happened. Lenalee left without saying a word to me. She's being pretty harsh on herself and Kanda won't talk to anyone about what happened. Komui said that his body is changing. He believes the last attack is the cause of it. He was safe, but he took the blast for us. Damn him! It's because of his soft heart. Always taking responsibility for what happens. When he wakes up, I'm having a long talk with him. I lean back into the chair and sigh. Komui was supposed to be coming to check up on him. I can hear his troubled breathing and my heart dropped. He's like a brother to me.

"Damn you Allen! Why did you do it!?" I yell at him.

I sigh and look up at the ceiling. I know the answer. He didn't want to see us hurt.

Normal POV

The door opened and Lavi looked at the person. Komui strolled in and walked over to the bed. Timcampi sat on Allen's pillow protectively.

"How is he?" Komui asked.

"Still the same. How long will he be like this?" Lavi asked.

"We don't know; weeks, months or years. I'm hoping it'll be soon." Komui replied.

"Do you know why his body is changing?"

"The last attack did it. I also know what Allen will look like when the transformation is complete."

Lavi looked at him and stood. Komui cleared his throat and looked down at Allen.

"You're not going to like this. I don't like it since we don't know what his mental state is…"

To be continued…

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