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Lavi's Babysitting Adventure Part 2

"NOT AGAIN!" Lavi said as he ran through the order.

"Looks like the girls went missing again." Krory said as Lavi ran past them.

"Hopefully they didn't get the robot again." Miranda said as Lavi went past them the other way.

"I think they said something about Hevlaska." Krory said in thought.

"THANKS KRORY-KINS!" Lavi said as he ran down a hall.

"Or they were cooking with Jerry." Krory finished.

"He's gone." Miranda said pointing.

"I haven't seen the girls." Hevlaska said as Lavi sighed.

"Great, might want to check with Jerry." Lavi said as he crossed his arms.

"Allen and Kanda on a mission?" Hevlaska asked.

"Sort of." Lavi replied turning. "See you later."

"They are users."

Lavi turned and looked at Hevlaska.

"Both Ayame and Hikari are exorcists."

"Great, don't tell the parents." Lavi said as he left.

"I'm afraid I already did." Hevlaska said when Lavi left. "He's got trouble in the near future."

"Like this Jerry-san?" Ayame asked as she whisked the batter.

"Perfect." Jerry said as he checked on Hikari. "How are you coming along?"

"Biscuits are almost finished." Hikari replied as she finished cutting the biscuits out of the dough.

"There you two are."

Both girls looked to see Lavi. He was panting.

"Wanna help us?" Ayame said with a smile. "We're cooking."

"No thank-you." Lavi said as he sat on a stool. "I'll burn it."

"When are you and Aunt Lee Lee going to marry?" Hikari questioned making Jerry laugh.

"Whenever your Uncle Komui says we can." Lavi replied making the girls giggle.

"Can we go into town today?" Ayame asked as Jerry helped her pour the batter into a pan.

"Sure but you have to listen to me." Lavi said as he pointed to them. "No running away."

"We promise." Both girls said as Jerry put their cake in the oven with the biscuits.

"I should make you sign a contract." Lavi murmured. "But you can't write."

"Your cake should be done by the time you get back." Jerry said as the girls nodded.

"What is it you wanted to pick up in town?" Lavi asked as the girls ran over to him.

"We want to get something for Papa and Father." Hikari replied.

"We want to get them something for the new baby!" Ayame said twirling.

"BABY!?" Lavi said jumping up.

"SHHHHHH! We aren't to tell!" Hikari said as Ayame clapped her hands over her mouth.

"Oh great, they went to accept Rhode's offer." Lavi murmured and ran a hand through his hair.

"Can we go please!" both girls said with puppy dog eyes.

"YES! HOLD OFF ON THE EYES!" Lavi said covering his eye.

The girls laughed and twirled around. Lavi sighed as Jerry laughed.

"You'll have your hands full." Jerry said.

"Yeah I know. But Lenalee claims it's training for when we have kids." Lavi replied as she girls grabbed his legs.

"Let's go!" Ayame said. "We need to get Papa something!"

"Please hurry." Hikari said pulling at Lavi's jacket.

"Alright we're going." Lavi said as he started to walk with the girls attached to his legs.

"I wonder what kind of trouble they will cause this time." Jerry said as he went back to his work.

"Thanks for coming Gramps." Lavi said as the girls sat in the boat looking around.

"You'll need the help." Bookman said as the girls finally sat down.

"Uncle Lavi, do you have our innocence?" Hikari asked as Lavi glanced down.

A black bag sat between his feet. Komui had given it to him before they left.

"I'm not going to let you use it unless something happens." Lavi replied as Ayame pouted.

"Why can't we?" she questioned.

"The Earl of Time must not find out about the two of you." Bookman answered.

"So what do you want to get your Papa?" Lavi asked.

"Subject change." Hikari said pointing.

"Don't know." Ayame replied. "Window shopping."

"Should have brought Lenalee." Lavi said with a sigh.

'He has no idea what's about to happen.' Bookman thought.

Lavi held onto the two girls' hands tight. His eye constantly scanned the crowd. The girls were looking in the windows as they walked by. Bookman walked behind them.

:Hikari what do you think?: Ayame asked her sister through their link.

:Nothing yet.: Hikari replied.

Lavi shook his head. 'They're talking through their mind link again.'

The girls were now almost 5 years old. Both had stopped wearing girly clothes. That's what they said. Now they wore black pants and boots. They did wear kimono like tops Kanda had made every year for them. It was shortly after the Komurin incident did everyone find out about their connection. Hevlaska said it was because they were a special set of twins since they didn't look like identical twins. The two could talk to each other via a mind link. That's how they were able to plan everything out without everyone knowing what they were going to do.

'Wish I could read minds like them sometimes.' Lavi thought. 'I don't like how the air feels.'

:Aya! Look on your right!: Hikari said.

Ayame looked and she nodded toward Hikari. Both tugged on Lavi's hands. He looked down at them.

"Did you see something?" Lavi asked them.

"Yeah, in the window." Ayame said as she pointed.

"There's a pocket watch." Hikari said. "Two of them."

"Matching watches?" Bookman said as they walked up to the window.

"Papa always complains that they don't have watches." Ayame stated.

"Both have different time sets. They never look at the same clock." Hikari inserted.

"Oh yeah, I remember those fights." Lavi said as they looked at the watches. "Not that expensive either."

"Is it alright that we get them?" Ayame asked as she looked up at Lavi.

"Sure, did the two of you bring your savings?" he asked as he knelt down.

"All together we have about 4000 Euros." Hikari said as she held out a change purse.

"Well, whatever that doesn't cover I'll pay for it." Lavi said as he stood.

"I can't believe that they got them on sale." Lavi said as they walked back to the order. "They only spent 2000 Euros."

"We could go back and buy that dress." Ayame said making an anger mark appear on Lavi's forehead.

"Very funny." Lavi said as the girls giggled.

Suddenly there was a big explosion. Lavi turned to see 3 level two akuma.

"Gramps! Take the girls and get out of here!" Lavi yelled as he grabbed his hammer.

"Come!" Bookman said as he grabbed the girls and ran.

"Oudzuchi Kodzuchi!" Lavi yelled as he twirled his hammer. "GROW! GROW! GROW!"

"Stay here and do not move." Bookman said as he sat the girls down in a hole. "I will help Lavi. Stay where it's safe."

Bookman jumped away and the girls held each other.

:Hikari, what should we do?: Ayame asked.

:Did he leave our innocence here?: Hikari replied.

Ayame pulled up the black bag. Hikari grinned and they opened the bag.

"Lavi!" Bookman yelled as the redhead hit the ground.

An akuma jumped at Lavi before he could react.

"Shit!" Lavi said as he braced himself.

There was the sound of gunshots and something whistled in the wind. Lavi opened his eye to see the akuma be hit by bullets and a shuriken. He blinked in confusion.

"What the…" Lavi said as he heard feet behind him.

"UNCLE LAVI DUCK!" a voice yelled.

Lavi ducked and the shuriken went over head. He rolled onto his stomach to see Hikari holding a larger shuriken. His mouth dropped open at the sight.

"You used your innocence!?" Lavi said as he jumped to his feet.

"You needed help." Hikari answered as Lavi ran over to her.

"These are Level Twos!" Lavi said as he turned.

His mouth almost hit the ground. The akuma were gone. Bookman pointed to Hikari and Ayame. Ayame had a revolver in her hand and her other hand on her shoulder. Lavi knelt down to her height.

"Are you alright?" He asked looking her over.

"Recoil." Ayame replied as she winced when he touched her shoulder.

"Your parents are going to kill me." Lavi said as he sighed.

"Papa and Father will understand." Hikari said as she tried to comfort Lavi.

"Allen maybe, Kanda no." Lavi said as he stood. "Let's head back."

"WHAT!?!?" Komui said as he jumped up making his chair hit the ground. "THEY WERE ABLE TO USE THEIR INNOCENCE!?!"

"Think Allen and Kanda can hear you all the way in Germany?" Lavi said as he had his ears covered.

"Sorry just had to do it." Komui said as he walked around to the front of his desk. "I want to see what they can do."

Lavi paled. "You…what?"

"I want you to fight with the girls so I can see how their innocence works." Komui said as he leaned against his desk.

"ARE YOU NUTS!?" Lavi said as he jumped up. "It's not that I don't trust the girls…DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE!?"

Komui looked up at him with his glasses shining.

"I'll forgive you for sleeping with Lenalee and…I'll let you marry her…"

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO UNCLE LAVI!" Ayame yelled at Komui stomping over to him.

"Uncle Komui, you caused him to get hurt!" Hikari said as they backed him into a corner.

"Girls calm down." Lavi said as he took off the ice bag from his head.

"You have a head wound from the shuriken and bullet wounds from my gun." Ayame said as she glanced at him. "If he didn't distract you, then you wouldn't have gotten hurt."

"She's right, he must be punished." Hikari stated as she pulled out a remote.

"That's…" Lavi said as Hikari pushed a button.

"KOMURIN!" Komui said as the robot appeared.

"Orders my Princesses?" Komurin IV asked as his eye glowed red.

"TORMENT KOMUI!" Ayame yelled.

"I AGREE!" Hikari yelled.

"Orders are to torment Supervisor Komui Lee." Komurin said as Komui paled.

"I created you! Obey me!" Komui said as he pointed at the robot.

"I only obey Princess Aya and Princess Hikari." Komurin stated as it pulled out a frying pan. "Must torment!"

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Komui yelled as he was chased through the order.

"Girls that's overkill." Lavi said as he sweat dropped at the sight. "What will your Aunt think when she sees this?"

"I believe I agree." Said a voice.

They turned to see Lenalee with her arms folded. She walked over and looked Lavi over.

"He did distract you." She stated.

"Are you going to make us stop?" Ayame asked as Lenalee took the remote from Hikari.

"Oh no I wouldn't dream of that." Lenalee said as she turned the knob. "Just turning up the speed."

The girls laughed and Lavi sighed as Komui ran faster. Lenalee gave back the remote and patted the girls on the head.

"Here I am trying to correct them and you help them." Lavi said as Lenalee sat beside him.

"Don't worry, Allen and Kanda should be here by now though." Lenalee stated.

"What?" Lavi said paling. "Should be here by now?"

"What are you girls doing?"

"PAPA!" the girls yelled as they turned.

The girls blinked in confusion. "Papa?"

"I KNEW IT!" Lavi said as he jumped up and pointed. "I KNEW YOU WENT TO ACCEPT THE OFFER!"

"Shut up." Allen said in a high voice. "So what if I'm a girl again."

"Papa why do you have boobs?" Ayame asked as the girls walked up to him/her.

"Are you sick?" Hikari asked as Allen knelt down.

"I've been turned into a girl with a little help." Allen answered. "That way I can give you two a brother or sister."

"So this is how you had us?" Ayame asked as Kanda walked up.

"That's right." Allen said as she stood. "I'll return to normal once I have the baby."

"BABY!?" Lavi and Lenalee said.

"We knew it." Hikari said as the girls hugged their parents.

"Here we go again." Lavi said as he sat back down. "Another adventure with Allen pregnant."

"How did you get beat up?" Kanda asked Lavi. "A battle with a akuma?"

"Training with the girls…blame Komui." Lavi said as both parents looked at him. "The girls are tormenting him as we speak."

Komui ran by with Komurin hot on his heels at that moment. Allen and Kanda sweat dropped.

"He was the reason Uncle Lavi got hurt." Ayame said as she crossed her arms.

"We had to punish him." Hikari finished crossing her arms.

"Girls don't you have something for your parents." Lavi said as the girls looked at him.

"The gifts!" the girls said as they ran off.

"They let it slip earlier about a baby." Lavi stated. "I knew then where the two of you were going."

"Gifts?" Kanda said as the girls came running back.

"Uncle Lavi took us to town." Ayame answered.

"To find the two of you something." Hikari finished as they held out two boxes that was wrapped.

Kanda and Allen looked at each other then to the girls.

"You didn't need to do this." Allen stated as the girls shook their heads.

"Open them please!" the girls said as they jumped up and down.

They unwrapped the boxes and pulled out the pocket watches. The girls smiled and giggled.

"Now you two will be on time where ever you go." Hikari said.

"No more fights about the time!" Ayame stated.

"Oh girls." Allen said as she hugged the girls.

"Let's let them have time alone." Lenalee whispered to Lavi.

"I agree." Lavi whispered back. "Let's run before I get killed."

"We made a cake for us to eat…" the girls told their parents as Lavi and Lenalee snuck off.

"Get killed?" Lenalee said confused. "What did you do?"

"Well it's a bit of a long story…" Lavi said.

"We then went to town and on our back we were attacked by akuma…"

Lavi paled and took a quick glance. Allen and Kanda were calm at the moment. He walked faster and so did Lenalee who looked worried.

"Are you alright?" she asked as they passed the Science Department doors.

"I will be once I'm out of this castle." Lavi said as he kept glancing back. "Let's go run around for a bit."

"…then we used our innocence to save Uncle Lavi…"

"Hold on…your innocence?" Kanda interrupted.

"Yeah." The girls replied.

"Who let you have your innocence?" Allen asked.

"Uncle Lavi took it with us."

"RUN!" Lavi said as he took off in a mad dash.

"That's why you're in a rush." Lenalee said as she started to run. "You let them fight akuma."


"I knew something like this would happen!" Lavi said as he and Lenalee ran out the gates of the Order. "IT WASN'T MY FAULT!"

Komui ran ahead of them with Komurin following him.

"You think you're in trouble!" Komui said as they ran. "I MADE THEIR INNOCENCE AND GAVE IT TO YOU!"

"We better run quickly I hear Allen and Kanda's boots." Lenalee said as they jumped the cliff.

"New mission." Komurin said as they fell. "Run and survive Allen and Kanda's wrath."

"I agree!" Lavi said as they hit the ground running.



"Well it could be worse." Lenalee said as they ran.

"DON'T SAY THAT!" Komui and Lavi said.

"Hikari, what could we do?" Ayame asked as they were being babysitted by Reever.

"Well, wanna build another Komurin?" Hikari replied as Reever ran around with paper work.

"Great idea!" Ayame said as they snuck away. "One for each of us!"

They laughed as they ran down the hall.

It was a day for love, laughter and punishment. The impending birth would bring lots of joy and new adventures to come. A new chapter is about to begin…


Lece: Okay, Final chapter. Had to add this for me to do the sequel. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good review!