Let Love Find You

By: Miss Dollface

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Amy Trelane belongs to Klink of FAC.

Pairings: HollyAmy

Chapter One: First Sight Indeed

I watched calmly as two of my good friends were up in all of each other's faces. It was quiet funny in my position.

"You we're supposed to spear me! Not go all Shawn Michaels on me and kick me in the damn chin you moron!" Adam Copeland yelled at his on-screen opponent Glen Jacobs (or known as "Kane" in the ring).

"Sorry! It was just a simple mistake! I AM human and DON'T call me a moron!" Kane yelled back shoving him.

Adam shoved him back and swore out loud. But before a fight broke out of it, my other good friend Shannon Moore stopped them.

He stretched out both of his arms to make a space between them. "Knock it off! The two of ya!"

The two men just gave each other glares and not another word was said. They just walked off in different directions.

Shannon looked at me with his pair of big blue eyes. "And you weren't going to do anything because...?"

I shrugged. I was just sitting on the benches of the locker room as we talked. "Hey, it was too funny. Why ruin it? Ha-ha."

Shannon shook his head and smiled. "You're a goof. So hey, wanna go to a movie tonight or do something completley random?"

"Random? Okay!" I said nodding and laughed. "Pick me up around 11:30?"

"Deal, I'll see you then." Shannon said. He ruffled up my hair and ran away.

I gasped. "Shannon! That was my hair you just ruined!"

I could hear his silly laughter as he escaped from me. I chuckled, now I know what you're thinking. Do Shannon and I like each other? No. He and I are best pals. We have been for countless years. We're practically brother and sister. And like siblings, we had our drama in the past. But we still get back on our feet and forgive each other.

I walked our of the locker room heading for the catering area. I could sure go for some food right now. I pulled my coat over my shoulders to warm myself up and exited out the door.

But as I travelled down the hallway, my shoulder bumped into another. Looking up, I met up with a couple of fine green orbs belonging to the man known as Hardcore Holly.

"Oh, excuse me miss."

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--- Miss Dollface