Stuck Together

By: Miss Dollface

Disclaimer: I only own Caria. Xanadu (a.k.a. "X") belongs to Cara Mascara.

Summary: Missing their plane, Matt, Jeff, Lita and Shannon are stranded in Boston, Massachusetts panicking and not knowing what to do. Luckily, two of their friends Caria and X are there to help. All six friends rent a van to travel. Friends may be, but mood swings and bad attitudes can result to bickering and fighting. Will they learn to get along?
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Chapter One: "Slight" Problem

"X, wake up."


"X-y-poo. Wakey-wakey."

"Oh XANADU, don't make me get the water."

The Rhode Island woman sleeping in the bed sat up to complete alert. Her blue-haired friend was standing their smirking. As soon as Caria said X's full name and threatened her with a spin-chilling wake-up call, she wasn't so sleepy anymore.

"You are an evil, evil person." X shook her head at the other woman glaring.

Caria gave a half-shrug and smiled brightly. "I know, but you love me. Now come on, we got to get going if we want to catch our plane."

X yawned and then rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She then took off the sheets and climbed out of bed. Caria was already dressed and ready, but X was still in her pajamas. She was gathering up her things in her suitcase and said "I'll be downstairs getting doughnuts and coffee for the road. I'll meet you in the car alright?"

X flashed a thumbs up as she picked an outfit to wear. "Gotcha."

As soon as the elevator doors opened up to let her out, the Prescott native spotted a familiar face. It was the bleach blonde Shannon Moore in the hallway talking on his cell-phone.

Caria smiled as she greeted him. "Hey Shannon, how's it going?"

Shannon blinked and turned to the person calling him. Seeing her, he gave a quick smile and then went back to the person he was talking with. "Uh yeah, Matt; slight problem. I think we kind of may beeeeā€¦ missed our plane."

From where Caria was located, she could hear the enraged "WHAT?!" come from the phone. Shannon was startled and then accidentally fumbled with it trying not to drop it. She watched as Shannon argued with the other person. But then, he hung up the phone and sighed. He cursed to himself, and looked highly frustrated.

Caria approached the Prince of Punk. "What's wrong? You look like you had a fight with your dad or something."

"More like a pissed off Hardy Boy. Matt, Amy, Jeff and I missed our plane. And Matt yelled at me. And we're all pretty much screwed." Shannon said. He held his head where the stress was pounding at and sighed.

Caria couldn't just let him and the others just stay here to be busted with the boss. She had to do something.

'Dammit, I'm feeling the guilt trip creep up my spine. Well, X might not like this but oh well.' Caria thought.

"Shan, I have an idea."

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